Seeking Clarification…

Mistress and I have just got out of bed, her completely satisfied and me still denied and waiting. I really thought Mistress was going to let me cum today for some reason, but it was not to be. I will let you into a little secret… I was all ready to cum on her feet if she allowed me to, but afterwards, having not being allowed to I thought I would take the opportunity to seek some clarification on the ‘rules’ of the voucher.

It says I can choose wear to cum, but obviously there are limits on that. Mistress has never allowed my cock inside her ass, so that’s a non-starter… and as I surmised, since I’m not allowed to initiate or ask for penetration (and haven’t been for over six years now) I can only choose to cum inside her if she has allowed me inside her during the session that results in me getting to use my voucher. In other words, if Mistress hasn’t already initiated penetration then I can’t (that’s how I understood it anyway – Mistress actually said only if I’m already inside her, but she’s unlikely to ask me while I’m inside her, though I guess if I get close while I’m inside her then… dammit, now I’m not at all sure what that meant!).

I assume cumming on her face isn’t allowed either (not that I particularly want to), but interestingly I asked if I could ask to cum in her mouth and she said ‘Yes’, although she quickly followed that up with ‘but I might not let you, so have a back-up plan ready in case…’

Interesting. At least I can ASK! 🙂

A Question from a Reader…

Pete said: I just wondered, I hope you don’t mind me asking this question. Wuold you let your Mistress piss on you or in your mouth? I have done this once and it made me feel very submissive

Hi Pete, thanks for visiting my blog and taking time to ask your question, we always appreciate questions!

First of all, let me say, that Mistress would most probably find the idea of this pretty gross, so it’s a moot point, because she would never want to. Then again I suppose you could argue that she never thought she’d want to control my orgasms… but, still… I sincerely doubt it.

That said, and in answer to your question, it’s not something I’ve ever been that bothered about, it doesn’t disgust me in the slightest, but nor is it something I desperately want to do. I think it’s something that I can only see being erotic in a D/s situation, in and of itself I think it would be pretty ‘Meh!’, but say if Mistress became a lot more dominant and wanted to do it, I wouldn’t object.

I think, like a lot of things, once you’ve done it once and got over the mental hurdle it would become almost normal. Like eating your own cum for example… strangely I think I’d much rather she pissed in my mouth than on me. I’m not sure why, I guess I’m very orally fixated, I love licking her pussy and ass, I love to taste her body… so it sort of makes sense to me.

Whenever this subject comes up I always think about this small part of a story I read once, I haven’t read the story as a whole for a long time, but I probably will now. It’s called ‘She Expects that I Obey Her’ and it’s by an author called ‘wants2bsub’ you can read it on Literotica HERE

This excerpt is taken from chapter three, and I don’t know, there’s just something about this bit that struck me. It’s worn off a bit now, but the first few times I read this it had a distinct effect on my cock!

I hand Jenny a towel and stand waiting for her instructions. She looks down at my boxers and reminds me that this is not the uniform she had prescribed. I go back to the closet and remove the boxers. I then reached into my dresser to pull out a stainless steel and leather cock ring. I fasten it around the base of my cock and balls. This is to be the only thing I wear tonight.

I go back into the bathroom and see Jenny sitting on the toilet to urinate. I grab her some squares of toilet paper and stand waiting for her to finish. She looks at me, takes the toilet paper, and throws it on the ground in front of me.

“I think we are beyond this.” She stands with her legs spread slightly. For the first time ever she has me lick clean the urine that was left on her pussy. “Next time, I’ll just piss right in your mouth,” she says as she lifts herself away from me and walks to the sink. “You’d like that wouldn’t you?”

I nodded. It was undeniable that I would like that. I liked everything that she was doing to humiliate me. The rapid acceleration of my submission to her was something that I had started out trying to fight, but I quickly surrendered and was becoming more and more the deeply submissive, obedient husband she demanded.

Voucher Dilemma…

As I mentioned the other day, Mistress gave me one of her vouchers recently which means that ‘if’ she allows me to cum before the end of June (I’m assuming she will, but you never know) then I can choose where I get to cum.

Long time readers will be aware of these vouchers as I’ve had a few over the years. I don’t have any details of my choices, but I’ve definitely chosen to cum on Mistress’s beautiful feet more than a couple of times. I’m pretty sure at it’s root it’s a submissive thing, it’s not entirely unusual in Femdom/Cuckold stories or videos for the husbands ‘reward’ for licking his wife’s pussy clean to be to cum on her feet and lick them clean too.

