The Things That Go on in My Head…

Working for a small business can be a good thing, but when there’s a very small number of you and one is on holiday then it can be a bit hectic, especially if business goes mad just at the wrong time. Such is life, I suppose… and so I find myself spending eight hours a day driving a van instead of sitting at my desk doing ‘important things’…

I used to be a van driver, way back, and I love being able to listen to music all day, but since my back operation my feet do not enjoy such long periods in the car and so of course by the time I’m getting home my feet are pretty numb. Which didn’t bode well for tonight’s funtime, since if my feet are numb then chances are I won’t have the best levels of sensation where I need it the most (my cock!).

However, it turned out awesome!

First off Mistress had an amazing orgasm (she literally said that, she said – it’s always good but that was amazing), so that made me feel pretty damn good (and her obviously!), and then though we had the customary slow start, my cock eventually ended up positively throbbing hard.

Funnily enough I started taking my new supply of l’arginine today. I’ve been taking 2x 250mg a day for a long time, but I found it much cheaper at Holland and Barrett and ended up buying the 1000mg tablets instead, so it’s now only one (huge) tablet to swallow, but it still works out about half the price.

If these tablets are responsible for my throbbing stalk tonight then I’m fucking impressed! Surely it can’t work that quick can it? Probably not… but I shall be interested to see how things progress.

Mistress didn’t let me cum but she edged me and gave my balls some incredible slaps. I really love it when they kind of thud into you, rather than being passing blows… if I wasn’t so turned on I’m sure they would hurt, but when you’re really hard it feels awesome.

As Mistress was teasing me a little scenario popped into my head – which I’m not going to spill here – which didn’t hurt either, I could maybe work it into a story… it’s quite ‘extreme’ I suppose, it’s one of those things you’d never really do and in a way it’s hard to understand why it turns me on, but just imagining Mistress saying the words in my head… so fucking hot! 🙂

My head is a fucked up place sometimes, but I like it…

Welcome to All my New Readers…

Hopefully some of the people who came here looking for the map for my webtease ‘House of Edging: Stella Cox’ are looking around and visiting my blog now… so welcome if you are one of my new readers, I hope you enjoy my content. You’ll find links to stories, captions, videos, webteases and Mistress R’s gallery on the tabs above, and please leave a comment if you have the inclination.

Just a brief recap for any new readers, I’ve been under Mistress R’s control 24/7 since April 2011 when I asked her to make my chastity permanent. Since that time I have been allowed to cum 116 times (which is about once every 6-7 weeks) while she has cum 774 times (which is about once every three days), all these (bar one) orgasms were via my tongue, which I absolutely adore using on my Mistress.

We try and have one ‘Femdom Session’ a month, albeit there are times when this has gone a bit off track… so far this year we have had six, the last of which was at the end of August. You can find all my posts about our sessions by clicking on the menu in the right side-bar or following this link

Mistress and I are feeling very sleepy today, we seem to be sleeping much better of late but still feeling tired – which is a bit annoying! Still… we went for a walk this afternoon, which was rather chilly and then just a little while ago we went off to bed.

Mistress was very wet and tasted absolutely gorgeous as always, and with so much luscious pussy juice flowing it was really easy to tease her asshole while I licked her closer and closer to the edge. 🙂

Mistress had a lovely orgasm on my tongue and then teased my (slightly reluctant) cock wonderfully, by the end I was lovely and hard and Mistress graciously allowed me to worship her ass again while she stroked my cock. It’s been a month since I was last allowed to cum properly and while I would love to cum on Mistress’s gorgeous breasts (or anywhere really) I’m also more than happy to be left frustrated and horny…

I felt so content and dozy after Mistress came I could quite happily have gone to sleep, I definitely think an earlier night wouldn’t go amiss tonight!

Wife’s New Game (by Woodpecker)

Some months ago I visited the forum and happened upon a series of posts by an author called ‘Woodpecker’ in the ‘True Stories’ section. I thought they were pretty brilliant and PM’d ‘Woodpecker’ to ask if he’d mind if I collated all the posts and posted them on my forum.

That was about three months ago, and I don’t think I’ve been back since. But today I got a message back from ‘Woodpecker’ saying that I could do what I like with his posts, so here I will share the entire thing. It’s a fantastic read and I thoroughly recommend it!

The original thread can be found HERE


WIFE’S NEW GAME by Woodpecker 

For my wife and I, the Christmas and New Year holiday season is extremely busy. The two weeks leading up to Christmas see us with very few opportunities to “connect”. We both have jobs that require us to attend a myriad of holiday parties, together and separate, and then we also have two small children. Over the years, it’s become kind of a tradition that on Christmas Eve, once the children are down for bed, we open a couple of bottles of wine, work on making the magic happen for the next morning, and then get our chance to hook up and make love before we have another week of busy leading to the New Year. Then, we drop the kids off at grandma’s to spend the night, and usually blow off all that steam at a friends’ gathering to celebrate the New Year, and once we get home, a little tipsy and relaxed, hook up again to properly ring in the New Year.

