Female Domination Should be Permanent!

John McN wrote: How come you’re having “sessions”? Female domination should be permanent, and your Mistress seems to be getting soft, especially if she let’s you talk her into allowing you to come. I think she should put your little member into a chastity cage and give all the keys to her lover, so that only he will decide whether you are allowed erections or ejaculations.

Hello John, thanks for visiting my blog and for taking the time to leave a comment, it’s always appreciated.

Of course in a perfect world Female domination would be permanent, but life isn’t like that for everyone. Can you imagine how exhausting it would be to be dominant 24 hours a day and to keep it fresh and exciting? Besides, not every woman wants her ‘submissive’ to be submissive all the time. We find the sessions a very good way to enjoy Femdom without it becoming a burden. At times we have toyed with the idea of stopping them and just filtering the content into our everyday sex life, but we both can see that it would be a mistake.

Having a session makes an occasion of it, we still both get quite nervous before a session even though the things we do are largely the same as we have been doing for fifteen years. I’m sorry we don’t conform to the lofty standards set by the BDSM elite, but that’s the way it is and (more importantly) that’s the way Mistress wants it. You see if you truly want female domination, then you have to abide by what she wants – not what you want or what you believe is ‘the way it should be’, and I bet you won’t find that many women who want a fawning, submissive male 24hrs a day either.

As for my little member, it’s not that little, it’s pretty average actually and fortunately Mistress has quite small hands. Sadly she doesn’t like chastity cages, though my brief experiences with them has led me to think that I’m not so sure about them either, despite them being a hot fantasy. Speaking of which, cuckolding may be one… but neither of us wishes to go down that route for real, so if there were any keys, then Mistress would be the one carrying them around her neck I’m afraid. 🙂

Also, I’d hardly call Mistress ‘getting soft’, letting me talk her into letting me cum once in six years!

A Very Unexpected Release!

Mistress and I have been having a bit of a rough week one way and another, but finally we’re both feeling better! I had my heart monitor thing on Monday – of course, from the moment they stuck it on me I’ve had barely a murmur, and today too, absolutely nothing! I mean I’m glad it’s stopped, but it’s so annoying. Why couldn’t it have waited until after I’d had the heart monitor because now I feel like I’ve wasted their time…

So anyway, Mistress is on her period right now, but the last few days my cock seems to have finally sorted itself out and after we’d watched ‘The Apprentice’ Mistress decided that I was long overdue some teasing. It’s been quite a while since we’d done anything on the sofa, but Mistress started kissing me and then told me to get my trousers down. She knelt down on the floor between my legs and started sucking my cock and it felt great.

I would really love to have cum in Mistress’s mouth, but when I told her I was getting close she said that she wasn’t going to let me cum today. She stayed on her knees and let me compose myself, all the while using her nails to abuse my cock. Then she started sucking and stroking me again and I begged to be allowed to see her gorgeous breasts.

Mistress let go of my cock and slowly took her top and bra off, even though she let it go for a while my cock stayed nice and hard – such a relief I cannot tell you how good that feels –  and then resumed her teasing. I told her how bad I wanted to cum on her tits, but Mistress just laughed and said no.

She did offer that maybe she could promise to let me cum on her tits next time she allowed me to cum, but that I wouldn’t be able to change my mind. I didn’t want to take her up on this because part of the reason I wanted to cum on her tits right now was because she was kneeling down and I just knew that it would probably end up where when I got to cum she would be lying down and it’s just not the same (as I posted previously).

Still, somehow I managed to talk Mistress into letting me cum on her beautiful breasts! Yep I pretty much broke my rule about not asking to be allowed to cum that’s been in place for six years or more… and Mistress decided to let me. So when we get to our delayed Femdom Session that’s going to give her something to punish me for I guess. 🙂

Needless to say I was a good slave and licked my cum off her gorgeous breasts so that’s a point in my favour, but really… I can’t believe she let me talk her into letting me cum on her tits when she wasn’t even going to let me cum! I wonder what else I can talk her into doing????? 🙂

41 Days and Out…

And so, after 41 days, this period of chastity has come to an end. Not only that, for the first time since March I was allowed to cum in Mistress’s hot, wet pussy.

