An Enthusiastic (previously missed) Comment…

One of the stories I keep thinking about writing a sequel to is ‘Girls Talk’, it’s one of the highest scoring of my stories on Literotica and I think definitely one of the best things I have ever written. I just noticed that back in January someone left this enthusiastic comment for me…

cdCindy1 said: Please continue! Great story. It’s almost exactly what I want my wife to do with me. I’d love to watch her make out with her best friend Darlene while I lick Darlene’s husband’s cum out of her pussy. Then while my wife is licking Darlene’s tits, I’ll be cumming on their feet and then lick it all up.
Please continue with the next chapter. I can’t wait to hear about Sarah pegging Michael in front of Jenny. Please also tell us about Sarah getting fucked by another man. If not Nick, then maybe Michael’s boss (or her boss) who has a big cock. The boss would fuck Sarah, cum inside her, Michael would lick the cum out of her cunt, and then Michael would suck the boss’ cock and swallow his 2nd load. Jenny would watch the whole thing and maybe Nick would watch too. The humiliation that Michael would feel is the exact feeling I want to experience with my wife, her best friend, her boss, and anyone else who wants to watch a sissy faggot cocksucking bitch (ME).

Literotica Finally Posts My Stories…

It’s took a while but Literotica have finally posted my latest two stories, if you’d like to vote on them you can do so by clicking the links below

At the moment ‘Once a Month Part 3’ is doing great with a 5.0/5.0 rating, while ‘Looking for the One’ is floundering around 2.6/5.0… I find that bizarre to be honest, I think ‘Looking for the One’ is the much better story, but whatever!

Also, despite posting ‘Looking for the One’ (Claudia’s Cuckolding Journey) in the ‘Fetish’ category instead of ‘Loving Wives’, it didn’t take very long for the first troll to turn up.

Anonymous said: GARBAGE! I can only hope this Sissy boy wimp cuck fag author grows a pair and kills off this cum dump slut of a non wife next…..

Sigh………. some of the Literotica readers really do have a massive problem with Cuckolding stories don’t they? Or perhaps just massive problems in general…

— — — — —

You may have noticed a singular lack of posts about teasing etc… well, between the heat, tiredness and so on, there hasn’t been anything to write about. And then Sunday night I managed to cut my balls twice while grooming… talk about shit out of luck!

Still, last night Mistress and I went to bed slightly earlier than we have been lately and Mistress set about teasing me nicely. I’m guessing she read my post about the ballbusting videos, because she was slapping my balls quite a lot. 🙂


It was almost a little strange being teased knowing that I wasn’t going to be able to lick Mistress’s pussy. Since full time chastity started teasing tends to dry up when Mistress is on her period, which I don’t necessarily mind because I much prefer to reciprocate and after all when Mistress touches my cock is entirely up to her (plus the option is always there for me to ask to be allowed to touch my cock if I want to).

Anyway, Mistress edged me quite close and for a moment I thought she was going to start slapping my nuts while I was close to the edge. This set up a dilemma in my head, because while I’d like nothing better than for her to edge me and then push me over the edge by repeatedly slapping my balls, I didn’t think Mistress was about to give me permission so soon after my last release…

In the end Mistress didn’t start slapping my balls… and instead let me cool down slightly before starting the lovely teasing up again, including teasing me verbally about how much I love it when she slaps my balls. At one point she started kissing me while she continued stroking my hard cock and I just really love kissing her when she’s been sucking my cock, it’s fucking HOT!

The teasing continued with more slaps and strokes until Mistress decided that I’d enjoyed myself enough, but she did allow me a couple more slaps when I begged for them. 🙂

I just wish I could have licked her to orgasm afterwards, it seems so long since last week…

Once a Month – Chapter Three (written July 2017)

November 7th

James really couldn’t take much more, it was becoming impossible now. He wanted to stick it out, but it was getting so that every time Janie touched him he felt like he would explode. Worse still, his self-control was wavering and he knew he had to tell her before it was too late.

“Janie…” he said apprehensively. “I really need to talk to you.”

Janie closed her book, placed it on the arm of the sofa and turned to face him.

“Okay… what would you like to talk about?”

She smiled at him sweetly, from his demeanour she was pretty sure this was going to have something to do with his extended period of chastity and how hard it was getting now that he was well into four months with no relief whatsoever.

“I… I don’t think I can do this anymore,” he began. “I mean… I know it was my idea, and I know I made you a promise, but it’s just getting so hard now. Every time you touch me I feel like I want to pull away, because I know I’m going to be on the edge so quickly and…”

Janie’s expression changed slightly.

“Okay James, but if you want to talk about this I want you on the floor… on your knees, please.”

James shifted uncomfortably and hesitated long enough for Janie to arch an eyebrow. It was enough to motivate him to move and he sank down onto the floor between her legs.

“The thing is,” he began again. “I don’t think I can trust myself anymore… it’s so difficult and I worry that sooner or later I’m going to give in to temptation and just do it myself. I don’t want to, I really don’t, but it’s getting so hard now…”

Janie looked down at her husband and spread her legs a little wider, his suffering was making her pussy wet and she reached down and slowly slid her skirt up to reveal her naked slit. Then she reached forward and pulled James’s head down between her legs and watched as he inhaled her delicious fragrance and shuddered. She knew he would be hard already, and she loved it.

“You’ve done so well for me James, I’m very proud of you, and I really appreciate you telling me this rather than waiting until it’s too late.”