Sure Mistress’s feet are gorgeous, but so are her breasts and other parts of her body, so there must be some reason why I am always drawn to cumming on her feet. It is always my default position, and it just depends whether I manage to persuade myself to change my mind before Mistress decides to let me cum.

I don’t know, there’s something about kneeling in front of your Mistress with her feet right in front of you, stroking your cock and knowing you are about to cum all over her feet and lick them clean. It gives you an intense and particular feeling of submissiveness that you don’t really get any other way. Perhaps because you know it’s something ‘normal’ people don’t do, ‘normal’ people probably cum on their wife’s breasts or ass, maybe even their pussy or legs, but not their feet (okay maybe they don’t lick them clean, but…).

The only thing about cumming on Mistress’s feet is that it’s kind of awkward for her to do it, so it tends to be that I have to jerk myself off, which I don’t mind except that when I start to cum I tend to slow down or stop stroking too quick because it’s so intense and sometimes that can make it almost like a ruined orgasm. This is pretty much what happened last time when I was allowed to cum on Mistress’s gorgeous ass, but again it’s a bit hard for her to do it… but then again, the fact that I am having to do it myself definitely does add to the ‘submissive’ side of it.

And the time before that I think it was, I was chose to jerk off over Mistress’s beautiful pussy, that was pretty awesome – it was a huge load as well and to see it dripping down Mistress’s sexy pink lips was so hot… I kind of wanted to spatter her inner thighs at the same time (Mistress’s thighs are so sexy, I absolutely adore them) but that didn’t really work out too well. I would absolutely want to try that again.

I was slightly confused last time I had a voucher because just before I used it Mistress was stroking my cock and running through the possible options for me, and one of the options she suggested was to cum inside her. This confused me, because as I understood it I’m not allowed to ask for or initiate penetration, so I couldn’t really ask to cum inside her… could I?

Part of me would really love to cum inside her and then lick her pussy clean, but the thing with that is I know it will happen sooner or later, so it seems a bit of a waste to use a voucher on it, much as I would like to.

So it’s a bit of a dilemma to say the least, on the one hand I really want to cum on Mistress’s feet, but at the same time I want that really intense release that you only really get when someone else is in control and who keeps pumping your cock hard as you cum.

Actually the thought occurred to me last night when Mistress was teasing my cock that I would really, really love to cum while we were kissing. I can’t remember the last time that happened, or indeed if it ever has… how odd. I really, really love kissing Mistress when she’s stroking my cock, especially like last night when my cock was like rock, soooo good! 🙂

Oh well, I guess I don’t have too long to wait to see if I get to cum before the end of June, maybe it will happen this weekend?

More ‘LW’ Crap and then a Very Positive Comment!

‘A Parting Gift?’ hit Literotica today and predictably the reaction was mostly negative – again this is the risk you take posting in the ‘Loving Wives’ category. I don’t really understand why this is so, because the description of the category is – Wife swapping, swingers, cheating wives and other related adult fiction. I don’t get what is unclear about that, and yet the scores are terrible even from people who concede that it was well written.

As a result of that I turned off the scoring earlier today because I just don’t see the point, and to be honest this was the story I was least certain of, and all these negative comments did annoy me a bit, or rather undermine my confidence in my story.

So I was quite pleased to find someone had left me a very positive comment to balance things up:

PulpNonFiction wrote: 

This was a dramatic, well-written, erotic piece of flash fiction. It has a certain universality for cuckolds or men who fantasize about it. It kicks us right in the gut with the principle question: “Should I tell her about my fantasies? Or, just keep them to myself?”

Every man with cuckold tendencies is eventually faced with the dilemma. “If I tell her, I might lose her. If I don´t, I will be sexually frustrated the rest of my life.” Most cuckolds, in past relationships, have lost a woman they truly loved when the shared their fantasy. The majority of women will just walk, right there. Other men don´t share their fantasy and just get their jollies from porn and Literotica. Either way, this question is of utmost importance, and your piece brought it to the foreground.

Again, your story was extremely well structured, well narrated and well-paced. Actually, writing a short piece requires a much higher skill level that writing a more rambling story. As to whether this story belongs here or not; in my mind it certainly does. That is because the couple is in a relationship and even considering marriage, they are going through a crisis, and it may or may not end.

