Would You Like a Chastity Break?

‘Peter’ left a comment which asked – ‘Would Mistress R consider a situation where she gave you a chastity ‘break’ of a week, fortnight or month where she made you cum as many times as she could? I mean at least once a day, maybe 2-3 times? And would you want this also?’

Thanks Peter, it’s always nice to get comments and questions so thanks for that.

Well, first of all the question of whether I would want it is irrelevant. Mistress decides when I cum and how, but that being said… of course the idea has a certain appeal. I very much doubt Mistress would want me cumming over and over for a month or even a fortnight. In fact I doubt she’d want to it for even a week, but possibly she might want to do this for a weekend?

I suspect however, that this would be more appealing to both of us if those orgasms were ruined. Just think how many times Mistress would be able to ruin me in just a couple of days if she put her mind to it. That would be pretty awesome…

Putting my writing cap on now, maybe she might even just have me do it myself, letting me ruin onto her feet over and over again. I would definitely be up for that! 🙂

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