It Ain’t About the Dick!

The other day I found a piece on Literotica by ‘The Austin Dom’ which was quite interesting, the author presented it as ‘things I wished I’d known as a young man’ but even if you’re older it’s still worth reading.

Here’s a brief taster

Every guy points to his JohnThomas and figures women will swoon. That his dick is the center of the universe and all he has to do is whip it out and holy fuck, the girls will go mad. That ain’t how it works. 

Most women can get along just fine without your dick. In fact, most women can have better orgasms without you even in the room. Sure, keeping a hardon long enough for them to ride it till they’re fulfilled, or sore or bored is nice. But there are a thousand ways to make a woman have a fantastic orgasm that have nothing to do with your dick. 

Can we see a show of hands of all you women that only want a guy to stick his dick in you and hot damn, that’s the center of the universe. Any takers? 

Get over it guys. It’s an elective, not a required class. Hell, you can probably give a woman more pleasure with two fingers than with your cock. Even if you’re hung like a fucking horse, two fingers can probably take most women further than a massive meatstick. And from what I’ve seen in life, a big cock can mean more pain than pleasure for a lot of women. Personally, I’m a big guy and I’ve got a good sized cock. I’ve had relationships where my dick was just too big for her so I learned a lot of workarounds. You have a million choices here guys. Use them. 

Not Something You See Everyday!

Honesty being the best policy, this post hasn’t got anything to do with chastity or Femdom so I won’t be offended if you want to skip it… (though I think it’s quite funny).

Okay, a couple of nights ago Mistress and I watched a film called ‘The Neon Demon’, well, actually Mistress watched half of it and then decided she’d seen enough and went upstairs. Fair enough, the first half is pretty slow and it’s one of those films that could easily be irritating if you don’t get on with it, in the same way that a lot of people find David Lynch films unbearable nonsense and some people think they are masterpieces of cinema (I fall into the latter category by the way, and Mistress likes them too actually).

I don’t want to give away any spoilers, so I’ll avoid talking about the film in detail as much as possible, but basically it follows a young model who arrives in LA and quickly becomes feted as the next big thing. She lives in a shit-hole motel (run by a convincingly scary Keanu Reeves) and the film focuses on her transformation from innocent to arrogant and the way other people in the model world react and interact with her.

It’s willfully weird, shocking and bloody, and definitely deserves it’s 18 certificate if only for one particular scene in the second half, which will either turn your stomach or possibly make you laugh because it’s so over the top and offensive beyond belief. Not least because it seems to be extraneous to the story arc and seems to have been shoehorned in solely for it’s shock value. I am (of course) talking about the lesbian necrophilia scene.

No really.

Make-up artist Ruby (played by Jena Malone) takes the main character ‘Jessie’ (Elle Fanning) under her wing, and after her advances are spurned and while working her ‘other’ job in the morgue… she takes out her sexual frustrations (let’s say) on the body of a young woman (Cody Cameron) while fantasizing about the aforementioned Jesse.

Now, I work with a woman who is a bit nuts, and who I know watches the most despicable ‘torture porn’ horror films. She’s always telling me about films she’s watched where people are getting their feet nailed to the floor and their arms cut off and stuff, and along with my friend that I work with, we thought it would be funny to see her reaction to this scene.

So we found it on youtube and queued it up, and it went something like this… all at maximum volume and drama because she knows no other way to express herself.

Oh my God, what is this… is she going to… she’s not going to shag her is she?

Ruby pulls the sheet of the body to reveal the naked corpse and then starts touching her pussy*.


Ruby spits into the corpses open mouth and then starts kissing her passionately.

Oh God she just spat in her mouth!

Ruby then gets on top of the corpse and kisses her even more while fantasizing about Jesse, clearly masturbating as she does so.

Bloody hell that’s disgusting!!!

The scene finishes with Ruby trailing spit from her chin to the corpse.

Oh that’s terrible… I’ve got to see the rest of that, where can I get it???

And, because I know the first thing you’re going to do now is go looking for this scene, here it is… in all its depraved glory!

I have to say, I think Jena Malone deserves plaudits for this scene, she really goes for it and it must have been a hard one to do… mind you it can’t be easy playing the corpse either!

*This clip seems to be edited slightly differently, maybe for a different market?