Janie reached down between her legs and allowed her fingers to slide inbetween the folds of her wet pussy, then offered them to James’s mouth and watched as he licked and sucked each digit clean.

“When you came to me with this idea I thought you were crazy, that you’d never stick it out… but by your suffering you’ve shown me how much you worship me and for that I am truly grateful. This past ten months has been so good, I would never have believed it could be so amazing having you desperate and completely focused on me and my needs… and I’m afraid I don’t know if I’m willing to give that up, I know I don’t want to and I hope you don’t want me to either…”

James shook his head slowly, the scent of Janie’s delicious pussy surrounding him and making his cock throb and ache incessantly.

“But I agree, perhaps we need to find a way to make this a little easier for you… if you’re really suffering so much that you’re afraid you might take matters into your own hands.”

Janie reached down and pulled her husband’s head firmly between her thighs, opening them wider still as she felt his lips and tongue slide against her wet lips.

“Mmmmm… yes, lick my pussy, you love that don’t you…?”

James groaned as his tongue swirled around her lips and gently brushed against her clit.

“I’ve been waiting for this moment to come, waiting for you to come to me like this, to tell me that you can’t take it anymore… that you’re so desperate that you’ll do anything…”

Janie was rubbing her pussy against his face as he licked her now, willing him to bring her off faster and harder.

“I’ve been thinking about this for a long time and I don’t want this to end at New Year’s…”

James glanced up but continued to lick his wife’s pussy.

“Oh, don’t worry… I won’t try to trick you out of your next orgasm, I can’t wait to see you cum after five long, hard months of denial. But I don’t want to give this up after that, I want next year to be even better… for both of us. I know you love the feeling of being denied and desperate, I know you love it when I’m mean to you, when I deny you and cum on your tongue anyway… it was hard at first, to be cruel and selfish, but now… now I love it. I really love it, and you love it too don’t you?”

James groaned in agreement again, his cock aching with need and feeling impossibly hard.

Janie stopped talking then as she concentrated on the pleasure she was feeling between her legs, a year ago she would never have dreamed of acting this way, of having her husband kneel in front of her and pulling his face between her legs to eat her pussy. She had changed so much and she didn’t ever want to go back to being the ‘good’ wife she used to be.

“That’s it,” she moaned. “Uuugh, yes… there, oh… that’s soooo good.”

The tip of James’ tongue worked rhythmically as he slid two fingers into his wife’s soaking hole, swirling inside her as she moved against him, her muscles tightening like a coiled spring as she neared her climax.

“Uuuuuuuuuuuh, yessssss!” moaned Janie, the precipice approaching as she contemplated what she was about to tell him.

“I want to…. I want to lock your cock… I want to own your cock… I need to own it and… truly… make it… mine.”

Janie was gasping for breath now and James focused his attention on her aching clit. It only took a few more seconds and then Janie’s body bucked hard, threatening to break the contact, but James held her tight and pushed her well over the edge into one of the hardest orgasms he’d ever seen her have.

Janie collapsed back onto the sofa, shattered and fighting for every breath. She couldn’t believe she’d finally said it and the effect saying it had had on her.

James relinquished his grip and moved back a little, gazing upon the beautiful sight of his sated wife and fighting the urge to squeeze his cock through his trousers. It had been a miracle he hadn’t cum when she had and he knew the slightest touch, even an indirect touch, might be more than he could take.

After a little while Janie recovered her breath and pulled herself back upright, curious to see the expression on her husband’s face after she had said what she had said.

James looked calm and… accepting? Janie leaned forward, her voice little more than a whisper.

“You want it too don’t you… your cock locked and completely under my control?”

James nodded slowly, his eyes cast down in submission. Janie leaned closer and kissed him on the lips, tasting her juices and holding him close.

“I love you so much James, I can’t imagine ever being without you.”

They continued to kiss for some time until finally Janie eased back and looked into her husband’s eyes.

“Are you okay?” she asked softly.

James nodded, but it was clear to Janie he needed something, anything… to relieve his ache.

Janie took his hand and stood up, James followed her lead and she led him upstairs to the bedroom where she stripped his clothes off of him and told him to kneel on the bed. As James climbed onto the bed Janie removed her own clothes and threw them over a chair, she stood in front of him then, confident in her nakedness, knowing how much he adored her and that she had him completely under her spell.

“I’m not going to let you quit on me,” she started. “And I’m not going to let you cum, not when we’ve come so far.”

James cock twitched as he looked at her gorgeous breasts and dreamed of being able to empty his balls all over them, he couldn’t even remember when he’d last been able to do that.

“Nor am I going to allow you a normal ruined orgasm… but, there is another way.”

Janie bent down and reached under the bed, she pulled out a plain cardboard box inside which was another ‘retail’ box with a clear front which displayed the items inside.

“If you’re really that desperate, then I’m going to have to fuck it out of you…”

James let out a low groan as he cock twitched again. Janie excitedly opened the second box and pulled out the strap-on and harness, then, just as she’d practised several times over the last few weeks, she quickly stepped into the straps and secured the harness around her waist.

“But first,” she said as she climbed onto the bed herself and stood upright. “You’re going to show me just how badly you want it.”

Janie moved closer.

“Come on,” she breathed. “Show me how bad you want me to fuck you and take away the ache, just a little… just enough to make it bearable, is that what you want?”

James felt almost drunk as he watched his wife looming closer, her cock protruding from her groin and heading straight for his mouth. She took hold of his head with one hand and fed the tip of her ‘cock’ between his lips.