Also, your description of drunk Ellie cock teasing him and then face sitting him was extremely well done. The element of surprise was there, as were humor and sadness in her slurred words as she fed him another man´s cum. I can only imagine the tidal wave of conflicting emotions that Ellie experienced as she went out, got laid by a stranger, and then came back to fulfill her man´s or, possibly ex-man´s, fantasy. The final scene dramatically left the door wide open to many options. I look forward to further installments.

Welcome to the Loving Wives forum! We need good writers like you here. At different times in my life I have written professionally and I can tell you have got what it takes. This story, and the “Penny” story that you recently posted, were both quite innovative and very welcome additions to this forum. Pushing us into new unchartered territory is not a bad thing. Thanks!

I have one more (cuckold) story which is on the verge of being completed and I will post it soon, but I won’t be posting it in the ‘Loving Wives’ as the ‘Fetish’ category will probably provide a much less judgemental audience! I know I said in the past that the negative comments didn’t bother me, but for some reason they have today. Maybe because it’s so hot here and I’m a bit fed up in general and I think the difference is that before that they were so over the top that they were actually funny, whereas this time they just seem mean-spirited.

Commenting on the Comments…

My recent post on Literotica, the story ‘Slutty Penny’ (which Mistress R loved by the way), has garnered a ridiculous number of comments. In the 24 hours since it was added to the site it has received 49 comments, which makes it my second most commented on story (at least since I changed names in 2011 anyway).

I thought I’d highlight a few of them here.

Anonymous said: Just some abusive husband and a slut, nothing remotely interesting or erotic here.

Anonymous said: 1* – Stupid shit.

Anonymous said: 1* – I agree it’s garbage.

JJ said: Unlike the other Anon’s I thought this was great, she needed to understand he doesn’t take her fucking around with others. Apart from the fact he didn’t get the phone and relieve her of the burden of waiting for the toyboy to ring I thought his reaction to the potential cheating was nipped firmly in the bud.4*

Anonymous said: This borders on non-con or stupidity. I’m not sure which, but either way it wad definitely over-the-top abuse of the wife.There was nothing sexy or erotic about this mess. He treats his wife like a dog. You think that’s interesting. Many women would have called the police and reported him. And the dialogue felt like a horny teenager wrote it. 1*

Twenty Seven said: Appalling. This is a story about someone too cowardly to take on the man harassing his wife but perfectly prepared to beat her up at considerable length. Furthermore it perpetuates the corrosive myth that women like to be treated this way. 

This story was posted in the ‘Loving Wives’ section of Literotica, which may or may not have been the wrong section, but it’s interesting to note that the only two stories of mine which are sitting at sub 4.00 / 5.00 were posted in this section. On the one hand, for some reason you get lots and lots of views (24,500 in 24 hours) but the vitriol and abusive comments are to be expected. It’s almost as though people read stories looking to be outraged… like the ones who commented on ‘Everything has a Price’ – but who were so appalled by it, they were still reading and commenting on chapter 12…

Some people just love to troll I suppose.

Truth be told most of the other comments are just bitching and infighting between various commenters who obviously treat this as a hobby. But at least there was one supportive comment.

The only one that annoyed me a little bit was the one that said my dialogue sounded like it was written by a horny teenager. I don’t consider myself a great writer, but in terms of the standards of Literotica I’d like to think I’m above average (there are some SHITTY writers on Literotica), so that annoyed me a little. But then I’m not going to lose any sleep over it either.

Speaking of sleep, that’s something that’s been in short supply here the last couple of days. We’ve had a very hot spell, by UK standards anyway. Yesterday it was 31C which is very unusual here, anything over 26C in the UK is HOT, we Brits do not do hot weather well at all.

Consequently Mistress R and I have been laying around grizzling about the heat and generally being irritated by it. Today it was a bit cooler (although were I work it was about 29C, whereas at home it was 25C) and there was a nice breeze. So Mistress and I took advantage of this brief respite and Mistress had a lovely orgasm on my tongue.

Unfortunately I felt suddenly quite ill afterwards, perhaps a combination of lack of sleep, being hot all day and the heat of having my face pressed between Mistress’s gorgeous thighs, which rather put a damper on things as far as teasing was concerned.

And tomorrow looks likely to be back to insanely hot buggering levels of hotness again, so will be a complete write-off no doubt. Fortunately, after that it’s supposed to settle down to more normal levels of heat, I really bloody hope so.