This year, my wife decided to throw me a curve ball. Everything was normal on Christmas Eve, with the bottles of wine down, the presents under the tree, and we made our way into the bedroom. We took our time, relishing the moment’s respite in the middle of the season, and enjoying the pleasures we hadn’t been able to engage in for a couple of weeks at that point. My wife came first, thoroughly enjoying the work of my tongue on her clit, and then I slid into her and almost immediately found myself at the edge. That was when she whispered, “Don’t cum,” in my ear.

Those are magic words in our relationship, and they mean that I’m then on restriction, and will not be allowed to orgasm until she gives me permission. I was actually happy to hear those words. It’d been a couple of months since we’d been able to play like that, and starting the new year under those rules had me excited. I didn’t realize she’d be setting some different rules.

The rest of the week leading to New Year’s was fairly normal, with a slightly heightened awareness for me as I walked around a little extra horny. I couldn’t help but wonder if she had something special in mind for our usual coupling on New Year’s Eve after our party, but I totally didn’t expect what she actually did.

It was the normal collection of friends at the party. Our friend who hosts the party that we always go to has a large house, and shortly after midnight, after all of the hugs and handshakes, my wife quietly drew me aside, and down a hallway toward a back part of the house, and a bathroom removed from the main area.

She locked us into the bathroom, and started making out with me, grinding her hips into mine as I squeezed and rubbed her butt. After a couple of minutes of this, she turned away, and bent over, opening the cabinet beneath the sink. From way in the back, wrapped in a towel, she produced my cock cage, totally surprising me.

“Put this on now,” she commanded, and as I lowered my pants and tried to think unsexy thoughts to kill my erection, she turned to the mirror to adjust and repair her makeup.
It only took me a few minutes as I wasn’t really that worked up at that point, and when I presented her with the hasp of the lock, she clicked it shut and kissed me again.

“Here are the rules,” she started. “For every day you spend in the cage, you get one ‘stroke’ in your bank. Any time you want, you can ask me to trade in your bank. You can’t trade in part of your bank, it’s all or nothing every time. When you ask, I’ll flip a coin. Heads, I take off the cage, and you get your strokes in and out of my pussy. Tails, and the cage stays on, and the strokes will be flogger strokes to your ass. If you have twenty strokes coming to you in my pussy, and you cum in ten, you can’t put ten back in the bank. Understand?”

I let a long sigh escape me, and then whispered, “Yes.”

“Good. Also, I might decide to take the cage off sometimes to tease you. You do not have permission to cum when you’re not trading in strokes. But when you are, cum as you please. Understand?”

Again, whispered, “Yes.”

“Awesome. This is going to be fun. Now, I’m horny, so I want you to lick me to an orgasm before we go back to the party.” She turned to lean on the counter, lifted her skirt and pushed her panties down, presenting me with her ass. “Get on your knees, and start with my asshole.”

I dropped to my knees quickly, my cock swelling to throb and fill the cage as I started gently licking her asshole and probing it slightly with my tongue. It was only minutes before she was grinding her pussy against my face and then shaking through a muffled orgasm.

When she had put herself back together, she gave me a peck on the lips, and said, “You better wash me off your face before you come back to the party…”

She left me in the bathroom, and I did just that, before I rejoined the party. We ended up staying later than usual, and there was no additional play time that evening when we got home.

It was ten days before I broke down and asked. My wife had pulled the cage off three times to tease me for a few minutes before putting it back on, and she’d availed herself of my tongue, and my fingers more than that even. Finally, I came to her on Jan 11th, and asked to cash in my bank.

“Ten strokes, right? Okay, go in the bedroom and get naked.”

I did as instructed, and she was just a moment before joining me, bearing a quarter, which she immediately flipped into the air and onto the bed beside me. I looked, and my heart skipped a beat when I saw heads. I knew I wouldn’t need ten strokes at this point.

She smiled, and started moving around the bed, pulling out the straps that we kept between the mattresses, and restraining me at four points. Then she slowly stripped off her clothing beside the bed until she was down to just the key on a necklace dangling between her breasts.

She crawled onto the bed and laid on top of me, kissing me as she ground her pussy into my caged cock, pausing to move up a little and let me kiss and suck on her nipples, and then back to making out. She kept this up for what seemed like forever, before she finally started sliding down my body until she could lick my caged cock, torturing me as I throbbed.

Finally, she lifted the key and slid it into the lock. She pulled the cage off my cock, and I immediately got fully hard. She slid back up my body, and now my raging hard on rubbed against her pussy as she started kissing me again, feeding me her nipples, kissing and sucking on my nipples, but not letting me in yet.

