It’s (Our) Mistress Day!

Mistress Day is here…

A few years ago there was a half hearted attempt to start a Femdom ‘day’, which was the 24th of July (24/7 – geddit)… well it didn’t really take off, we observed it and then eventually missed it one year I think and then I decided that we should have a Mistress Day rather than a ‘Femdom Day’ and we would choose when to have it.

Up until now nothing out of the ordinary has really ‘happened’ on ‘Mistress Day’, it’s really an excuse for me to take Mistress out to dinner and buy her some gifts to show her how much I appreciate her being my Mistress.

We’ve slept in quite late this morning, and eventually Mistress turned over towards me and the sheet wasn’t covering her breast (which was rather nice), miraculously – given recent events – my cock was soon nice and hard and Mistress started stroking me, which felt great.

Usually Mistress won’t let me touch her pussy when she’s teasing me but this morning I licked my fingers and she opened her legs to let me touch her. I wasn’t expecting anything, but I was really happy (if a tiny bit apprehensive) when Mistress straddled me and took my cock inside her. She looked gorgeous riding my cock and it felt great, but eventually I started to lose it a bit (I still don’t have 100% sensation, so I couldn’t tell if I was getting soft or of she was just getting really wet) and Mistress climbed off me and started stroking me instead.

She straddled me, giving me a wonderful view of her amazing ass and pussy and I started getting harder again. I begged her to let me worship her ass (though I really didn’t think she would…) and she sank down onto my face two or three times to let me tongue her asshole, with me begging for more in-between each time. Needless to say my cock was rock hard again, and I would have loved for Mistress to sit on it again, but she decided against it.

But that wasn’t the end of the morning fun, as Mistress decided she would like to cum now rather than later (though I’m quite willing to go for later as well…) and I soon had my face buried between her silky smooth thighs again. 🙂 So sweet!

Mistress was nice and wet which provided plenty of lube for my finger to tease her ass. Mistress came really hard again, I love how much she’s enjoying this… it’s just a pity I can’t lick her clit and ass at the same time, that really would be heaven for both of us!

We’re certainly doing well on the orgasm front for Mistress so far this month, 5 in 9 days means we should get into double figures again this month (all being well), I hope to maximize the opportunities this week although we have three days were we are doing stuff so probably won’t get a chance… but we’ll see.

Newer readers probably won’t know that I had an operation on my back nearly ten years ago, which is what I’m talking about when I say about nerve damage. It mostly affects my right foot, but when I get tired or run down it gets worse and I seem to lose some sensation in the rest of my leg and groin – and crucially- my cock.

It sucks, but the operation was 100% necessary as the alternative was a wheelchair. So while these episodes really suck, in reality they are a small price to pay.

4 thoughts on “It’s (Our) Mistress Day!

    • Hi CM
      Yes, well it was a low point and I got off pretty lightly really, there was a 2% chance of being in a wheelchair after the operation vs a 100% chance without the operation… so it wasn’t much of a choice. But it’s not a nice feeling to sign a consent form at 3am, and I remember waking up from the operation and the first thing I did was wiggle my toes and then went back to sleep..
      Fortunately my tongue was not affected. 🙂

  1. Well, Happy Mistress Day to your wonderful Lady and to all those other Women who lovingly accept our heartfelt submission and adoration – I already know how much richer and happier my life is with them in my world. I’m marking this date on my calender!
    I too am glad that you are for the most part healthy and well. In any case, Mistress seems to keep you eager, devoted and satisfied!


    • Hi Dave
      Well it’s a moveable date for us, as I said – originally the idea came from the ‘Femdom Day’ which was 24th July… I say have your own Mistress Day whenever you want it, and of course celebrate your Mistress every day!

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