Drama, Sleep Deprivation and Bobbi Starr!

I hope you all enjoyed my story that I posted earlier, as I said before, this will be the last Femdom/Chastity/Cuckold story for a while, but I will still be writing… just different topics. I’ve smashed my goal of four stories this year, so I feel quite content really, but no doubt I will be returning to these familiar subjects before too long.

Last night Mistress and I had a very late night. On Friday night next door’s dog was barking from 11:30pm until about 12:20am, and then last night the same neighbours were having an argument outside at 12:30am! It’s very unusual as we live in a very quiet cul-de-sac in a village… but after the drama of the police coming and everything we were too awake to go to sleep so we stayed up and watched a DVD of The Ricky Gervais Show

Mistress was just wearing her dressing gown and she lay down on the sofa with her legs over my lap. It was lovely but very distracting, I kept looking at her gorgeous feet and stroking her legs. Mistress’s legs and feet are so gorgeous, they really do drive me completely nuts! 🙂

This morning we woke up reasonably late, and Mistress turned over to talk to me with her body half out of the covers. I couldn’t resist touching her hips, which I think are sexy as fuck! After a while Mistress reached under the sheets and discovered my morning wood. She stroked me a little and then held my cock firmly and let me fuck her hand.

I must admit I do kinda like that, it’s kind of humiliating to have to tease myself in effect. But I like that. I remember the first time I read about that kind of thing it was in an old Black Lace book called ‘Cassandra’s Conflict’ by Fredrica Alleyn. Black Lace stories generally revolved around some faintly ridiculous plot that usually involved people who owned their own islands and required governesses who were then trained in the joys of submission… but some of the sex scenes were hot. At least they were at the time, how well they will have aged is debatable I guess, especially since my own tastes and experiences have moved on somewhat…

But that was something I remembered from that book, there was some kind of Domme and she had a slave lying down on his back, who was desperate for relief and she just held his cock lightly and he had to fuck her hand basically, to try and get enough stimulation to cum. Of course, the closer he got the looser her grip became and if I remember correctly each time he got close to the edge she let go and let him calm down before starting again. HOT! 🙂

This evening Mistress had another orgasm, which was a little muted somehow… it didn’t seem to be quite as good as it could have been. I think we were both a little overtired to tell you the truth, although Mistress was clearly VERY eager for me to tease her ass with my finger. That was very cool. 🙂 Though I’m not sure if I didn’t remove it a little too fast when she started to cum… maybe that was the problem?

After Mistress had cum she asked if I minded waiting until tomorrow for my teasing. I said of course not, though really she shouldn’t need to ask… teasing should be a privilege bestowed on me, not an expectation, but despite my assurances Mistress seems to struggle with that a little. I did ask her how I was going to ‘atone’ for my accident yesterday, and she said she was still thinking about it. I guess we’ll see what comes of that?

You may remember my post the other day where I mentioned that I struggle to think of ‘celebrities’ that I find attractive. But being as this is an ‘adult‘ blog, it’s fair to say there is one person who most of my readers would know of who I think is very attractive and who just happens to be a porn star…

According to Wikipedia, Bobbi Starr didn’t start making porn until she was 23 and did nearly 600 scenes in the following seven years before she moved into directing – which obviously means internet videos of her being violated in every hole by men with huge penises are easier to find than those featuring Biggest Loser hard-body trainer Jen Widderstrom. Well.., I imagine so, to be fair I haven’t actually checked!

(Okay, in the interests of thoroughness, I Googled Jen Widderstrom Sex Tape, Jen Widderstrom Pounded Hard and Jen Widderstrom Huge Cocks and came up with absolutely nothing… so it seems I was correct. 🙂 )

Also, of course, Bobbi has made quite a lot of Femdom porn, so she’s fully up to speed there, which means no awkward conversations about strap-ons, cream pies and ruined orgasms… which is good to know (and probably gives her a significant edge over Jen if I’m honest).

There is one little fly in the ointment however, Wiki claims she identifies as more ‘gay’ than ‘straight’… but saying that, she married a bloke called Ted in 2013, so that shows you how reliable Wikipedia is!

Gotta be weird marrying a porn star, I’ve read before where ex-porn stars say their sex lives with their husbands isn’t like the sex they had on camera, but, I don’t know. Surely she’s going to be like ‘Can’t we just cuddle’ and he’s going to be like ‘Cuddle… hell no, I want to shove this marrow up your ass and skullfuck you!’, and she’s going to be like ‘Dude… behave!’ and he’s going to be like ‘Damn woman, you let Rick Ramrod skullfuck you and shove a marrow up your butt in ‘Xtreem Marrow Whores 17′! – What’s up with that, don’t you love me anymore?’.

Well, maybe not… but still, she definitely has something about her that I like, and her ‘street smarts’ are definitely an asset versus Jen, who is pretty, but… I just don’t see her responding well to my requests for tease and denial and ball slapping somehow… but then again, maybe I’m doing her a disservice? You never know… 🙂

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