Again, it seemed to go on forever, and then she started sliding up me, all the way, until her pussy was over my face.

“I think you need to lick me until I’m nice and sloppy wet so you can thoroughly enjoy your ten strokes,” she said. She lowered her pussy until I could just lick around the lips, letting me stretch for more for a minute before she pulled away a little, and then back again, teasing me with her pussy just centimeters from my tongue, teasing herself. Slowly, she allowed me to lick more and more, until finally she was fully grinding into my mouth, and definitely getting very aroused herself.

She was dripping wet when she pulled away, slid down my body, and slowly slid her pussy onto my cock. She moved agonizingly slow as she slid all the way down my cock, ground in a slow circle at the bottom, and then slowly pulled herself all the way off until my cock was bobbing in the air again. It was torture, just almost enough, but not quite.

“One,” she whispered, and then slid onto me again, and again, super slow all the way down, a couple of slow circular grindings at the bottom, and super slow all the way off again. “Two.”

I was almost whimpering. She slid up my body again, this time not hesitating to crush her pussy into my face. Her own panting with arousal was just making this even more agonizing for me. I could tell she was almost about to cum when she pulled her pussy away again, slid down my body, and on to my cock again.

This time was faster, all the way down, and all the way off. “Three,” she whispered again. “Does it feel good?”

“Oh my god, yes.”

“Are you going to cum?”

“Oh, please, please go faster…”

She slid her pussy on to my cock again, and slammed down to the bottom, ground her clit against me a few times, and then pulled herself quickly off.

I was straining against the bonds, almost there, by cock throbbing and my hips thrusting around to get back inside.

She slid far out of reach, and back up to my face again, but this time, she kept her pussy out of reach of my tongue, pressing her asshole against my mouth, and I licked and pushed frantically.

“I’m going to cum before we get to ten if I’m not careful,” she said, “so you should lick my asshole for a couple of minutes. Calm us both down a little.”

There was nothing about licking her asshole that was going to calm me down, and even more so when she was straddling my face as I was restrained.

If she’d done one more slow stroke, I probably would’ve cum, but she didn’t. Strokes five through nine were fast, on and then right back off, and after each one, she moved back up to my face, either letting me lick her pussy, keeping her near the edge of her orgasm, or licking her asshole when she was too close.

Finally, she slid down my body, captured my cock in her pussy, and slid down to the bottom. She stayed there, not moving, and then whispered in my ear, “You didn’t really think I’d let you cum after only ten days, did you?”

I groaned as I tried to thrust into her, but she matched my movements so I just couldn’t get enough. Then she pulled off me, and moved back up to grind her pussy into my face until she had a powerful orgasm.

She laid down beside me for a few minutes before releasing me from my bonds, and ordering me to put the cage back on. It took longer than normal, but eventually, I was back in the cage, with nothing left in the bank.

I waited another fifteen agonizing days. My wife had numerous orgasms, and took four more opportunities to torture me by pulling the cage off and edging me out of my mind. Finally, I approached her and asked to trade in my bank.

She smiled, and sent me into the bedroom again, telling me to get naked. She came in with a quarter again, and flipped it onto the bed.


She had me lean over the side of the bed, and stroked my ass with the flogger fifteen times, and then she laid down and made me lick her to an orgasm. And then as she got up to get dressed, she kind of giggled at my obvious struggle.

Now I’m sitting with fourteen more in the bank today, thinking I’ll trade in fifteen tomorrow night, praying I get heads. I’m so worked up at this point that I’m pretty sure there’s nothing she could do to keep me from cumming, but she is pretty creative.

What’s totally amazing to me is that she came up with this idea on her own, and she’s executing it perfectly. I was worried at first that it’d just be days on end in the cage with no attention, but she’s been really attentive, although I think that’s part of the game. She’s trying to get me so worked up I can’t wait long enough to get anything in the bank, and it’s definitely getting harder to wait the further we go.

The other night, after the kids were in bed, we sat on the couch and shared a bottle of wine. After an hour or so of conversation, my wife asked me point blank, “So … you’re at fifteen again, right? Are you going to trade them in tonight?”

“I’m thinking I’d rather hold out for twenty this time.”

She slid closer to me on the couch and started rubbing the cage through my pants. “Awww, are you sure? Wouldn’t it feel awesome to bury that cock in my pussy and cum.”

I could barely breathe. I was so tempted, but I held out, and turned it down.

“Well,” she said, “I’m horny. I thought for sure you’d be turning in your bank tonight so I’ve been thinking about it all day. Let’s go fool around.”

A few minutes later, we were naked under the covers in our bedroom, except for the cage on my cock, and the key on her necklace. Up to this point, she’s either been taking the cage off to edge me, or I’ve been using my tongue, fingers, or toys to get her off.