“Suck it for me James, suck my cock and show me just how bad you need it.”

James opened his mouth willingly as Janie pushed it deeper, her pussy dripping wet as she watched her ‘cock’ force its way inside her husband’s mouth. James closed his eyes as he felt the dildo moving deeper, but Janie wanted to see his submission.

“Open your eyes James, open your eyes and look at me… that’s it, that’s so much better.”

Janie started to gently pump her cock into James’ mouth, she had been fantasizing about this for months and she couldn’t quite believe it was finally playing out, just as she’d wanted.

“Next year, when you’re locked, I’m going to be fucking your ass a lot James, you’re going to learn to love it, to crave it, to need it… you’re going to be begging me to fuck your ass, in fact I want to hear you beg now… beg James, beg me to fuck your ass with my cock?”

Janie slipped the rubber cock out of her husband’s mouth, “Go on…” she prompted.

“Please fuck my ass Janie,” whispered James, his eyes half closed again, he was completely drunk on lust for her by this time.

Janie pushed the cock back into his mouth once more and fucked his face until she heard him gag slightly and then eased back a bit.

“What a naughty little slut you are,” she teased as she pulled the strap-on out of his mouth.

“Get on your hands and knees,” she ordered.

James slid down onto all fours and he felt Janie get off the bed and then heard her open the bedside drawer. He looked to the side and saw Janie slipping a condom over and then slavering lube onto the full length of her rubber cock, it was a fairly standard size, about the same size as James’ cock in fact.

Janie saw him looking and stroked her hand up and down her shaft lewdly.

“I wanted to go bigger, but I thought we ought to start you off with something… realistic.”

She moved closer and splattered lube between his cheeks before pushing first one then two of her slender fingers inside.

“Does that feel good?” she asked.

“Yes,” moaned James.

Janie added more lube and worked her fingers deeper, adding a third finger when she felt he could take it.

“I’m going to fuck you James, I’m going to fuck your ass and empty your balls… you want me to do that don’t you?”

“Yes, please… anything.”

Janie clambered onto the bed and moved behind her husband, his ass was well lubed now but she would still have to take it slow. She gently pressed the tip of her cock against her husband’s tight hole and applied a little pressure, at first it seemed reluctant to go in, but then his ring opened a little and she felt the first inch ease inside.

James groaned loudly now, at once wanting to push it out and pull it deeper inside his ass. Janie worked slowly, easing it in inch my inch, working it back and forth to spread the lube inside him and stretch him slowly, the last thing she wanted to do was hurt him.

“Beg me for more cock James,” teased Janie. “Beg me…”

“Please give me more,” groaned James.

“More what James?”

“More of your… cock, please…”

Janie eased another inch into her husband’s ass, he was taking it better than she’d expected and she was nearly all the way in.

“You are doing so well,” she purred.

James’ ass felt so full he couldn’t believe it, and already the pressure was building. Every movement Janie made agitated his prostate and soon it felt like he needed to pee, but he knew that wasn’t the case. Janie slowly started moving in and out, fucking him a little deeper with each stroke.

“Make sure you catch it,” she warned. “But don’t even think about touching your cock.”

James moved his hand back between his legs, a few inches from the tip of his throbbing meat. He knew it wouldn’t be long, the pressure was building quickly as Janie got into her stride with the strap-on.

“Tomorrow we’re going to order you a chastity cage… I want you ready to wear it full time after New Year’s, so you need to get used to it before that… I don’t think it will make it ache any less, but at least you won’t have to worry about cheating on me with your own hand.”

James was close to delirious, Janie was fucking him harder and harder and ramming the rubber cock right to the hilt on every stroke, he could feel the urge getting stronger and stronger until eventually he felt his cock pulsing in desperation and his warm, creamy spunk began dripping onto his fingers. Janie kept going and the cum kept pouring out of him, until finally he collapsed forward onto the bed and Janie’s cock slipped clear of his well stretched hole.

James was breathing hard and Janie took the opportunity to slide the condom off her dildo and dispose of it. She gave him a few seconds to catch his breath and then ordered him down onto the bedroom floor. He still had his hand half closed to contain most of the cum that had leaked from his swollen balls and he was careful to try not to let it drip on the sheets as he moved into position.

Janie stood right in front of him now and reached down and took his wrist, she placed his hand on the dildo in front of him, clearly intimating that he should coat it with his warm, sticky load. James shuddered as he stroked his wife’s ‘cock’ for the first time, leaving the sticky mess all over the surface of the rubber stalk.

“Lick your hand clean,” she said as she looked down at him. “Lick it clean and then you can show me how much you appreciate my cock.”

James raised his hand to his mouth and extended his tongue, he started to lick the sticky residue from his palm and fingers, all the time gazing lustfully at the cum covered dildo still strapped to his beautiful wife…

More Posting to Literotica…

I decided today that I would post the (altered names version) of ‘Collete’s Cuckolding Journey’ to Literotica, albeit I changed the title to ‘Looking for the One’. I know I said I wasn’t going to, but I thought about it and if I do end up writing the full length version there will be changes and I won’t actually use that whole story as a ‘chapter’, so I thought it’s a pity not to post it there, so we’ll see. I’ve put it in the ‘Fetish’ category instead of ‘Loving Wives’ this time so it should avoid the worst of the bad scores and nut-job comments. It will probably take a few days to appear on Literotica anyway.