You may remember, when I last posted, things were… less than perfect. And indeed I’m still not right, and I still have a 24 heart monitor to look forward to next Monday – which is my birthday as it happens. Great!

So midweek I made Mistress cum, but I just wanted it to be about her so I put off any teasing. We were planning to have our Femdom session today, but that didn’t happen and we decided to just go to bed this afternoon and put the session back until next week.

So after I made Mistress cum, I didn’t really know how well my cock was going to react, but I wanted to try and get away from the cock ring so I thought it best to just try and see. When I woke up this morning I was good and hard but quite numb (which is from the nerve damage from my operation in 2007), thankfully… after a slow start my cock got hard and Mistress and I kissed as she stroked me while I teased her ass with my fingers.

Then Mistress got up and straddled me, slipping my cock between her lips and allowing me to slide inside her. It felt fantastic, and without even asking Mistress immediately undid her bra and removed it. I reached up and cupped her gorgeous tits as she rode me, and quite soon I felt my orgasm building. I wish I could have held back a while longer, but after 41 days and given recent problems I was just so happy to be hard, and inside my beautiful Mistress.

I warned Mistress I was close and she smiled and said ‘Good, I want you to cum inside me’. She started riding me harder and after a few seconds I came in her really hard. It was pretty awesome I must say, and as soon as I finished Mistress lifted off me and straddled my face, allowing me to lick her pussy while a huge load of cum dripped into my mouth. Mistress stayed there longer than she has in the past – which I really loved and I made sure to lick her clean while I reached up and gently caressed her left breast.

Afterwards we lay down and I kissed and sucked on Mistress’s sexy as hell nipples a little bit. This was the perfect way to end a less than perfect week, hopefully this will put us back on track now.

The dieting is going pretty well, I’ve lost a smidgeon off half a stone (7lbs) in three weeks, which is pretty much on target for me to get under 15 stone by Christmas. I’m regularly doing four lots of weights/treadmill/bike per week along with swimming and walking as and when I can. Can’t say I’m feeling too much different as yet, although my clothes are already feeling a bit lose which is great!

Hard, Not Hard Enough, Rock Hard…

You may have gathered from my recent posts that I have not been feeling well recently. Well, for probably the last month or so. I really have no clue what the hell is wrong with me but it’s getting really old now, I had an ECG and a blood test but so far nothing has shown up and I’m having a 24 hour heart monitor in a couple of weeks.

Some days I feel slightly better than others and Thursday I felt a little better, but yesterday I felt worse again. We planned to go out with our friends and I didn’t feel bad enough to call it off and it was a good night all round. We went to bed at a reasonably early 1:30am and when we got into bed Mistress and I cuddled up. You may remember my post about last time we stayed over at our friends house, which was the start of a couple of weeks when I was rock hard all the time – well, not ALL the time, but every time I was hard I was really, really hard. That was a great teasing session!

Mistress had had a fair amount of wine and was obviously feeling frisky, she grabbed my cock which was already quite hard and started stroking it, for my part I was just happy to be hard without a cock ring given recent days, but then Mistress started to pull me on top of her as if she wanted me inside her. This threw me a bit, because a) I didn’t really expect it and b) because I didn’t really think Mistress would want me to do that in someone else’s house – I mean, last time I can remember us having ‘actual’ sex in a hotel room Mistress spent half the time trying to stop the headboard banging against the wall…

But I felt reasonably hard, and I thought ‘Well, why not?’. Last time we were there our friends mentioned that the walls are so thick in their very old house that they couldn’t hear anything, so game on! Unfortunately Mistress was still wearing her panties and in the time it took to (rather clumsily) get them off… I kinda lost it a bit aaaaand that was the end of that.

Obviously, not being at home there wasn’t the option of slipping on a cock ring – not that that’s necessarily a quick and easy solution anyway. I guess because these situations arise so rarely (generally speaking) it never occurs to me until later to stroke my cock and keep it hard while I’m trying to get inside Mistress. Of course, now I remember that in his book Ron Jeremy talks about ‘the grip’, basically gripping your cock at the base while attempting entry (not unlike a cock ring in fact) and that’s without a doubt what I should have done. Seriously, if Ron Jeremy gives you advice about sex you should probably take it!