But this night was different. I think we really needed to connect like ‘normal.’ Our vanilla sexual encounters follow a sort of pattern. Fingers playing while we make out and I’m sucking her nipples, then some oral play for both of us, and then penetration, followed by orgasms for both of us however it happens. This night, we followed that same pattern, just with me locked in the cage. While we made out, my fingers played with her pussy getting her warmed up, but her fingers just basically ignored the fact that the cage was there, stroking the exposed portions of my cock or balls. I went down on her for a few minutes, and then she went down on me, spending more attention to my balls than normal, but otherwise, just like a non-caged and denied evening. Then, she asked me for the sheath (a surrogate enhancer that I can wear over the cage), and we made love like a normal evening. When we were done, we cuddled and fell asleep.

I love those encounters. When she just acts like the cage is part of me and not to be considered at all.

I’m definitely going to trade my bank on twenty, though, so I’ll have something to add in three more days or so. If I get heads, I’m loving this game. If I get tails, I might lose my mind. And that’s weird … I’ve had longer stints in the cage. I guess there’s something about choosing my own release date (but maybe not) that has made this more intense.

My wife has sent me three text messages at work, so far, today (it’s lunchtime). The first was confusing, as it wasn’t English, but google translate provided “twenty”, and my cock swelled in my cage. Each subsequent text translated out to the same word, and now the simple buzz of my silenced phone on my desk is eliciting a swelling in the cage.

And the knowledge that she’s thinking about it all day is keeping me aching.

Tails. Argh.

As my wife delivered the flogger blows, she paused after every couple to gently play with my balls to make sure I was throbbing in the cage just as much as possible.

She also spent the time telling me that she was getting the impression that taking the cage off every couple or three days to edge and tease me seemed to be having the wrong effect. She’s decided that I’ll be more motivated to turn in my bank more often if she leaves me locked up without relief for longer stretches.

When the twentieth stroke was delivered, she made me kneel on the floor beside the bed and worship her feet, and then legs, slowly, for a long time, until I’d worked my way up to her pussy, where she had me lick her to an orgasm.

I’m aching. And back to zero.

Last night, after the kids were in bed, my wife approached me in the kitchen, giving me a hug, a sensual kiss, and rubbed her hips into my caged cock.

“Ten in your bank, right?” she asked, and I confirmed yes. “You should trade those in tonight.”

“I’m trying to hold out for twenty.”

She was kissing my neck and still pressing her hips into me as she said, “But I want to feel your hard cock inside me. It’s been so long and I miss it.”

I took a deep breath and let it out, one third sigh, one third silent scream, and one third whimper. “Honey, you’re in charge. You can take me out of the cage and do anything you want anytime you want.”

She gave me pouty face. “I don’t want to break the rules. I want you to trade in your bank.”

“I want to try for twenty.”

A twinge of anger entered the pouty look. “Fine.” She stared at me for a minute, minus the affection. Then she said, “Come with me.”

She led us into the bedroom, and immediately pulled off her shirt. I’m a lucky man that after fifteen years, the sight of my wife’s breasts in a bra still has the effect on me that they do, and then you can add the key dangling on the necklace between them.

“Get naked,” she ordered as she continued stripping off clothing. Moments later we were both bare, with just the cage on my cock, and its key between her breasts. She came to me and embraced me again, then said, “Nipple clamps.”

I turned to my nightstand and pulled open the ‘fun’ drawer, turning back around holding the chain that ended in a pair of clamps. Seconds later, she had them on me, and then started kissing me again, pressing herself into me as she did, making the clamps hurt a little more.

Finally, she pulled away. “Start me a bubble bath.”

Reluctantly, I broke our embrace and moved into our master bathroom. We have a huge garden tub that my wife loves to relax in, but it takes about forty-five minutes to fill. As I started the water and added the bubble bath, my mind raced with the possibilities of what my wife intended to do with that time.

When I returned to the bedroom, the bed had two large beach towels over the comforter, with my naked wife laying face down on them, holding a bottle of massage oil. I took the bottle, now understanding that I wouldn’t be getting the cage off tonight.

I stood beside the bed, rubbing the oil all over her, doing my best to give her a real, relaxing massage. After a little while, she told me to straddle her hips. As I did so, she spread her legs slightly, and told me to point my cage down. “Put the tip of it in my lips.”

Another scream/whimper/sigh as I did that, and then she closed her legs tight, her thighs encasing the cage. As I started rubbing her back again, I could suddenly feel her fingers just under the tip of the cage, working her clit slowly. My nipples screaming in the clamps, my cock throbbing in the cage, just able to feel the hot, wet pussy lips encasing the tip, with her fingers moving, her breathing getting faster and deeper … I was going crazy. She took her time, but eventually, I felt her shaking beneath me as her hips were pressing up and back, and then her fingers stopped. She let me rub her back a little longer before telling me to go check on the bath.