I haven’t quite finished fettling my other new story just yet, there’s still a few lines I’m not happy with, notably the very start which is a bit ‘awkward’ at present. Still it should be ready by the weekend I think, so look out for that.

It’s far too hot here at the moment, the UK is not a warm place generally and 30C seems awfully unpleasant. I realise that some of you will find that hilarious (I know our Australian relatives think it’s funny that we have air-con on in our cars when it hits 19C), but for us it’s positively tropical and does not make for a good time.

Last night Mistress came, but it seemed like more of a test of endurance than anything, and afterwards I was way too overheated for any teasing. I still enjoyed making her cum obviously, but when it’s so hot that you’re trying hard not to touch while at the same time trying to lick her to orgasm… well, it’s not great.

Unfortunately since we moved (and definitely since we had the loft insulated) our house seems to hold heat like a storage heater, and sometimes the only solution is to sleep downstairs with the windows open. I feat that may well be the case tonight. 🙁

The Importance of Proof Reading…

One of the nicer comments I’ve received from time to time on Literotica is praise from people who appreciate that I proof read my stories properly before I post them. Well, I say that… I do now certainly. Reading my very old story posts is quite an eye-opener if I’m honest, not only for the lesser quality of writing (but that’s okay really because it means I’m getting ‘better’ at least) but also for the typos* that I allowed to pass unnoticed.

I do agree that bad spelling/grammar can be massively distracting when you’re trying to concentrate on the more erotic elements of a story rather than the author’s complete inability to correctly place an apostrophe or apostrophe’s (that was utterly intentional by the way!) in a sentence.

For some reason, when I come to proof read my stories the same error crops up time and time again, and it’s now almost like a bit of a running joke. This won’t mean much to those of you outside the UK, but the times I’ve discovered that I’ve typed ‘suck me cock’ rather than ‘suck my cock’, it’s all a bit Northern… a bit Sid the Sexist in fact.

Ah well, best get back to it, it seems okay so far, bar a few little changes here and there. I wasn’t too sure if what I’d written was going to be any good to be honest, because by the time I’d finished writing last night I was falling asleep… but it seems okay, so expect to see it posted her soon.

*Full disclosure, I did originally put an apostrophe in typos, then took it out. 🙂

Some More Random Comments from Literotica

Anonymous commented on ‘A Broken Marriage Redefined’: I am afraid I would be saying yes and doing everything she told me to do and loving it. I hope they get back together full time and he assumes his proper place as her cuckold.

Anonymous commented on ‘Daniel Strokes for His Mistress’: I would love to have a woman like her, I hardly ever get to have a climax and I do love to eat my cum after a ruined orgasm, but to have a woman who would desire me to eat it from her feet. That is so special.

Suckerman commented on ‘Punishing Scott’s Balls’: Excellent, I was in ecstacy with this story! I had two boot laces tied round my ball sack between the balls and my body wound round seperating them from my body. The stretchy feeling is amazing . I just couldnt leave the story long enogh to attach the weights. I have managed to stretch my ball sack by about one inch so they hang lower now. The description of his fight between the pain and the intense feelings was masterly. You are are obviously a champion of and practiser of CBT. I bow to you sir. magnificent.

Anonymous commented on ‘Punishing Scott’s Balls’: I have told my wife I want to eat her as another man fucks her so many times and clean his cock. She knows but will not let me do it. She beats my balls so nice, I find myself wishing I was in the press and feeling the exploding pain at the moment my balls go flat and are totally ruined.

Anonymous commented on ‘Punishing Scott’s Balls’: I could do this to my son he is 15 and this would be good for him.


And it started so well….

Four Comments so Far…

After a poor start (3.17), my story has already climbed to 3.60, which is still a bit low, but my stories tend to start low and climb – I don’t know why that is, but it’s a pattern I’ve noticed.

Four comments, three good and one not so good…

Anonymous said: Loved this story and its what has kept my wife and I together a long time.She has other men from time to time and I have a magic tongue to clean her up.
Works for us.

Anonymous said: Honesty is the best policy! Great way to save a marriage, now just need to add a chastity cage!

Jimmcdonald609 said: Highly erotic idea and very well written.
I am not a fan of episodic stories; however I would be interested in reading where this will go.

Anonymous said: Funnier than Hell! He would have taken one look at her, turned around and left. This is a man that is just days away from being divorced. Rather than have any submissive ideas, he still would have been full of anger. The minute he was out the door he would have called her sister and told her about what his ex-wife was offering. Mikey boy would have known about 10 seconds later. Even for fiction this was just stupid. Too soon into the divorce. She’d be lucky if he didn’t bitch slap her on his way out. The author has clearly never been through a divorce. STILL laughing at how bad this was.

A Broken Marriage Redefined (written June 2017)

Divorce is never easy, and when you’ve bought a house together and your finances are entangled it’s even worse. But at least Gina and Paul never had any kids…

Paul looked at his phone, the caller ID read ‘Gina: EX Wife’, it wasn’t quite true yet but it was well on the way. Four months had passed since he’d moved out of the house they’d bought together and into a small flat around the corner from his work. Apparently Gina had moved on already and the last he heard she was banging a big guy called Mike or Mikey, or something… They remained civil but most of the negotiations were being handled by their solicitors, so Paul was a little surprised to get a direct call.

“Hi Gina, how are you?” Paul asked tentatively, wondering what had spurred her to contact him.

“Hi Paul, I’m good thanks… listen, I was wondering, could you come over to the house? Only… I really need to talk to you about something.”