As you can imagine I didn’t go to sleep feeling very chipper. Mistress was totally lovely about it all things considered, but nothing she could say was really going to make me feel better… it’s not just that I was disappointed, but the fact that she wanted me inside her and I couldn’t do it again. Mistress apologised for putting pressure on me, but I hate that she has to feel like wanting me to penetrate her is ‘putting pressure on me…’ even if I am feeling less than 100%… it’s just miserable!

I really don’t know what it is about us, we just really don’t seem to have very much luck with spontaneity. Truth be told we aren’t terribly spontaneous people generally (that’s a massive understatement actually…) and every time we try and be ‘spontaneous’ it seems to backfire somehow. Which kinda sucks, but there you are…

Anyway, the next morning we woke up about 7:30 and after a bit of snoozing I turned over and cuddled against Mistress R and she felt my cock pressing against her leg. She reached down and started stroking me and I was rock hard. Mistress stroked me for quite a long time and I was solid throughout – which felt amazing. That’s got to be the hardest I’ve been without a cock ring in the last month, easily. And I stayed hard for ages, but unfortunately, for whatever reason Mistress wasn’t eager to try again.

Maybe it was because she didn’t want to risk being disappointed again – fair enough, I can’t blame her for that. Maybe she didn’t want to risk me being disappointed again, or maybe she didn’t feel the same about our surroundings now the alcohol had worn off. Especially since we didn’t know when our friends would be getting up and walking past our room – at least last night once they went to bed we knew they were staying in their room at the other end of the house because they have an en suite bathroom.

Of course I loved being so hard this morning, especially since being that hard without a cock ring has been a struggle of late, and if Mistress hadn’t teased me so wonderfully I’m sure today wouldn’t have been as enjoyable as it has been, but obviously I still feel bad for her and annoyed with myself. But maybe because we’re a bit older and a bit wiser and we’ve been through all this before and come out the other side, we’re both a bit more relaxed about it than we used to be. There’s really no use ruining your weekend over something you can’t really do anything about. It’s frustrating as hell but sometimes you just have to take this sort of thing on the chin (as much as you can anyway) and hope it gets better sooner rather than later.

And besides, being so hard this morning has given me a confidence boost and as it happens Mistress and I were planning our next Femdom session tomorrow anyway… which means if Mistress wants me inside her she should have plenty of opportunity to do so. I don’t know whether I’ll get to cum inside her or not, or whether I’ll get to cum at all… somehow I doubt it, I did have a perfectly ruined orgasm the other day after all – but Mistress is unpredictable sometimes, so you just never know.

As you would expect, having blood tests and heart monitoring does rather inspire you to make an effort in the weight loss department, and this last couple of weeks have been pretty productive in that area. I’ve lost 5lbs in the last twelve days and done a LOT of exercise/weights too. My clothes are already feeling looser and I’m really hoping to shift between 21 and 28lbs before Christmas. Mistress recently bought me a very cool Ted Baker shirt and I need to lose a bit of belly to be able to wear it and I definitely want to wear it soon!

And obviously losing weight can’t do any harm when it comes to keeping my cock hard either, so all the more reason to keep pushing onwards!

We Broke a Record (and Didn’t Notice!)

Last year a record of 134 days was set between April and September where I wasn’t allowed to cum inside Mistress’s gorgeous pussy. Well, that record has been well and truly obliterated, and we didn’t even notice! As of today it has been 195 days… and who knows how much longer it could be before I’m finally allowed to cum inside my beautiful Mistress. The last time was the 17th March 2017, which also means that I haven’t been allowed to cum inside Mistress this chastity year either (runs Apr 1 – Mar 31).