Reluctantly, I lifted myself off of her, and the bath was ready. When I came back to the bedroom, she was sitting up on the edge of the bed, looking content and relaxed. When I approached her, she wrapped the chain between the clamps around a finger, and quickly jerked them off my nipples. I reacted with a little more than a flinch, to say the least, and she offered, “Next time, give me what I want. Now go get in the bath. You need to wash this oil off of me.”

She sat between my legs in the tub, my caged cock nestled in her butt cheeks, as I washed her body, and then we just layed in the bath together for a while after that.

I don’t think I’m going to make it to twenty.

The kids were down, and my wife and I had been watching television for an hour or so, normal quiet evening in our house. I got up and went to our master bathroom to pee, and as I was coming back through the bedroom, headed back to the living room couch for what I assumed would be the rest of the evening just relaxing in front of the television, my wife met me in the bedroom. She stopped me, hugging me close, and started kissing me.

Just pecks at first, but she quickly turned it more passionate, and suddenly we were standing there at the foot of the bed making out. I was squeezing her butt, she pinched my nipple through my t-shirt, and then she pulled my shirt off. We kept kissing, and her hands made their way down to my pants, and started working them down over my hips as they squeezed my butt.

I pulled her shirt off, and she pushed my pants down, and then I helped her with her pants, until finally we were standing there naked, making out, caressing each other, and my cock was absolutely throbbing in my cage. The key hung right between her breasts, and when we pressed together, I could feel it against my chest.

We moved together onto the bed, and laid down, embracing and continuing to make out. As I was squeezing her ass, I was letting my fingers drift down between her legs to gently rub her pussy lips, and she was responding with sighs and more passion. Her own fingers began to play with my balls very gently.

“Fourteen, huh?”

“Yes,” I replied with a deep sigh.

“And you’re still holding out for more, though, right?”

“I’m trying.” It was almost a whimper.

“And you’ve been in the cage a lot longer than fourteen days, haven’t you?”


“Well, I think it’s time for a little break from the cage.” She slid slowly down my body, kissing my torso along the way, stopping to suck on one of my nipples as her fingers kept gingerly caressing my balls. She took a couple of minutes to lick and suck on my balls, before she raised up and put the key up to the lock. A minute later, she pulled the cage off of me, and my cock immediately engorged to full.

She slid back up to kiss me again. “Does that feel better?” she asked, and I could only moan in assent. Her fingers weren’t near my cock anymore, focusing on just my nipples as she kept kissing me.

After a few more minutes of this, she slid up my body until she was kneeling over my face, her pussy hovering inches away from my mouth. I stretched my neck up to start licking, but she pushed on my forehead. “No,” she said, “I’m in control. Don’t move your head.”

Both of my arms were trapped under her knees as she slowly lowered her pussy to my eager waiting tongue. I licked gently along her lips, just starting to open in anticipation, and she pulled away quickly, before bringing it back into reach.

She teased herself slowly, barely letting me lick at first, and then giving me more and more, for longer and longer. I don’t know exactly how long, but it was probably close to thirty minutes that she used to build up to grinding on my face and bringing herself so close to orgasm. During that entire time, she did not touch my cock a single time, for even a second, and yet it never wavered.

I was surprised when she rolled off of me to lay beside me on the bed without having an orgasm. She came to rest laying face down. “I want you inside me,” she said, “but if you come, our game is over and I’ll lock you in that cage for the next three months or more.”

“Yes, my goddess,” I replied, and moved over her to enter her from behind.

I hadn’t been inside my wife in almost two months, and she was dripping wet as I slid slowly into her, that feeling alone almost enough to get me to the edge. Once I was completely inside, she rolled us over onto our sides, my arms wrapped around her.

“Don’t move at all,” she said. “Don’t thrust, don’t grind, don’t move. Just hold me.”

I laid as still as I could. My cock was rock hard, throbbing, and incredibly grateful to be feeling the full encompassing connection of being inside her. One of her hands was between her legs, and I could feel it gently playing with her clit.

Slowly, seemingly forever and yet so short a time, she brought herself to an orgasm, her pussy pulsing around my cock and bringing me that much closer to the edge. As she came down, her breathing slowly returning to a normal pace, she lay there, not saying anything, not kicking me out of the place I wanted to be so bad, and I just held her for a while longer.

Finally, she said, “Good boy. Put the cage back on now.”

I slowly slid out of her, and rolled away to find the cage, focusing on getting my cock to subside a bit so I could hope to get the cage on. “You did a really good job of following my instructions, and not getting carried away. As a reward, I’m going to give you an extra one for your bank.”