I have another story to post soon, I just need to tweak it a little more I think. It has some similarities to ‘A Parting Gift?’ (which is still not up on Literotica yet), but I think it’s quite a bit better, and certainly contains more ‘sex’ than that story did.

I’m quite pleased, because I said I wanted to write at least four stories this year, and having got to May not having written any, I’ve since written four (plus transcribed and reworked an old story) so if nothing else I’ve achieved my aim, which is great.

Also, Mistress did a good bit of work on the Male Chastity letter last night, and we will certainly be putting that together in the near future. I think she’s done a good letter, but it’s missing some things that I think need saying. I’m thinking maybe the letter could be in the format of me introducing the idea and then passing over to her to get over the woman’s point of view. We’ll see…

A Veritable Shitstorm!

My story ‘Slutty Penny’ has been posted to Literotica and in six hours has been read 12,500 times. It’s also generated 22 comments… as is expected with that kind of story on Literotica, it’s a veritable shitstorm of hazing and infighting between commenters. It’s all rather pathetic, but I guess people need to have their fun.

The score is a pretty dismal 3.05 / 5.00 at the moment, which I find rather disappointing, but there’s a long way to go. I wrote another story last night and ‘A Parting Gift’ should hit Literotica soon as well, no doubt they’ll love that one as well… God knows what they’re going to make of the one I wrote last night.

If you’d like to read ‘Slutty Penny’ and or vote for it, please click HERE

Answering a Couple of Comments…

I seem to be posting (and writing) like a maniac at the moment, which is great! And I’m happy to see some lovely comments, some of which I thought I’d answer here…

Kahuna commented on ‘A Parting Gift?’: Wow you are right back on track with your stories Robert. I do hope there is a follow up so we know what happens between Sam and Ellie. You have certainly set this up for future scenarios….

Hi Kahuna, and thank you for your comment. I’m glad you enjoyed the latest story. It’s been an idea that’s been kicking around for a few weeks now. At one point I did extend it with a twist, but ultimately decided it wasn’t right and reverted back to the original format. As usual with my stories I agree it reads like the start of a series, but this one really is intended as a short, one-off piece – with a deliberately inconclusive ending. Sorry…

Kahuna commented on ‘Julia’s Cuckolding Journey’: This story is amazing and in my opinion your best since the equally excellent Girls Talk. I always love how you set the characters up and build tension. (Indeed it built tension in me until I was bursting). I am always a fan of cum eating (which I love to do) and chastity and cuckolding just add the extra element of excitement. I for one would love to be trapped and frustrated in a metal chastity cage and watch my wife in unbridled passion with her lover. I do hope you find the encouragement to follow up with a second chapter as I would love to see how far Julia drives Michael’s submission and journey into cuckolding. Keep up the great work.

Well Kahuna, I’m glad you enjoyed this story, I also think it is one of my best, in fact I liked it so much that there’s good news and bad news… I’m guessing you didn’t see this story when it was originally posted, with the title ‘Colette’s Cuckolding Journey’? Well, shortly after I posted it I realised that this could be the story I’ve been waiting for, one that I could extend into a full length novel and possibly publish ‘properly’ in book form through a publisher, or failing that as an e-book.

Admittedly I have no experience with doing either of these things, and it remains to see what will happen in the end. But that is the plan and so to save problems down the line I haven’t posted this to Literotica and I changed the names so that I can use the original names in the proper version. Of course it may end up that it doesn’t work out, in which case it will end up on here and on Literotica, but I feel like I ought to try one time to do something ‘bigger’.

The upshot of that of course is that you are unlikely to read any more of this story for some while yet, but the good news is that hopefully, there will be a lot more to come, just not anytime soon.

However, I still have lots of other ideas that are waiting for my attention and I’ve also been looking through my old stories and some of them are positively crying out for more chapters, the most obvious being ‘Girls Talk’, which is my best story so far, although I think ‘Colette’s Cuckolding Journey’ has the potential to be even better…

A lot of my ‘cuckolding’ story ideas will probably be collapsed into the big project, so the stories I post in the next few months will probably be on different topics, but we’ll see, I may decide to use some stories as test beds for ‘big project’ ideas.

As always, thanks for visiting my blog and taking the time to leave a comment, they are always appreciated. 🙂

Quick thoughts…

Mistress enjoyed reading my story this afternoon (well she didn’t actually get to read all of it), and after she came she got my cock nice and hard and stroked me hard before allowing me to lick her asshole…. Mmmm, wonderful. I’m very pleased to say my cock continues to get very hard and stay hard, I don’t know if it is entirely down to the weight loss / better eating, but it can’t hurt and any motivation to keep going is welcome!

