Back on track…

After the terrible shock and sadness of losing our cat, the new arrivals are really lifting our spirits. You wouldn’t know they are 6 and 8 since they charge around like kittens, chasing each other up and down the stairs, under the bed and generally diving on top of each other! I guess they’ve been cooped up for a year and they are making the most of having so much room to play with (even in our small house) which is lovely to see.

A couple of days ago Mistress and I shut them downstairs for a bit and took a break from munching crisps and watching the New Zealand Bachelor on Project Free TV and took ourselves off to bed. Mistress had another very strong orgasm and afterwards she got down to teasing me. Again I was nice and hard and after some stroking and slapping Mistress climbed on top and rode my cock for a while.

I begged Mistress to take her bra off and she did so with minimal delay, exposing her gorgeous double D* breasts, which I reached up and caressed while she carried on riding my cock. After a while I was getting close, and Mistress lifted off and then lay by my side stroking me gently. Suddenly she stood up and straddled me, giving me a gorgeous view of her pussy and ass. I reached up and parted her cheeks and Mistress had me beg to worship her asshole – which I did enthusiastically!

Mistress stroked my cock as I licked her asshole, until I was close again and she moved away. Then she asked me if she didn’t touch my cock would I be able to lick her ass without coming, to which I said yes and she allowed me to do that for a while longer. I think eventually she started stroking me gently until she decided that I’d had enough.

We’re back at work now, after our week off, and Mistress’s period started yesterday, so there’s unlikely to be much to post about before the end of the week. Besides I’ll likely be too busy playing with Ming and Poppy.

*As determined by ‘Victoria’s Secret’.

2 thoughts on “Back on track…

  1. Rob, your frequent disclosures about eating your lovely Mistress’s ass, make me envious… I often think about probing CH’s anus with my tongue, and I’ve asked to have that pleasure occasionally over the years, but it’s only happened once or twice. As a matter of fact, I asked again last night, and it was a no-go. She’s just not comfortable with it. On the other hand, when I’m locked up tight in my little Jailbird (which I haven’t been in quite some time), she has teased me to distraction by spreading my cheeks and diving in to lick my ass… I wish I could reciprocate!

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