After a few minutes, I had the cage on and I rolled toward her so she could close the hasp on the lock. As she clicked it shut, she said, “But you just used that extra one to slide in and out of me, so really you’re still at fourteen.”

I got heads. I got heads. I got heads. I got heads.!

I was already naked, hands on the bed where the coin landed in front of me, my butt ready for the flogger. My mind immediately swam with anticipation, my cock swelled in the cage. Twenty strokes, but not with the flogger.

My wife was smiling too. “Alright .. turn around, kneel on the floor, and grab your elbows behind your back.” I did, and she walked behind me, out of my view, and I knew not to turn around to look. She opened a drawer, and then I heard her crawling across the bed and sitting down behind me.

“So, when I thought up this game,” she started, and I felt rope start to be wound around my arms, “I really expected it to be over by now. I figured you’d be turning it in every five or ten days, I don’t think I expected so many long runs, and then to get tails two times in a row too…”

She tied a firm knot and my arms were locked together.

“Well,” she pulled a blindfold over my eyes, “When I thought this up, that first idea for messing with you .. just giving you your strokes too slowly .. that was my only idea, and then I was just going to let you cum. But I’ve had a long time to think about this now .. two months! .. and I’ve come up with another idea to mess with you.”

I felt earbuds being gently pushed into my ears. “So, I’m sorry about this first part, but I don’t think it’ll last long..”

I had no idea what she was talking about, and then there was a voice in my ears. It took a few seconds, but soon I recognized it as one of my wife’s recorded lectures from her medical training. I wanted to scream. I’m completely squeamish about medical stuff; I can make myself literally pass out just thinking about needles. This was a completely unfair way to give me my twenty strokes. It was only a minute, probably less, and I could feel my cock was so shrunken that the cage could probably have fallen off.

Then I felt her opening the lock, and slowly pulling off the cage. I was so mad, so … betrayed. This was totally outside of the realm of anything we’d ever played at. This was all supposed to be fun. Then I felt her pull my balls through a ring, and then my cock got pulled through too.
Then I felt her my balls through another ring, and then something I couldn’t define. It was weird, and I still had this damn lecture going in my ears that was seriously killing my mood.

She pulled the earbuds out, and then pulled the blindfold off, casting them aside. “I really am sorry about that, but I needed a soft cock, and we’re way too far along for that.” She giggled at the end of the sentence.

She started stripping, right in front of me, nothing sexy, just quickly losing all her clothing while staring me in the eyes, and smiling devilishly. I hadn’t even looked down to see what she’d done to my cock. Once she was naked, she turned around, and looking over her shoulder, backed her ass right up to my face.

“I know you love to lick my ass, but you should really focus on my pussy right now.” She bent further over, and I stretched a little to comply, my tongue probing into her lips to find her clit. “We might not have much time.”

I had no idea what that meant, but my cock was throbbing hard, and I was licking my wife’s pussy, on my knees, tied up .. I didn’t care.

Throbbing. Throbbing a little too much now. Maybe aching more than it should when it’s out of the cage. What was that? I kept licking, but questions were starting to surface with a small pain in my cock. My wife was pretty wet by now, but I kept licking, and she started making noises, and grinding back a little, and I forgot about the ache in my cock for a few more seconds.

When my wife pulled away, it rushed back, not missing anything for the time my mind spent away. I looked down, and realized she’d put the small cock ring on, the too small cock ring. The one and a half inch ring on me was just too small. My wife and I had figured long ago that I had about ten minutes before it might start doing damage, and I didn’t enjoy nine of those minutes.

My wife got on her hands and knees in front of me, and backed up slowly, taking my cock in one of her hands to guide me into her. Oh. My. God. It felt so amazing.

“One,” she said, as she slid off. “Now fuck me nineteen more times.”

Something akin to a cry of lust escaped my lips, and I started to thrust in and out. My wife was backing up into me with each thrust. It felt so amazing, but the cock ring was just too tight, and the pain was just a little too much. I felt like if I could thrust harder and faster, I could overcome it though, and why not. I had sixteen more thrusts left.

Somewhere around thrust six or seven, my wife let herself be pushed a little too far away, and I found out what the other ring around my balls was doing. It was tied off to the bed leg, and the extra rope wound through it meant my balls couldn’t get back out. I doubled over, both shock and real pain, and let out a moan, and my wife backed up with me, and then kept fucking me, still counting the strokes.

“Nine, ten, oh baby, ten strokes left, are you going to cum?”

I let out some new sound again, a cry of resolve, a firm assurance that yes, I was going to cum. I started thrusting again, careful to not go too far, getting faster and harder with confidence, and I was getting somewhere, getting close, and then my wife didn’t even pretend, she just pulled away. My excitement got me again, and I jerked hard against the ring again.