I mentioned the other day that the last five months I have had one ruined and one proper orgasm per month, well that sequence was broken last night when Mistress allowed me a second ruined orgasm. Mistress was stroking me and I warned her that I was getting close, I really didn’t expect her to say that I could cum and she kept stroking. I actually thought she was going to let me cum properly, but as I started to tense up she let go and Mistress’s grip loosened…

She let go completely and we both watched as my cock strained against the cock ring, desperately trying to force the cum out, but to no avail. Mistress gave my balls a slap, but it was no good and she asked if needed just a little more and wrapped her fingers around my cock.

‘Fuck my hand’ she ordered.

And that’s exactly what I did, Mistress did stroke me a little but mostly I was thrusting my cock into her hand until finally a small spurt of cum escaped and Mistress let go and just teased me with her finger nails. Very slowly my cock leaked a load of cum onto my stomach, it was so intense, it felt like half a minute or so of just being one stroke away from release while the cum dripped out.

Mistress didn’t feed it to me, I don’t know why, and when it had finished I thanked Mistress, but even as I was saying it I knew what was coming next. As before when she has ruined me she insisted I thank her properly.

“Thank you for ruining my orgasm Mistress,” I sighed.

Mistress just lay back on the bed and smiled.

A Couple of Blogs That Are Well Worth Your Attention.

Albeit both sadly inactive, these two blogs are well worth spending your time to read…

Firstly we have the fantastic Q & K’s blog. Q & K were readers and commentors on my blog way back when it was on ‘Blogspot’, and they are sadly missed. I left several messages on their blog after they stopped posting but to no avail, but the blog is still there and well worth a read if you are into cuckolding, chastity and Femdom discipline.


The second blog was another one I always looked forward to reading, and again the author ‘GoodHubby’ was someone who regular commented on my blog back in the day. Again, the blog suddenly stopped and I never heard any more from Good Hubby, but the blog is a very good read, especially if you are into CBT (but also Chastity as well).


Mistress had another orgasm this evening, albeit we are both suffering the effects of insomnia, neither of us could get to sleep last night and so we’re both a little weary… though Mistress seems to be suffering from this much worse than me at the moment.

Afterwards I fitted the cock ring and Mistress managed to get me hard, I’m not sure how hard I was throughout my teasing because as I said before I can’t really tell, but when Mistress edged me and moved so that I could see my cock it was nice and hard. I came pretty bloody close to another accident too… not good!

It’s been four weeks since my last proper orgasm (give or take a day), and time is running out for what seems to be my one statutory orgasm per calendar month. That’s not a thing, but since April I’ve had one proper and one ruined orgasm each month and I had my ruined orgasm earlier this month (albeit without permission)… I wonder if I’ll get a proper orgasm this month – given my accident I suppose I don’t really ‘deserve’ one, not that that has any bearing on anything.

I must admit I wouldn’t mind if Mistress decided to give me a second ruined one, which would mean the balance swinging towards the ruined total. I had eleven proper orgasms last year and if that is to be reduced then at least two month’s I’ve got to go without, but I think the main target this year is for the ruined ones to outnumber the proper ones – that would be a marked change in the dynamic.

I shall leave you know and try and get some sleep!

A Post About my Nerve Damage… (for CM)

Collared Michael said: You have mentioned the nerve damage you suffered many times–but I’ve never read a post about it. Do you have one? If not it might make a good one.

As Michael said, I have mentioned the nerve damage I suffered several times, and if people are interested then I guess I’ll write and if only Collared Michael reads it, well… okay!

I guess it started in the late 90s. I started getting problems with my back and I remember around 2000/2001 being in a lot of pain sometimes. We had a holiday planned, and it was really, really bad – but I didn’t want to blow the holiday off, I remember driving to Bath (I think it was) with cushions around my legs in the car, and then I remember stumbling off the pavement because my legs would give way.

But these were ‘episodes’ that would come and go, it wasn’t until 2007 when things went really wrong. I remember one night I was in a lot of pain and I went downstairs and was watching ‘Amelie’ with the sound off at 1am because I didn’t want to wake Mistress R (it’s subtitled anyway, so not a problem) and I got this immense pain like I’ve never felt before or since. I remember lying on the floor in agony not knowing what the hell was wrong with me, and going to the doctor the next day.

