Twelve in Twenty Three!

On Wednesday night Mistress had another lovely orgasm, with my finger teasing her gorgeous ass. I keep trying not to overuse this, but the thing is as soon as I touch Mistress anywhere near her ass she lets me know how much she wants me to and it’s hard to resist, especially when the results are so spectacular. 🙂

So Mistress got to twelve orgasms this month already and looking back it’s a long time since she had twelve orgasms in any month, and we’re nowhere near finished yet. Last night we went out and tonight we’re going to be at a gig and having a very late night. We’re also planning our next Femdom session for Sunday, but that’s still only the 27th so there’s every chance that Mistress will equal her record of 14 times in a month.

At the same time, I noticed that she’s now had 48 orgasms this Chastity Year (starting April 1st) against my 4, which means we’re currently sitting at 12:1, which is amazing. Of course, if Mistress lets me cum on Sunday then that will fall to 9.8:1, but even so, and it’s always possible she will ruin me or simply not let me cum at all…

Mistress read my post about wanting to cum on her beautiful feet, so hopefully if she does let me cum, ruined or not, I hope she lets me do that. I guess the next hurdle we have is for her to have me ruin an orgasm myself, as that’s something we haven’t done and if ruined orgasms are to become more normal still, then that would be good.

Just imagine kneeling in front of Mistress’s gorgeous feet, stroking for her and then having to tell her I was getting close and not knowing if I was going to hear ‘You may cum’ or ‘Ruin it for me’… or even just ‘Stop then!’.

Mmmm, I still don’t think Mistress has any grasp of just how much power she could wield over me if she wanted to. This morning I was kissing her legs and ass (while she kept telling me to get up and go to work – I know, total buzzkill right!) and even after 25 years together I am still blown away by how incredibly hot she is. I tell you, the things that go through my head when she’s teasing me, I really am a bad man. 🙂

Last night Mistress was wearing her new Kurt Giger sandals, and she looked so stunning. When we got home Mistress sat on the stairs and had me take them off for her, I really love when she does that… the only thing I don’t like about those kind of shoes is the marks they make on her beautiful feet. I know they don’t last long, but it still seems like absolute vandalism to tarnish something so utterly gorgeous, even temporarily.

I’ve just had a look on the Kurt Giger website to try and find a picture of Mistress’s new shoes, but they’ve gone. Looks like Mistress must have got one of the last pairs. I will definitely try and get some photos of them on her sexy feet soon. Wouldn’t it be amazing if she wore them in our Femdom session…. 🙂

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