My wife’s ass followed as I pulled back, doubling over again, and she kept fucking me, and counting.

“Sixteen, seventeen…”

By nineteen, I was ready to cry, but started thrusting again. I didn’t follow her as she pulled away after saying twenty. My cock just throbbed painfully in cold air as she lowered herself to the ground, her hands underneath her, one rubbing her clit and the other playing with her pussy. I watched as she came a couple of minutes later.

I could’ve almost cried. It was so intense. I really didn’t know what to think.
She recovered quickly, and just as I’d taught her, she put her first fingers on the bottom of the ring pushing up, and her thumbs on either side of the vein on top of my cock, pushing down.

The relief was almost as intense as the pain, and maybe even the pleasure. My cock dropped quickly, and my wife worked quickly, getting the ring off my cock, before untying, and unwrapping the other ring, and pulling my balls out of both.

I fell over with my arms still tied. “Aww,” she sounded genuinely concerned, not playing. “Was that too much?” she whispered as she bent close to my ear.

I almost cried as I replied. “No … that’s just exactly the kind of thing I don’t know why I want. That was amazing, but I’m really in a lot of pain right at this moment.”

“Too hard on the balls?”

“Yes, maybe less of that next time, please.”

She’s really proud of herself for this one. She’s declared that the game is up on April 1st, three months being a good run. She told me that she hasn’t decided if she’ll let me cum before or even on that day. She’s staying focused on the idea of ‘pushing me.’

She told me that we might start a new game, and she has two ideas, but she isn’t sure. We might just drop into a ‘normal’ denial relationship.

So that leaves me with 25 days. Do I split them into 15 and 10? 10 and 15? What if tails comes up again? Although heads hasn’t offered any relief so far. Will she mess with me again if I get heads? Or will she let this game end?

I might be going a little crazy. She took me out of the cage last night and edged me with her hands about twenty times. She said that I deserved some pleasure without pain after my torment from the night before. Then the cage went back on and we cuddled to sleep.

I’m on fire.

I don’t think I want to have an orgasm now. There’s a popular chastity blogger out there that speaks of “craving the crave.” I think that’s where I’m at right now. I might even be hoping for tails until April. His take is more of craving the orgasm, but for me, it’s more of craving the intimacy and closeness.

I know my wife’s incredible creativity is awesome, and I cannot deny that it truly feeds that need I have for submissive head space … but …

It’s all the moments between that really get me. When I’m well sated because I’m having orgasms whenever I want, hugging my wife is a non-moment. Getting home from work, I’m interested in what’s for dinner and what’s on television, and I’m concerned about who’s doing their fair share of the housework. When I’m in this state of mind, I don’t want her to do any of the housework. I want to make dinner, do the dishes, and it doesn’t matter what’s on television, I just want to cuddle on the couch while we watch. And just simply hugging my wife is amazing. A moment to hold her close. She curled up with me the other night, me laying down, her head on my shoulder, one of her legs thrown over one of mine … absolutely nothing sexual, barely registered in the cage, because it was all in my heart. Just overwhelming peace, love and understanding (thank you, Elvis Costello), and I’m certain my heart rate, blood pressure, breathing, etc., all settled down.

I might wait to trade in all 25, hope for tails, or hope she has some way to keep me from having an orgasm (even a repeat of the first way from January 10th would be awesome), and find out what she has planned for me on April Fool’s Day. I hope it’s diabolical, and I hope it involves denying me an orgasm, and I hope she plans on taking me through another quarter of the year in complete suspense. Am I crazy?

My wife didn’t wait for us to be in the bedroom and naked before flipping the coin this time. She stood in the kitchen where I’d asked to trade my bank, flipped the coin, caught it, and flipped it over on her other hand. She paused before uncovering it.

“Excited?” she asked.
“Are you hoping for heads or tails?” She was smirking.
I took a deep breath. “I can’t decide.”
She chuckled in response.

She pulled her hand away, and there it was … heads. I could only wonder what she might have in store for me this time.

“Alright,” she said, “let’s get naked and get in bed…”

That sounded promising.

A few minutes later, she was crawling naked into one side of the bed, and I crawled in naked from the other. She held up the key immediately, and a moment later I was free, and we were sliding under the covers. I know my wife too well to be thinking that this was any indication.

We kissed for a few minutes, fingers roaming, and my cock was a raging, throbbing hard on. She was only giving it the lightest touched imaginable, and they were eliciting gasps.

“Make me wet,” she said, pushing my head down between her legs. I complied, of course, and spent probably ten minutes with my face buried in her pussy, following her instructions, ‘slower … harder … suck on my clit.’

Finally, she pulled me up to lay on her.

“I never said that when I’d give you your strokes, they would all be back to back. I’ll tell you when you can take each stroke, one at a time, all the way in and right back out. No lingering.”