He referred me to a specialist and said that if I could possibly afford it he strongly recommended I pay to be seen quickly. I did and saw the specialist the next day. After he talked to me he told me I needed an MRI scan immediately, and again that I should pay to get it done. He told me a place to get it done cheaper – which was lucky because locally it was £750 and I drove to Birmingham the next day to get it done.

Basically what had happened was that a piece of something had broken off my spine and fallen into the cavity where the nerves run. I think it was a piece of disc. Anyway, I went back to the specialist and he said I needed an operation quickly, but fortunately now that I had been diagnosed the NHS would take over and I wouldn’t have to pay for it (and because it was an emergency it would be done quickly).

This was a few days before Christmas, and I foolishly assumed nothing would happen until the New Year. So on the Christmas Eve we visited my family and when I got home there was a message for me from the hospital saying where the hell were we and that I needed to get to the hospital in Nottingham immediately.

The problem was that I couldn’t take my car (because I wouldn’t be able to drive it back) and everyone in the family had been drinking. Fortunately Mistress R’s brother was okay and so he took us to hospital and brought Mistress R home.

I remember still being awake at 3am and having blood taken and a nurse bringing me a document to sign, which was basically a consent form for the operation. The small print of this form basically told me there was a 2 in 100 chance that the operation would be unsuccessful and that I would be paralyzed.

Not good. But no choice, because if you don’t do the operation then you’re definitely going to be paralyzed…

I remember going to theatre and having two trainee anesthetists standing over me, while the guy who actually knew what he was doing asked them questions about what sort of drugs I should get. Then there was a needle and I was out in two seconds flat.

I woke up hours later, very groggy. Anesthesia does not agree with me at all, and it took me about 24 hours to wake up properly. I remember waking up the first time, moving my toes and then going back to sleep satisfied that I wasn’t going to be in a wheelchair.

Mistress R came to see me but I kept falling asleep, and then I was supposed to go home the next day, but they wouldn’t let me leave because my temperature was too high. That night I spent an hour on the phone to Mistress R, which was worth every penny of the exorbitant charges.

Finally the next day I was allowed home, although to be honest I was about ready to check myself out anyway. When I got home I was freezing cold, probably because the hospital was so over-heated! And I couldn’t have a shower for a day or so because of my dressings. I also had a beard, which Mistress R couldn’t wait to get rid off. I did take a picture with my beard though… I looked like hell.

I was off work for 5 weeks or something, which was okay. I wish I’d used the time more usefully, but unfortunately I pretty much wasted it.

Once I had recovered I had to do exercises to maintain flexibility, but I was okay, except for the nerve damage which meant my right foot feels numb a lot of the time. If I’m tired or run down it gets worse and sometimes (like recently) the numbness extends to parts of my leg and groin, which is why I sometimes talk about not being able to tell if I’m hard or not. I can feel the pleasure of being stroked, but I can’t be sure how hard my cock is if I can’t see it. It sucks, but at least I’m not in a wheelchair… sometimes I have to remind myself that I’m actually quite lucky, because naturally I resent the nerve damage – as anyone would.

I had a physiotherapist, who basically told me that it would improve over the next 18 months, but they couldn’t say how much, and that once it got to 18 months that was it, it wouldn’t ever get any better. It did improve quite a bit from where it started but it’s still pretty bad, I’ve only just managed to walk on a treadmill without holding on the sides in the last couple of years and I don’t think I could run on a treadmill without falling off.

The numbness in my foot makes balance tricky, I can run on the road fine, but for some reason a treadmill is harder to work with. Occasionally when my foot feels really numb it can make driving a bit hard as well, because you can’t feel the accelerator properly. So it’s important to try not to let myself get too tired.

Of course, one thing I could do to help myself is lose weight, which I’ve been sporadically successful with over the years, but generally I end up back where I started, which is frustrating. I am currently making a big effort though and hopefully by Christmas I will have shed a good chunk of weight (20-28lb all being well). I’m also doing exercise and lifting weights to try and help with this, and that seems to be going well so far. I feel like I’m in a good place to make a difference this time, and I really want to do this for Mistress R more than anything. She’s far too gorgeous to have a fat husband, and I hate the strain it creates between us when I have problems that could be helped (if not completely eradicated) if I lost weight.