Eleven in Twenty Two…

I’m very happy to say that Mistress came again tonight, which means she’s cum eleven times in twenty-two days… that’s a very hard statistic to check, but I’m sure that hasn’t happened very often at all. Mistress is now on 747 orgasms since April 2011, it’s funny to think that when I started this blog I made sure to set up the orgasm page with four numbers, because it was clear that even though it was going to take a few years, eventually Mistress would reach the 1000’s… I’m not sure it was necessary to do the same with mine though, at the current rate (assuming this goes on indefinitely) it would take me about 74 years to get to 1000 orgasms. Well, that’s not going to happen is it, not least because I don’t really intend to live until I’m 121!

What is more interesting (not to mention plausible) is at what point might the ruined orgasms overtake the real ones? At the moment it’s 113 vs 27, but this year has been the first where potentially I could end up with more ruined than real ones.. and after that who knows, maybe the real ones will diminish even further?

Part of me hopes so, crazy as it sounds…

One disappointing reality though is that it’s been over a year since I got to cum on Mistress’s gorgeous feet and lick them clean, that is so depressing and hard to believe actually, but it’s there in black and white – June 2016 was the last time. Still I had a couple of chances and I chose other places to cum, the first time I came all over her gorgeous pussy (which was a first and totally awesome) and the second time I came on her beautiful breasts.

Well I guess when you have limited chances to cum, and even less chances to choose where to cum, it’s going to take a long time for those chances to cum around again. But I would really, really love to taste my cum from her wonderful, sexy feet again… we can but hope I suppose! I guess in a way the waiting makes it more special – isn’t that the mantra of the chaste man after all?

I’m also happy to say that after Mistress had her orgasm she teased my cock wonderfully, although I wasn’t taking any chances and decided to slip the cock ring on just in case. Mistress took me to the edge and delivered some lovely slaps to my cock and balls, which makes me feel a bit better after the other night… but it’s hard not to rue such a missed opportunity or to forget how incredible Mistress looked lying back on the bed in front of me, teasing her pussy with her fingers….. because she looked absolutely gorgeous.

Not to mention of course, my disappointment that Mistress wanted me inside of her and I couldn’t give her what she wanted… that stings the most if I’m honest, much more than my disappointment for myself. I mean I know Mistress doesn’t get as much pleasure from my cock as she does from my tongue, that much is obvious, but I still want to give her everything she wants whenever she wants it, so this did upset me a bit…

Damn you stupid cock, I hope Mistress gives you a damn good thrashing come the next Femdom session, it’s no more than you deserve!!!

In my post the other day I mentioned how for me Mistress’s satisfaction is of utmost importance to me, and it truly is. It’s hard to put into words how much pleasure I get out of making her cum, all I can really say is there is nothing better. Of course I love being teased and I love being allowed to cum and lick it up and all that… and of course I love our Femdom sessions, worshipping Mistress’s gorgeous feet, having her sit on my face and fuck me in the ass with the strap-on, the pegs, the whips and paddles, all of those are wonderful of course… and nothing, but nothing makes me harder than worshipping Mistress’s gorgeous ass.

But if I had to choose between making Mistress cum and any kind of pleasure for myself, I know which I would choose. I just love it, and I really love it when she’s finished cumming and she’s lying back looking completely satisfied, with her eyes closed and her mouth just a little open, her chest gently rising and falling as she breathes… she looks sooooo beautiful then. Just phenomenal.

I must admit one of the things which drew me to chastity in the first place was an article I read in Forum magazine (sadly missed) which espoused the benefits of putting the emphasis on the woman’s pleasure and focusing the male on that. One of the people interviewed in the article was getting on a bit and he was quite realistic about the fact that he knew his ability to have ‘vanilla’ sex was diminishing with age and he said chastity was a way to prolong their sex life and keep his wife satisfied. I hope we’re all still keeping our wives satisfied when we’re old and decrepit, wouldn’t it be wonderful to be old and grey and celebrating Mistress’s 5000th orgasm since chastity began? 🙂

Mistress read my posts last night, notably the one about me winning tease of the month on Milovana. I heard her clicking through the tease and I can’t help but wonder what she made of it… she said I’d never mentioned making them before, which I probably haven’t seeing as I can’t see it being of much interest to her. But I have definitely posted about when I have published new teases on here, so it’s not like I was being secretive or anything…

To be honest I hadn’t made one for a long, long time and my prime motivation for that one was to use it as a promotional tool for the blog (I put the blog address on the last page), which worked incredibly well bringing in 3,100 views on one single day (the current record for the blog). Before that I had kind of decided to retire from writing teases and I don’t know if I’ll ever bother to do another one either, but you never know. It might be worth doing them now and again just to spread the word about my blog. Which is kind of how I approach tumblr as well… that’s how the modern world is after all, promotion, promotion, promotion!