Mistress R has also had some thoughts about the ‘Male Chastity’ letter, one of the things we brought up was would it be better if it was written as if it was from Mistress R and not me, since it might be better coming from another woman who was preaching the benefits of ‘MC’ rather than another man, I think that could well be the case.

Chastity Letter – Please Read and Leave Feedback.


Hello …………………………..

My name is Rob, and if you’ve been given this letter then the chances are that what I’m about to tell you may come as a bit of a surprise.

But first, I’d just like to say, I have literally nothing to gain (personally) from this except perhaps the eternal gratitude of your partner. I’m saying partner because I don’t know anything about your relationship, I don’t know anything about you and in all honesty I don’t really know anything about your partner either.

But if he’s printed this letter and given it to you then I know two things.

1) He reads my blog.
2) He wants to make you happy and your relationship stronger.

Now the first thing I would say is, please don’t go looking for my blog or asking your partner to show it to you. In fact please do not drop this letter half way though and rush off to Google looking for answers, I know that’s what we all do these days, but please, trust me, this is a terrible, terrible idea. When it comes to what I’m about to tell you, the internet is so full of nonsense that the chances of you getting anything like the truth are a million to one against.

Oh and before I go on, I should perhaps say that I’m not writing this alone. I’m doing most of the writing here, but I will be collaborating with my wife (who for the purposes of this letter we shall call Miss R – it’s far too complicated to explain that right now, maybe we can come back to that at a later date). The reason why I will be collaborating with her, is because just over six years ago I had a very difficult conversation with her, a conversation that your partner desperately wants to have with you.

Knowing what I went through that night I’m not surprised your partner is worried to talk to you and open his soul to you, but it was the best thing I ever did and despite her initial reluctance and confusion, Miss R wouldn’t swap what we have now for the way we used to live for the first seventeen years of our marriage.

So what exactly are we talking about here?

Well, would you like a more attentive partner?

A partner who puts your pleasure first?

A partner whose focus is on ensuring that you are happy and satisfied?

Maybe even a partner who would selflessly give you pleasure without ‘expecting’ the same in return?

Does this sound good so far? There must be a catch right… well, no. There’s no catch, but that doesn’t mean it’s going to be simple. Nothing worth having is easy, right? So yes it’s going to take a bit of work from both of you, the good news is that hopefully if your partner has gone to the trouble of printing this letter out, then he’s in the right frame of mind to make this work for both of you.

Now let’s talk about your partner a little bit. If he’s printed this letter and given it to you the chances are he’s been thinking about this for a while, maybe a long while, maybe it’s even something he’s thought about for years but never dared tell you. So, if you read this letter and come to the conclusion that this is absolutely not for you, then please consider your partner’s feelings. Right now he is probably absolutely terrified of what you are going to say to him when you’ve finished reading this letter, and if nothing else I think you should credit him with tremendous balls for taking the risk he has to share this with you.

Okay, enough of the waffle. Thank you for reading this far, and please try and keep an open mind. I know it will sound bizarre at first and go completely against everything you think you know, but honestly, if you can get past the initial strangeness you will reap the benefits and have a stronger marriage with a deeply devoted husband who puts you first sexually.

Okay, so what would you say if I told you that in the last six years my wife has orgasmed over 700 separate times, while I have orgasmed only about 100 times? It’s okay, do the maths, she orgasms somewhere between twice and three times a week on average, whereas I orgasm about once every three weeks… we practice what is called ‘Male Chastity’.

Now again I cannot stress this strongly enough, but please DO NOT search the internet. It will distort the truth and will lead you into making all sorts of assumptions that are completely incorrect and flat out fantastical. Male Chastity does not mean anything other than that your partner wants to give control of his pleasure to you. It doesn’t mean he has to do anything else, there’s no requirement to buy any equipment or products. He just wants you to decide when he is allowed to orgasm.

Now I know that sounds ridiculous, but again, please think about how stressed your partner is right now, knowing that you are reading this. He wants this, he must do or you wouldn’t be reading this, and if you can see past how odd this sounds and embrace it, you will be the richer for it, I promise you. There will be struggles and setbacks along the way, and you have to take it at your own pace. It may be that you try it and then leave it, and then try it again, until you are comfortable with it, but remember this is about you and giving you control. If your partner wants this to work, and he clearly does, then he needs to work at your pace – and this is perhaps the first ground rule you need to establish.