I’m now trying very hard to contain my frustration when it doesn’t go right, because I don’t want it to taint Mistress’s pleasure. The last thing I want is for her to feel she doesn’t want me to worship her pussy because she doesn’t want to deal with my frustration if I can’t get hard or whatever afterwards.

Realistically, we’ve probably got to accept that there are going to be times when our sex life is going to be very one sided and that the best thing we can do in these times is go with it and focus on making it as good as it can be for her, which in turn makes me feel better too. I genuinely get so much happiness from giving Mistress R pleasure, and I would never want anything to interfere with that. I’d rather give up my own pleasure completely than give up being able to worship her pussy and make her cum, because that is the best thing in the world as far as I’m concerned.

My current problems are only partly to do with the fallout from this operation though, the problem is it seems that as soon as I get any sort of illness that makes me tired and it’s a knock on from there… and I haven’t been feeling well for a month now. I’m supposed to have a heart monitor for 24hrs soon so we’ll see what happens there. It’s doubly annoying because right before this all started I was harder than ever and thought things were really looking up!

Well, if you have read this, thanks for taking an interest. I hope I’ve explained my nerve damage problems well and that you now understand the difficulties they cause.

An Unexpected Morning and 5 Reasons I Love Mistress’s Ass.

I woke up hard again this morning, about 7:25. But Mistress and I had a late night last night so I went back to sleep and woke up again later, still hard. So I was feeling pretty good. Mistress woke up and I turned over and we ended up facing each other with our legs mingled a bit and my cock and balls pressed against her thigh.

We dozed for a while and Mistress reached down and started teasing my cock, however… by this time it had rather lost it’s edge it seemed. It was still hardish, but not like it had been earlier. Mistress wasn’t teasing it much and she fell asleep a couple of times I think, and then she woke up properly and moved onto her back.

She reached down with her left hand and started stroking me a bit more and I got a bit harder but nowhere near 100%. Then I felt the outside of her knee resting on my leg and realised she had opened her legs, so I reached over and started touching her while she continued teasing my half-hard cock.

Mistress was getting pretty wet and I wondered where exactly this was heading, because if she was going to want me inside her then I definitely needed to be putting the cock ring on. As Mistress got more turned on she let go of my cock and we both concentrated on making her cum. If you look at Mistress’s orgasm page you will see that all but one of her orgasms have been brought about by my tongue, and the one time she did cum by my fingers she was reading some ‘filth’ at the time… indeed Mistress always reads porn when I worship her pussy, so this was pretty unusual.

Mistress told me she was so close but she couldn’t get there, so I quickly moved down between her legs and started licking her pussy. She lifted her ass a little, clearly telling me she wanted my finger against her ass and within a minute or two she was cumming really hard. I sucked on her beautiful toes for a little while and then Mistress turned onto her side.

She didn’t say anything, but I took it as an invitation and started kissing the backs of her thighs and her ass cheeks, Mistress didn’t stop me and I slid my tongue between her cheeks and started to lick her gorgeous asshole. Mistress let me do this for a while and then turned back onto her back, smiling down at me, she asked if I wanted more?

Of course I did, and Mistress let me lick her ass another two times before she moved onto her back again and started teasing my cock with her foot. I started kissing her other foot while she did this but to no avail, my cock was completely intransigent (and to add to my problems, at this point I got cramp in my leg – I just can’t catch a break at this point).

So as you can imagine, I’m SUPER happy about making Mistress cum and being allowed to worship her gorgeous ass, but completely confused and frustrated that my cock would be hard for ages and then not co-operate when I need it to! True, I’ve not being feeling well for weeks, but if I can wake up hard then that suggests there’s not a medical reason for it, surely…although I suppose if you’re only half awake maybe you’re not fully conscious of not feeling great?