“Like what?”

“Umm, well I think it would be easier to talk face to face…. could you come pretty soon?”

Paul looked at the clock, his work was finished in fifteen minutes.

“Well, I guess I could pop by in a bit…” he offered.

“Great. I’ll see you later then.”

Paul shut down the call and wondered what the hell she could want to see him for, they hadn’t seen each other since he’d moved out, and barring a few slightly awkward but generally personable phone calls they’d had almost no contact. He mulled it over in his head and then it came to him, maybe she wanted to know when he was moving the rest of his stuff out? Yeah, that must be it…. well until the divorce was settled he was stuck in his little flat, he just didn’t have the room, unless she wanted to pay for him to store it.

He got a little riled up then and snatched his phone up again, stabbing his fingers at the screen to get her back on the line so he could chew her out, but she didn’t answer.

“Dammit!” he muttered. Why did he agree to go and see her? He wasn’t her fucking husband anymore.

Well technically he was, but it was all but over and done. Paul was still a little confused about why it all fell apart so quickly, he had adored her and even as it was disintegrating around him Paul still hadn’t managed to shake his feelings for her off. Indeed, while Gina had moved on Paul hadn’t so much been on a single date, nor had he even tried. He made all the right noises when his friends told him he needed to get back on the horse, but somehow he still carried a flame for Gina and he felt it was pointless trying to find someone else until it was firmly extinguished.

He took his sweet time and arrived at the house about an hour and a half later. He walked up to his old front door and knocked. That felt odd, straight away.

“You took your time,” said Gina as she opened the door. “Something wrong?”

“No, I just had things to do,” he answered a little too abruptly.

It was only then that Paul noticed Gina was wearing nothing but a thin robe and was clearly naked underneath. He looked awkwardly at her, she was just as beautiful as he remembered and his cock stirred a little as memories of the times they’d shared came back to him.

“You look…. nice,” he said, then wished he’d kept his thoughts to himself.

“Thank you,” she smiled. “I’m sorry to call you over here like this but… I wanted to ask a massive favour.”


Now it was Gina’s turn to look slightly on the back foot.

“Come in then…”

Paul stepped into his old house and looked around.

“So… it’s not about my stuff then?”


“My stuff. I presumed you wanted to know when I was moving the rest of my stuff out.”

“No, no it’s not that…”

“Oh… well, good.”

“No you can leave it as long as you like, it’s not a problem, there’s plenty of room here after all.”

Paul bit his tongue to stop himself from saying something sarcastic, but he stared hard at the back of her head as he followed her into their lounge.

“Right, okay… so what did you want to see me about?”

Gina looked a little sheepish.

“Well, this is going to sound awfully cheeky, but… you know about Mike I presume?”


“Yes, my sister’s got a mouth on her hasn’t she, that was never going to stay private for long… ah well, whatever. Water under the bridge.”

Gina turned and walked over to the sofa. Paul couldn’t help but notice her bare legs, so sexy, smooth and soft, he’d always loved her legs… in fact he’d always loved every inch of her body.

“So,” she said, sitting down on the leather sofa. “What about you, are you seeing anyone?”

“Not yet,” said Paul. He decided to stay standing, and kept his distance a little as well.

“I guess it will happen sooner or later,” he added, trying not to give away his true feelings on the matter.

“Oh really, no one night stands or anything…?”

“Well, I haven’t really had time…”

Gina crossed her legs and her robe shifted to reveal the full length of her beautiful thigh.

“And do you… do you still think about me?”


“Do you still think about me, sometimes?”

“Well, I guess so… I mean, we were together a long while, so…”

“Do you think about me when you’re… you know?”

Paul didn’t think that was any of her God damned business frankly.

“Err, I….”

Gina uncrossed her legs and let them open a little, the robe was loosely tied and every movement exposed a little more of Gina’s alluring skin.

“It’s okay, if you do… I think about you sometimes.”

“Do you?” exclaimed Paul, he wasn’t expecting that.

“Uh-huh, sometimes…”

Gina licked her lips and allowed her robe to slip open just a little more.

“That’s what I wanted to talk to you about.”

Paul was finding it difficult to concentrate on their conversation now, as his cock was slowly starting to harden.

“You see, the thing is, I…. I don’t quite know how to say this, but….”

Paul tore his eyes away from her enticing body  and looked her straight in the eyes, was she about to ask him to give their marriage another shot? He doubted it, but the conversation seemed to be heading in that direction.

“I… I miss when… I miss when you used to use your… tongue on me.” Gina finally managed to spit it out.

Paul looked slightly puzzled. This he was not expecting. At all.

“Look, don’t take this the wrong way, I mean, I’m not asking for us to get back together or anything, I think we both know that would be a mistake, and obviously there’s the situation with Mike to consider”.

Paul couldn’t quite believe this, had she seriously asked him to come round to lick her pussy. He didn’t know whether to feel proud or supremely offended. He settled on proud… and slightly cocky.

“Oh, so Mikey’s not quite doing it for you…” he asked with a wry smile.

Gina allowed herself a second to gather her thoughts.

“Mike is great, he’s in amazing shape and his cock is…. well, it’s pretty big to be honest.”

The smile fell sharply from Paul’s face.

“A lot bigger than yours anyway…”

Paul took on a belligerent look, but he couldn’t stop himself from picturing Gina’s pussy impaled on Mike’s big, thick cock.