Apologies if you’ve read this more than once and noticed the changes, I don’t think I’ve ever re-edited a post so many times… or invested so much time in writing 1000 words!

VIP Room – Quick Update.

Perhaps ‘The VIP Room’ is okay after all, it’s quickly gone from 1 / 5 to nearly 4 / 5 in a matter of hours, not to mention several people have added it to their favourite story collections. I must admit I am a little surprised, because it’s perhaps a bit of a slow burner… and it’s quite short for me. Still, at least someone likes it, which is the main thing.

OMG I Actually Won Something!

I’ve just noticed I won the best tease of the month for June on the Milovana site! I can’t help thinking it was luck to be honest since, the other entries weren’t up to the usual standard and the tease that won is far from the best one I’ve done, but still. a victory is a victory and I’ll take it!

It was a pretty comprehensive victory at that! 🙂

You can view my winning tease HERE

You Win Some You Lose Some…

Tonight was a definite up and down affair, on the upside Mistress had another epic orgasm with my finger just tickling her asshole until she started to cum. It was amazing and wonderful and I felt so happy to feel her cum so incredibly hard…

Again, afterwards I felt so ridiculously hot, I don’t know what the fuck is the matter with me, I’ve been like this for ages now. It really isn’t that hot and yet I seem to get so overheated so easily. I have had a cold these last two weeks but even so…

I probably should have asked Mistress to tease me another day, because I should have known it probably wouldn’t go so well, but then I’ve been so hard lately that I’ve come to expect it now, so I thought it would probably be fine.

Sadly that wasn’t the case tonight, despite Mistress’s best efforts. She lay down beside me and started touching her pussy, she told me she wanted me inside her and that I should stroke my cock and get it hard for her. If I’d have been thinking straight I should right then have asked if I could put the cock ring on, but I wasn’t thinking straight of course, I got up on my knees so I could get a better look at what Mistress was doing and it was awesome to see her lying there touching herself, I loved every second of it and she looked absolutely stunning.

But my cock was just not playing, it got sort of 80% there, but not hard enough. Mistress took over and it seemed to pick up a bit but then it started to flag as I seemed to get hotter and hotter… eventually I suggested putting on the cock ring but we both knew the moment had passed.

It’s kind of hard to take when it’s so long (actually it’s only been seven weeks) since Mistress has wanted me on top and inside her, and the worst thing is that I know this is going to play on my mind now and it will probably mean using the cock ring again until I can build up my confidence again.

It always seems like these things happen at the most inopportune times, I’m sure if Mistress ever decided to let me take her ass the same thing would probably happen. I just hate the fact that Mistress was being so engaging and it didn’t work out, I really don’t want her to think that I wasn’t into what she was doing because I really, really was…!

I guess I should look on the bright side and think about how hard Mistress came, it really was absolutely wonderful to feel her cum so hard, and you know, I wasn’t going to use that little trick again tonight… but I’m glad I did. 🙂 After all, her pleasure is the most important thing to me (IT REALLY 100% IS) and she was super happy with me there. 🙂

And you know, I’ve been here before, I’ll no doubt be here again, and it will be okay. But it’s hard when it’s not hard enough, if you see what I mean…

Amazingly, Mistress is up to ten orgasms this month already… which is more than she’s had most months in the last year. I really hope we can continue this on for the rest of the month and at least get her up to 13 or 14.

A New Story for You…

I’ve just posted a story to Literotica that I’m not going to post here, mainly because it’s got nothing to do with Femdom/Chastity or Cuckolding etc…

I wrote it pretty much in one go last Sunday, it took me about 2-3 hours I think, and I haven’t looked at it all week. I tweaked a few things today, but it’s pretty much as I wrote it. It’s a bit of an odd one, I’ve posted it in the ‘Anal’ category because I don’t really know where to put it.

It’s about a girl who gets to meet her idol (singer) at a gig and cheats on her fiance with him while she’s alone in the VIP area.

Yes, really… I’m not sure about it either to be honest, but since I’ve spent time on it I might as well post it. Someone will like it. After all, even when I spend ages on something that I personally think is my absolute best I still get people slamming it, so whatever… run it up the flag pole and see who salutes it I guess! 🙂

You can read this story now by visiting my dedicated erotic fiction blog

Let me know what you think…

A Spectacular Evening!