Still, focus on the positive, and making Mistress cum and getting to worship her ass was very positive indeed. 🙂 Mistress suggested some more teasing for me later, so maybe that will work out better…

As I was dozing this morning I was thinking about writing a post called ‘Five Reasons Why I Love Mistress’s Ass’…

I’ve always been an ‘ass’ man, well ‘ass and leg’ man maybe… which is not to say that I am ambivalent about breasts, but definitely legs and ass are top of the tree for me and Mistress’s legs and ass are super hot (as I’m sure you’ll agree). There is very little I can think of that is hotter than looking up at Mistress’s sexy ass as she stands over me, and sliding my hands up her beautiful thighs to expose her tight little hole. What an absolutely gorgeous sight that is. 🙂

I love the taste and smell of Mistress’s ass. If you’ve never licked a woman’s ass you might have some preconception of how it tastes (depending on whether the idea appeals to you or not perhaps). It has a musk all of it’s own, which I absolutely love. I’m sure it’s not for everyone, but I find it sooo very erotic…

Intimacy. You can’t get any more intimate than tonguing a woman’s ass, can you? I really love how intimate it is and how special it is when a woman feels comfortable enough with you to let you worship her ass. I feel very lucky that Mistress feels that level of comfort with me to allow me to do that for her.

Naughtiness. There’s no denying that there is a taboo element to ass worship, which certainly adds to the excitement of doing it. I’ve always loved licking Mistress’s ass right from the very first time I did it and it doesn’t seem to diminish with time or frequency. I would love to worship Mistress’s gorgeous ass while she fucked herself with her dildo or made her cum, that would be very hot. I also love how silky smooth and soft her asshole feels when I’m licking her pussy and pressing my fingertip inside her. 🙂 Sticking with the ‘naughtiness’ theme, I’d love for Mistress to have me worship her ass somewhere we shouldn’t as well (see my previous post about Mistress bending over my car bonnet in a pub car park.)

Well I guess that’s about five, suffice to say I adore Mistress’s ass and I hope this new level of ass worship/teasing is maintained and indeed increases in the future. 🙂

So Where Have We Been?

Nowhere really… I just didn’t have an awful lot to say. When we left you we had just started our week off work and we went away for a night. All was great until it came time to go to bed and… well, what’s supposed to happen was when you turn the lights off the air ducting fan was supposed to go off (not that we knew that at the time) but it had failed and so we were faced with either a sleepless night or a very late night drive home.

The hotel offered us earplugs (no use) but couldn’t move us because they were full. It was a shame because up until then we’d had a good day, a nice meal in the hotel and a lovely cocktail in the superb bar… so it ended up that we had to wait until 1:30am (fortunately I’d only had one drink) so that I was safe enough to drive home and we ended up getting home about 3:30am or something I think.

Needless to say the next day was a bit of a write-off and then we were off again to London on the Thursday. Then Mistress’s period started which meant no ‘action’ for a few more days – hence the 9 day gap in Mistress’s orgasms. Fortunately since we’ve been back at work we’ve managed to get things going again and (fingers crossed) it seems like my cock is starting to behave itself again. Yesterday morning I woke up hard and stayed hard even after I got out of bed. I’ve never been so pleased to have an untouched boner!

Friday night Mistress had her second orgasm of the week, and yes she’s still enjoying having her ass played with while I lick her pussy. More than ever it seems! 🙂 And after that Mistress edged me a couple of times (no cock ring) and gave my cock some slapping punishment (for my unauthorised ruin early in the month). To be honest, it didn’t feel to me like I was very hard, so I was surprised when Mistress moved out the way, to see that my cock was pretty hard – this nerve damage is bloody annoying to be honest, I spend a lot of time thinking ‘am I hard’ when I should be thinking ‘this feels amazing’… 🙁

After I edged the second time Mistress let go and told me she wasn’t going to let me cum today, and it was at this point that I begged to be allowed to worship her gorgeous ass. Mistress looked unconvinced and said ‘I’m supposed to be punishing you aren’t I?’, but after a few more slaps she relented.

“Okay, but as long as you promise not to cum without permission…ever again!”