“And he does make me cum… most of the time. But, it’s not quite the same as when it was with you. He doesn’t love my pussy like you did, or maybe still do…”

Paul shifted awkwardly, he would happily crawl over broken glass to taste Gina’s gorgeous pussy again, but he had to at least try and maintain a little dignity.

“So you thought you’d call me and have me come all the way over here, just to lick your pussy?”

Paul looked at her incredulously, painfully aware of the bulge in his trousers that she couldn’t fail to have noticed as well.

“Well, when you put it like that Paul, I guess I did…”

Gina moved a little and exposed a little more of herself, Paul was helpless as he tried to resist looking down between her thighs at her beautiful, smoothly shaved slit.

“And what about Mike? Does he know about this?”

“No, and I’d like to keep it that way, for the moment.”

Paul glanced down to see that her robe had opened further still and now he could clearly see her pussy. Although he hated to admit it, he’d been thinking of nothing else but her delicious cunt for the last four months. Literally every time he jerked off his thoughts always returned to Gina’s slippery, wet hole and how much he used to love licking it and making her cum.

“You’ve missed it haven’t you,” said Gina, opening her legs to give him a better view. “You adored my pussy when we were together, perhaps you still dream about tasting it again?”


“It’s okay Paul, nobody needs to know… besides, Mike probably has other girls on the go for all I know. We’re fucking, that’s all… I don’t want a permanent relationship, I haven’t sorted out the last one yet…”

Gina slowly opened her thighs still further and allowed him to gaze at her pussy properly, it looked so pink, slippery and wet. Paul licked his lips, the last vestiges of dignity and restraint abandoning him in droves.

“Please Paul, you’re the only one who knows how I like it… you still love me enough to want me to be happy don’t you?”

Paul hesitated and then slowly moved forward, the sight of her pussy was absolutely intoxicating and even though he knew this was a terrible idea he couldn’t help himself. He slowly moved between her legs and knelt on the carpet. He could smell her musk now and the smell brought back so many good memories…

“That’s a good boy, you know you want it too…”

Paul leaned closer and ran his tongue up the side of her pussy lips. Gina shivered and arched her back trying to move her clit to his tongue, but Paul wasn’t playing ball and kept moving his tongue around, keeping her guessing. He’d make her cum alright, but she’d have to wait until he was ready.

Suddenly, Paul realised something was different… her pussy tasted strange, not quite as he remembered, it was almost as if…

“You can taste it can’t you?” teased Gina.

Paul looked up at her, and his cock throbbing insistently.

“Does it taste like you thought it would? I mean, I’m sure you must have thought about it over the last few months… what with your little cuckold fantasies and everything.”

Paul stopped licking her for a second.

“How did you know about that?” he asked, worriedly.

“How do you think? I didn’t know how to bring it up with you so in the end I tried to ignore it.”

Paul glowered at her.

“So what you searched my laptop?”

“Yeah, pretty much… but don’t worry I haven’t told anyone. Not even Mike.”

Paul was pissed but he couldn’t sustain his anger with Gina’s inviting and used pussy just inches away from his face.

“I presume you’d like to keep it that way?”

Paul nodded slowly and Gina pressed her pussy forwards, prompting him to return to his task.

“That’s it, you are sooo good with your tongue…”

So at last she knew at least something of his fantasies, but how much did she read and how far into his private space did she venture?

“If I could find a man with Mike’s cock and your tongue, I would die a very happy woman,” she said breathlessly.

Paul pressed his tongue further between her lips and felt them part easily, she seemed a lot looser than when he’d been the only one fucking her.

“Umm yeah, that feels so nice, Mike stretched me good huh?”

Paul groaned into her pussy and was rewarded by a stream of warm, creamy cum pooling onto his tongue. Gina moaned and arched her back again.

“Clean it, clean it all up for me,” she moaned.

Paul obediently allowed the creamy fluid to slide down his throat for the first time, his humiliation was complete and his cocked ached like he’d never known before.

“Get the rest of it,” Gina purred. “Eat it all out of me, I know you want to… you’ve dreamed about this haven’t you, slurping another man’s hot, sticky cum from your wife’s well fucked cunt.”

Gina leaned forward and pushed her fingers into his hair, fixing on his head and holding it firmly in place.

“Maybe if you’d told me this before we could have worked something out. I mean, you’re not a bad guy, quite sweet really… maybe if you’d have admitted your little fantasy and allowed me to fuck other men… real men, with big hard cocks who want to pin me to the bed and fuck me hard and deep… like you never have, maybe then we could have stayed together.”

Paul groaned into her groin, his skilful tongue working energetically.

“Would you have liked that Paul? Would you have liked to watch other men fucking me, pounding me… holding me down and taking my pussy and ass? Would you? Would you have licked me clean every time, no matter what? I think you would…”

Paul’s cock was painfully hard and constricted now and he worked tirelessly, desperate to feel her buck and cum, just like she used to when she was his.

“Yes Paul, my ‘tight little ass’ isn’t quite so tight anymore, not since Mike fucked it with his big cock… I mean, you never got anywhere with that did you… but Mike, well… the difference between you and Mike is that Mike didn’t ask or beg, he just took what he wanted… and I gave it to him.”

Paul pictured Gina’s tight little ass stretching around Mikey’s oversized cock.

“I wished you’d been here,” she teased. “When he did it, when he took my ass and made it his. I won’t lie, it hurt to start with, but after a while… Oh My God. He filled me so full of cum Paul, and you could have watched… and cleaned me afterwards.”

