Some Lovely Ass Worship…

Mistress has just enjoyed her fourth orgasm of the month, and a very hard one it was too. She’s still really getting off on me teasing her ass while I lick her gorgeous pussy, which is great, I love touching her ass – it’s very hot!

Unfortunately for me my cock is really pissing me off at the moment, it’s often hard in the mornings but not so much in the evenings, and even the cock ring is letting me down a bit at the moment. I seem to get to the edge unusually quickly as well, not like super-quick, but very quick for me… I can usually take quite a lot of teasing before edging, sometimes Mistress doesn’t even edge me at all.

To be honest, I thought I was hard earlier until Mistress started slapping my cock and then I realised it really wasn’t… (like I said the other day at the moment I really have limited ‘sensation’, I think this is largely due to tiredness which affects my damaged nerves) but Mistress did get me hard in the end, she straddled my chest and gave me a perfect view of her gorgeous asshole and that pretty much did the trick! I was almost edging before she even straddled me and that pushed me a lot closer. I had to warn Mistress and she stopped, I was so bummed that I wouldn’t get to lick her ass… so I waited a few seconds and begged Mistress to let me lick her ass.

She said yes, as long as I promised not to cum. I was pleased that Mistress went easy on my cock because I’m sure I could have edged again quite quickly if she’d wanted me to… Mistress made me beg a little more before she allowed me to tongue her asshole and I so loved doing that.

After that Mistress called a halt which was a shame, but I was still quite ‘edgey’ so it was probably for the best.

Mistress and I have the next week off and hopefully I will get lots of sleep and hopefully my nerve problems will get back to normal (ie – just no feeling in my foot, that I can cope with!).

Literotica still haven’t posted my latest story, I don’t know what’s going on there… I submitted it last Sunday I think, it’s usually no more than four days. Oh well, hopefully it won’t be too much longer.

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