Tonight Mistress had a really spectacular orgasm, and boy did I reap the benefits of that! 🙂

I can’t remember where I read it, I think it may have been in ‘She Comes First’ (a very good book about the art of cunilingus) but it seems there is a collection of nerve endings at the base of the pussy (kind of like a South Pole clitoris) which is overlooked by most but seems to reward attention.

I’ve noticed since I’ve started teasing Mistress this way she’s generally been very responsive and the other night I allowed my fingers to move a little further South and to tease the skin between her pussy and ass. Mistress really seemed to like it and it reminded me how a long time ago I used to tease her ass with my finger when I was going down on her. I didn’t want to push it too far, so I just stuck with that…

Tonight I did the same thing but it was clear Mistress was really loving it and I decided to go a little further and ended up very gently just teasing Mistress’s asshole while I licked her clit. Well, to say it went well would be an understatement. Mistress had a pretty amazing orgasm and by the time she was done coming I was already getting hard just from being part of it. 🙂

Usually Mistress lets me lick her pussy a little after she’s cum and then I kiss her feet while she lays back and relaxes a bit. I only got to kiss her feet for a few seconds before she scooted down the bed and had me lick her pussy again, and she was so wet…

The next thing she said was music to a man’s ears…. well, this man’s ears anyway.

“I want you to lick my ass.”

She got up and told me to lie on my back and then she grabbed my cock and started stroking it while she stood over me teasing me with the sight of her gorgeous ass. She still made me beg for it, but I didn’t mind, I’m always happy to beg to lick her asshole.

I probably got to lick her ass longer tonight than I ever have at one time, and I still wanted more. God knows how I managed to hold back, Mistress stroked me hard and fast and slapped my balls pretty hard too… it was utterly fantastic! When she finally edged me I begged to be allowed to worship her sexy ass one more time and she planted herself on my face once more, it was so awesome… it really was! 🙂

I hope some of you followed the link to read the thread I posted about yesterday… it really is a brilliant account and well worth a read. I’m thinking I might ask the guy if he would mind if I collated all the posts into one piece and posted it here, because it’s so worth it. We’ll see.

Some Essential Reading…

So as I said yesterday I’ve signed up to the forums at (and I see Collared Michael has too!), obviously being new I’m going through the various threads and seeing what’s what. Well I came across this one thread that I think you guys are absolutely going to love reading, it’s by a guy who’s wife spins him through some games which are absolutely brilliant.

For example, for every day he spends in the cage he banks 1 stroke. When he thinks he has enough strokes (say 20) he can cash it in and he gets to slide his cock into his wife 20 times to see if he can cum. But wait, actually first she flips a coin to see if he gets 20 strokes or 20 lashes with a flogger. Genius!

Even when he does get his twenty strokes, she twists it to make it harder for him..

This thread is full of brilliant ideas like that and I thoroughly recommend you read it, even if you don’t want to sign up (you can view threads without committing to anything).

I feel like I shouldn’t have shared this since I could have just stolen the idea for future stories. That would have been a bit cheeky, but it will certainly inspire me to think of some games of my own. 🙂

Eleven to One and Climbing…?

Another orgasm for Mistress last night making eight this month already, which means we should be well into double figures by the end of the month, possibly even a new record? Well maybe, not… that would require another seven orgasms before the end of the month (the current record is 14, which was set in May 2013), which isn’t impossible but I would suggest it is unlikely.

At this current moment, Mistress is standing at 44 in this chastity year, versus 4 real orgasms for me, which means that the ratio has now gone up from 10:1 to 11:1. Of course, one real orgasm for me will knock that down massively, so I’m enjoying it while it lasts. But I think it’s indicative of a possible future trend. Mistress seems to be much happier about ruining my orgasms these days and I must admit I love being kept horny that way, and it’s a good way to satisfy my cum cravings without allowing me an orgasm. Maybe if Mistress could start letting me ruin on her feet, or something, that would be good…

I particularly liked her ideas voiced in the last session, about rubbing her feet in my cum or feeding it to me from her glass dildo. 🙂

I’ve signed up to the forum at, there’s a sticky at the top of the page saying the forum was going to close last year but it’s still there. It’s fairly quiet, but the people that are there seem to have their heads screwed on right and there’s some good stories on the site (truth and fiction).

Why not join me there?