Paul was trying to concentrate but Gina was making it so hard for him.

“Well Paul… would you? Would you have cleaned my cum filled ass after he finished using me?”

“Yes,” groaned Paul. “Yes I would.”

“And what about the others Paul, what about all the other men I could have fucked when I was with you, would you have cleaned up their messes as well?”

“Yes… yes.”

“And what else would you have done Paul, would you have cleaned their cocks too? Cleaned their dirty, sweaty, pussy-juice covered cocks and balls too, like a Good – Little – Slut.”

“Yes Gina…” whispered Paul as he slipped two fingers inside her loose, slippery cunt and worked his fingertips against her G-spot.

“Mmm, yeah… that’s it,” moaned Gina. “That’s soooo fucking good. Don’t stop, don’t fucking stop until I cum.”

Paul’s tongue went into overdrive around Gina’s aching clit and she writhed her hips, rubbing her cunt against him as he licked her.

“God yes, I want to see you do it Paul, I want to watch you debase yourself for me. Oh fuck, don’t stop, don’t stop!”

Paul knew from experience exactly how to push her over the edge. He pushed a third finger inside her to get it wet and then pushed it down so that it pressed against her asshole. What he didn’t expect was how easily it slid inside her previously tight rosebud.

“Oh fuuuuuuuuck!” screamed Gina as she spasmed hard and came hard on Paul’s agile tongue. “Fuck, fuck…. Oh God, fuck!”

Gina came harder than she had in months, then gradually came down from her orgasmic high and eventually fell still – collapsed back on the sofa. Paul continued to gently lick around her delicious pussy and along her inner thighs, his cock was like iron, but he felt weird about touching it… almost as if he needed her permission or something.

“Oh fuck, your tongue is just as good as I remember it, thank you sweetheart, that was incredible.”

Paul was thrown a bit, she hadn’t called him sweetheart in an age.

“Oh my God, I can’t believe how wet this sofa is, I came so fucking hard…”

Paul smiled, rather proud that he had managed to impress her all over again.

“And now perhaps we need to take care of you, eh?”

Paul felt embarrassed now, but his cock was insanely hard and he was desperate to cum.

“Come on, get up and get those trousers off.”

Paul self-consciously rose to his feet and peeled down his trousers, his average cock standing out straight and bulging his boxer shorts. Gina’s hand fell between her thighs, idly toying with her pussy as she watched him.

“Come on,” she teased. “Let me see your little cock.”

Paul peeled his boxers down and presented his 6” cock, it looked so small to Gina now that she was used to Mike’s impressive meat.

“Kneel down and stroke for me,” said Gina. “Stroke it and cum for me.”

Paul grabbed his cock and started to pump it firmly. Gina looked down at him, smiling. She looked sexier than he could ever remember and he thought he would do just about anything she asked of him.

“My pussy is so wrecked Paul… Mike’s cock has ruined it, even if I let you put your little cock inside of me I don’t think either of us would feel a thing.”

Paul groaned as he felt his orgasm approaching.

“That’s it sweetheart, stroke that dick for me, are you going to cum for me and lick it up like a good little Cuck-boy?”

“Yes,” moaned Paul.

“I want you to cum all over my beautiful pussy, all over the pussy that you can’t stop thinking about… you need my pussy don’t you, you need to taste it, clean it and make it cum, nothing else will do, will it?”

“Oh yeah…” groaned Paul as he humped his hand.

He moved closer and jerked his cock as hard as he could, a few seconds passed and then a huge spurt of cum erupted from the head of his cock and spattered across Gina’s slippery, wet, well-used cunt. Another couple of spurts followed, but failed to reach their target.

“Come on,” said Gina. “Don’t waste all that lovely cum, lick it up for me, lick my beautiful pussy clean of all the mess you made. That’s it, I knew you would love this too… you’re going to be doing this a lot now Paul, you know that don’t you?”

Paul looked up at her, the taste of his own cum still dripping from his tongue and made a decision that would define the rest of his life.

“Yes Mistress,” said Paul for the first time.

Gina laughed and pulled his head deeper, “I like the sound of that, now make me cum again slut, I’ve missed this sooo much.”

More ‘LW’ Crap and then a Very Positive Comment!

‘A Parting Gift?’ hit Literotica today and predictably the reaction was mostly negative – again this is the risk you take posting in the ‘Loving Wives’ category. I don’t really understand why this is so, because the description of the category is – Wife swapping, swingers, cheating wives and other related adult fiction. I don’t get what is unclear about that, and yet the scores are terrible even from people who concede that it was well written.

As a result of that I turned off the scoring earlier today because I just don’t see the point, and to be honest this was the story I was least certain of, and all these negative comments did annoy me a bit, or rather undermine my confidence in my story.

So I was quite pleased to find someone had left me a very positive comment to balance things up:

PulpNonFiction wrote: 

This was a dramatic, well-written, erotic piece of flash fiction. It has a certain universality for cuckolds or men who fantasize about it. It kicks us right in the gut with the principle question: “Should I tell her about my fantasies? Or, just keep them to myself?”

Every man with cuckold tendencies is eventually faced with the dilemma. “If I tell her, I might lose her. If I don´t, I will be sexually frustrated the rest of my life.” Most cuckolds, in past relationships, have lost a woman they truly loved when the shared their fantasy. The majority of women will just walk, right there. Other men don´t share their fantasy and just get their jollies from porn and Literotica. Either way, this question is of utmost importance, and your piece brought it to the foreground.

