750 Wonderful Orgasms

Tonight Mistress has reached her 750th orgasm since we started our full time chastity lifestyle (and this blog) in April 2011. In the process we also equalled the monthly record which has stood at fourteen orgasms in one calendar month since 2013. Of course it’s a shame we couldn’t have squeezed just one more in and unfortunately Mistress has a night out tomorrow, but still, over the last year or two we’ve struggled to get into double figures most months so this is a really fantastic result…

Also I did chicken out and use the cock ring again, but my cock seemed nice and hard. I’ve been doing lots of kegels the last few days so hopefully they are having a positive effect, Mistress dragging her fingers around my ass and slapping my balls certainly helped of course, and I would have loved to have slid my cock into Mistress’s beautiful pussy… but it wasn’t on the cards tonight. Mistress left me thoroughly teased and aching and as we cuddled afterwards my cock felt amazing as it rubbed up and down against her sexy thigh… 🙂

It seems so long ago that I was cumming on Mistress’s beautiful feet and licking them clean, I can’t quite believe it was only two days ago. I really loved doing that and I really hope I don’t have to wait as long to do it again…

2 thoughts on “750 Wonderful Orgasms

    • Hi CM
      I would like that, but it’s not an issue. Since Mistress only cums once at a time, even 15 in a month would require her to cum every other night. I tend to think as long as we’re into double figures in a month we’ve done okay.
      And of course, it’s quality not quantity that really counts.

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