So, let’s talk about what ‘Male Chastity’ is, and perhaps what it isn’t… especially if you’ve ignored my advice and Googled it.

Male Chastity does not mean that he doesn’t want to have sex with you. On the contrary, he wants to have more sex with you, but with the focus on your pleasure.

Male Chastity does not mean that he doesn’t want to have penetrative sex with you. But for reasons which will become clear, the chances are your sex life will probably become less ‘penetration’ based, but as a result probably better than it ever was before – because, and forgive me for saying this again, but it will be based around pleasing you.

A huge side-effect (and bonus for you) is that as the frequency of orgasms diminish for the male, so the pleasure he gets from your orgasms increase. Your pleasure becomes his ‘focus’ and his ‘goal’. Alongside that you will find that he will become more loving and indeed there is a scientific reason for this. Orgasm in the male promotes the manufacture of testosterone in the body, and causes him to lose interest in you. It’s not his fault it’s genetic, but deny his orgasm and you keep him wanting you. There’s a lot more scientific data about this that you might wish to look into eventually but for now, please let’s just take my word for it (I really want you to resist Googling anything to do with Male Chastity).

And here’s something else to know, male pleasure is not derived from orgasm itself, but the seconds leading up to it. You know how some women can experience multiple orgasms? Well guys can’t do that because once they’ve orgasmed they enter the refractory period. But if you take a guy close to orgasm, very very close… but stop just short, he will experience 95% of the pleasure he would have got from being taken all the way over. And you can do this again and again, because he won’t be in the refractory period.

Isn’t that cruel though? Teasing him and denying him?

Here’s the thing. You and every other woman in the world have been taught that male pleasure = male orgasm. It’s what you know and it makes sense, and what I’m telling you makes no sense, right? And yet, your partner feels so strongly about this that he’s printed off a letter written by someone he’s never met from a website just so he can go through the stress of having you read it and hopefully give it a chance. So what does that tell you?

I will tell you this, being teased and denied is absolutely fantastic. Maybe it’s a deep rooted thing from our teenage years, I for one had the sort of girlfriend who left me hanging regularly, and maybe that sowed the seeds. Think back to your own teenage years, there must have been times when you know your boyfriend went home horny and desperate, some guys see it negatively and label girls ‘prick-teasers’, but some guys love the frustration, the ‘ache’ and it just makes them want you all the more, and that can’t be bad – right?

There’s only so much I can tell you here, and I don’t want to swamp you, I’m sure you’re already feeling confused and overwhelmed. Just know your partner truly wants this and if you embrace it there’s a good chance you’ll look back on this letter as the start of something wonderful. It may well be that in a few years time you’ll look back and thank your lucky stars that your partner loved you and trusted you enough to give you this letter, but remember – please don’t go looking on the internet for Male Chastity, you’ll be doing yourself a huge disservice.

Instead, communicate with your partner. Let him guide you. No one is going to print this letter on a whim, so he’s obviously well aware of what he needs to show and tell you, even if it might be difficult for him to say it outright. Perhaps you could make it easier for him, by asking him to write down his thoughts and letting you read it at your leisure. But most importantly, make it about you.

When my wife agreed to 24/7 Male Chastity, she told me that in return she wouldn’t allow me to initiate penetrative sex. I had no idea why she said that at the time, but that rule still stands today. That’s not to say we don’t have penetrative sex, because we do… but when we do it’s because she decides she wants me inside her and that’s the difference. That doesn’t mean you have to do the same, but it does show you in a small way just how you can make your sex life better for you.

And trust me, if your partner has printed this letter and given it to you, he wants this to work and he will agree to pretty much anything that makes you happy.

But don’t rush into this, I suggest you read this letter a few times over the next few days and let your thoughts settle. Tell him you’ve read it and you’re thinking about it, don’t talk about it now, I’ve already told him to expect to have to wait a while. Just let it sit and think how your sex life and marriage could be better, I promise you when you’re ready to talk he will be very receptive.

Thank you for reading this letter, and for considering your partner’s wishes. I sincerely hope that this letter will be the start of something great for your relationship, but please remember there will be times when it’s difficult, when it doesn’t go to plan. You will need to learn some new skills, and unlearn some things you think you’ve always known. But in the long run, it will be worth it. I promise you.

Robert Anthony (with Miss R)