Again, your story was extremely well structured, well narrated and well-paced. Actually, writing a short piece requires a much higher skill level that writing a more rambling story. As to whether this story belongs here or not; in my mind it certainly does. That is because the couple is in a relationship and even considering marriage, they are going through a crisis, and it may or may not end.

Also, your description of drunk Ellie cock teasing him and then face sitting him was extremely well done. The element of surprise was there, as were humor and sadness in her slurred words as she fed him another man´s cum. I can only imagine the tidal wave of conflicting emotions that Ellie experienced as she went out, got laid by a stranger, and then came back to fulfill her man´s or, possibly ex-man´s, fantasy. The final scene dramatically left the door wide open to many options. I look forward to further installments.

Welcome to the Loving Wives forum! We need good writers like you here. At different times in my life I have written professionally and I can tell you have got what it takes. This story, and the “Penny” story that you recently posted, were both quite innovative and very welcome additions to this forum. Pushing us into new unchartered territory is not a bad thing. Thanks!

I have one more (cuckold) story which is on the verge of being completed and I will post it soon, but I won’t be posting it in the ‘Loving Wives’ as the ‘Fetish’ category will probably provide a much less judgemental audience! I know I said in the past that the negative comments didn’t bother me, but for some reason they have today. Maybe because it’s so hot here and I’m a bit fed up in general and I think the difference is that before that they were so over the top that they were actually funny, whereas this time they just seem mean-spirited.

Commenting on the Comments…

My recent post on Literotica, the story ‘Slutty Penny’ (which Mistress R loved by the way), has garnered a ridiculous number of comments. In the 24 hours since it was added to the site it has received 49 comments, which makes it my second most commented on story (at least since I changed names in 2011 anyway).

I thought I’d highlight a few of them here.

Anonymous said: Just some abusive husband and a slut, nothing remotely interesting or erotic here.

Anonymous said: 1* – Stupid shit.

Anonymous said: 1* – I agree it’s garbage.

JJ said: Unlike the other Anon’s I thought this was great, she needed to understand he doesn’t take her fucking around with others. Apart from the fact he didn’t get the phone and relieve her of the burden of waiting for the toyboy to ring I thought his reaction to the potential cheating was nipped firmly in the bud.4*

Anonymous said: This borders on non-con or stupidity. I’m not sure which, but either way it wad definitely over-the-top abuse of the wife.There was nothing sexy or erotic about this mess. He treats his wife like a dog. You think that’s interesting. Many women would have called the police and reported him. And the dialogue felt like a horny teenager wrote it. 1*

Twenty Seven said: Appalling. This is a story about someone too cowardly to take on the man harassing his wife but perfectly prepared to beat her up at considerable length. Furthermore it perpetuates the corrosive myth that women like to be treated this way. 

This story was posted in the ‘Loving Wives’ section of Literotica, which may or may not have been the wrong section, but it’s interesting to note that the only two stories of mine which are sitting at sub 4.00 / 5.00 were posted in this section. On the one hand, for some reason you get lots and lots of views (24,500 in 24 hours) but the vitriol and abusive comments are to be expected. It’s almost as though people read stories looking to be outraged… like the ones who commented on ‘Everything has a Price’ – but who were so appalled by it, they were still reading and commenting on chapter 12…

Some people just love to troll I suppose.

Truth be told most of the other comments are just bitching and infighting between various commenters who obviously treat this as a hobby. But at least there was one supportive comment.

The only one that annoyed me a little bit was the one that said my dialogue sounded like it was written by a horny teenager. I don’t consider myself a great writer, but in terms of the standards of Literotica I’d like to think I’m above average (there are some SHITTY writers on Literotica), so that annoyed me a little. But then I’m not going to lose any sleep over it either.

Speaking of sleep, that’s something that’s been in short supply here the last couple of days. We’ve had a very hot spell, by UK standards anyway. Yesterday it was 31C which is very unusual here, anything over 26C in the UK is HOT, we Brits do not do hot weather well at all.

Consequently Mistress R and I have been laying around grizzling about the heat and generally being irritated by it. Today it was a bit cooler (although were I work it was about 29C, whereas at home it was 25C) and there was a nice breeze. So Mistress and I took advantage of this brief respite and Mistress had a lovely orgasm on my tongue.

Unfortunately I felt suddenly quite ill afterwards, perhaps a combination of lack of sleep, being hot all day and the heat of having my face pressed between Mistress’s gorgeous thighs, which rather put a damper on things as far as teasing was concerned.

And tomorrow looks likely to be back to insanely hot buggering levels of hotness again, so will be a complete write-off no doubt. Fortunately, after that it’s supposed to settle down to more normal levels of heat, I really bloody hope so.

I have another story to post soon, I just need to tweak it a little more I think. It has some similarities to ‘A Parting Gift?’ (which is still not up on Literotica yet), but I think it’s quite a bit better, and certainly contains more ‘sex’ than that story did.

I’m quite pleased, because I said I wanted to write at least four stories this year, and having got to May not having written any, I’ve since written four (plus transcribed and reworked an old story) so if nothing else I’ve achieved my aim, which is great.

Also, Mistress did a good bit of work on the Male Chastity letter last night, and we will certainly be putting that together in the near future. I think she’s done a good letter, but it’s missing some things that I think need saying. I’m thinking maybe the letter could be in the format of me introducing the idea and then passing over to her to get over the woman’s point of view. We’ll see…