She stood over me and I slid my hands up her beautiful, sexy legs and pulled her cheeks apart to reveal her gorgeous pink hole. She told me to beg, and I did without hesitation. Mistress sank down onto my face and allowed me to lick her ass for a few seconds and then lifted off. She didn’t touch my cock at all, which was (obviously) disappointing but at the same time fair enough and perhaps a good thing, after all I’m trying to get Mistress to allow me to worship her ass out of the bedroom or at least in a non-sexual context, so maybe this was a step towards that? (More on this in a moment).

Mistress had me beg a couple times more and rewarded me by sinking down onto my face and allowing me to taste and probe her ass with my tongue. I’m sure it seems easier to probe her asshole when I’ve been teasing it with my finger beforehand, which I like a lot! 🙂 I really do love this development, maybe one day I’ll get to use a small dildo on Mistress (i bet the much neglected blue glass G-Spot dildo would be perfect)… but I suppose it’s too much to hope that she’ll ever allow me to slide my cock into her tight ass. But, as Captain Sensible said – If you don’t have a dream, then how you gonna have a dream come true? 🙂

Afterwards when we were cuddling I brought up the subject of Mistress’s special ass-less panties (see the Victoria’s Secret post from last month) and how disappointed I was that she didn’t wear them to the bar on our Thursday night out. When we got home on that Thursday I asked Mistress if she was wearing them and she said ‘no’ and teased me that ‘I say I would lick her ass whenever she wanted’, but she said she bet I wouldn’t if there was chips to eat (we tend to put Slimming World chips on the timer when we go out). I said the chips can go hang themselves, no way would I miss out on ass worship for chips. What a joke!!!

I suggested that Mistress ‘test me’, and she said that one day she would, but sadly not tonight… bah!

Anyway, it turned out that she had taken her special panties to our hotel, but that because of the room disaster she had ended up bringing them home again unused. So that made a bad memory a million times worse, although… surely she had ample time to use them before we found that out? Me thinks Mistress may be playing with my head a little… hmm.

Oh well, hopefully she’ll wear them soon and I’ll get to lick her gorgeous ass while she bends over on the stairs (before or after we go out – or both!) or maybe she bend over the bonnet of my car in the car park – that would be pretty awesome! 🙂

To be honest, the panties are optional as far as I’m concerned, I just want Mistress to have me lick her asshole whenever, wherever and as often as possible. But you knew that anyway.

The Comments Have Started…

Literotica published my latest story yesterday you can view it and vote on it HERE

The score is 3.65 / 5.00 so far, and as always the comments are pretty split, here’s the first few…

Anonymous said: Loved It! You have the most awesome devious games!! 5 all the way!

Anonymous said: Perfect Tease and Denial Fantasy. Fantastic! Another red hot story. You tell these types so well. Hopefully there’ll be a follow-up to this.

Anonymous said: Charlie had been out of the cage the whole time. She just didn’t know it. Once again, the cage is a toy. No key necessary to remove it. He can ejaculate while wearing it. So whatever the game is, it’s his game. Oh and he didn’t keep her. Who would?

Anonymous said: What Ugly and Nonsense Story. The author did a very poor job on this pathetic story. It seems the author has some serious mental illness mixed with some cuckold issues and some cuckold issues that were transferred to this ugly story.
This story lacks of creativity nonsense shallow low context poor written and it is not even hot nor sexy story. This story is not enjoyable and it is such waste of time reading all the way throug

Mrswitch said: Nice imagination. Great story. Nice devious game. And as for the person that is who wrote this.
“The author did a very poor job on this pathetic story. It seems the author has some serious mental illness mixed with some cuckold issues and some cuckold issues that were transferred to this ugly story. This story lacks of creativity nonsense shallow low context poor written and it is not even hot nor sexy story. This story is not enjoyable and it is such waste of time reading all the way through”
why don’t you just admit you want to be a cuck and stop reading stories fantasizing about it and then lashing out at the author anonymously because you can’t handle your own fantasies?

Mistress and I finished our Mistress Day with a meal out at our favourite local restaurant. As always the food was incredible and we came home very full and very happy. I was slightly disappointed that Mistress didn’t wear her new Victoria’s Secret ‘ass-less’ panties, but she since she already let me worship her ass yesterday morning I can’t complain too much. 🙂