I buried my face in her neck, and gave a small moan.

“One,” she whispered in my ear.

I slid in to a very wet, very hot, very receptive pussy, and it was amazing. I was totally reluctant to pull out at all, but I also didn’t want to lose nine strokes.

When I was completely out, my wife kissed me passionately for a couple of minutes before finally whispering, “Two.”

I did well, for the first five, but I could feel it building. Finally, when she said six, and I pushed slowly in, I knew I had just crossed the edge. I pulled out completely, and then thrust my hips forward, and a massive load of cum ran out of my cock, no spurt, no contraction, just a long steady stream like barely turning on a faucet, landing on my wife’s stomach.

My wife had the biggest grin, knowing she’d gotten it.

“Well, that’s definitely an orgasm. I guess this game is over now. I can’t believe you made it that far. Well, I have a new game for April 1st, but I need you really horny, not recently sated. Why don’t you put the cage back on and then clean me up. Maybe if I leave it on until April, you’ll be horny enough to play my next game.” — latter quote paraphrased from what my addled brain can remember.

My wife let me out of the cage the other night, but there’s really nothing to report on it. It was normal, wonderfully vanilla and intimate love making. I knew I wasn’t getting permission to orgasm, and I let it go.

Afterwards, she was laying on her side of the bed, sprawled out in post orgasmic bliss, and I was sitting on my side of the bed, putting the cage back on. I turned to her to close the hasp.

Her fingers were on it, but it was still open when she asked, “Do you still have that deck of dirty playing cards?”

That took some time to process. They were old. We’re talking maybe a decade at this point. We’d picked those up in a truck stop as a joke on one of our first long driving trips somewhere. We’d played a game of strip poker, and I don’t think we’d ever touched them again. But c’mon. Of course I’ve still got them. I’m a sentimental fool.

“Yes, I think I could find them…”

She pulled her hand away from the lock. “Right now? Please do.”

I left the bedroom, and headed into our garage, dug through some old boxes, looked through some plastic bins, and then some more old boxes. I hadn’t misplaced them … I had misplaced an entire box of old sex toys. Found it eventually though, in the attic. I think it was about forty-five minutes, wandering around the house with just the cage dangling, and the lock hanging open.

When I returned, she clicked the hasp shut as I stood there holding them out for her. “Do you want to check them to make sure all the cards are there?” I asked.

She took them from me, and dropped them into the bottom drawer of her nightstand. “Nope.”

No indication of what they might be for, and I’m sure that’s intentional. But there’s no way she asked for a decade old deck of dirty playing cards unless it’s got something to do with April 1st. Will my teases be based on what’s on the cards? Will my orgasm be a one in fourteen chance? Perhaps new lock up periods will be based on cards drawn?

I have to stop thinking about it and just let it happen…

This is actually a great thing for me, but I’m sure some of you will be disappointed.

My wife and I talked last night, and she’s decided not to start a new game on April 1st. She offered to tell me what she was going to use the cards for, but I declined. I told her she could save the idea for some other time.

She wants to just settle into something ‘normal’. I’m still not having an orgasm, and she didn’t offer to unlock me, but she’s decided she just doesn’t want to go another long time with the decisions being random chance. She said it was a fun way to get me to this point, but now that I’m here, she wants to take back the control.

<sarcasm–> Yeah, I’m totally disappointed. This’ll be a lot less fun than a random game. <–end sarcasm>

I know my future will hold quite a bit of chastity, and quite a bit of teasing, so I’m content and happy … and of course, not satisfied.

… almost forgot. I asked her specifically if she had planned an ‘April Fool’s’ trick. She looked at me for a minute, and said, “Damnit. That’s a good idea. I need to remember that next year.”

So I guess … I could still be in for something tomorrow…. but I don’t think so.

As a “show of good faith” that there was no trick coming at me, yesterday evening, she removed the cage. We fooled around, and she had a nice orgasm, and she didn’t make me put the cage back on.

It appears she just wants to return to a normal denial state of being, happy to have had a three month run to get us started.

Sorry, but I don’t think there’ll be much to report for a while.

My wife met me as I stepped out of the shower two days ago with my cage in hand, and a smirk on her face. Moments later, she clicked the lock shut, and I carried on with my morning routine. That night, she ‘ordered’ me to attend to her orally, and then we cuddled off to sleep.

Last night, she propositioned a game. I raised my eyebrows, and she quickly added, “Nothing like the other one.”

Here were her details. She was going to use the magic wand on my cage for ten minutes (she’s been dying to try this after reading about it somewhere). If I could last all ten minutes, she would unlock me, and let me use her any way I wanted, as many orgasms as I could have, for a full hour. Any position, any pace, anything. If I could last ten minutes. I immediately knew that wasn’t going to happen, so I kept listening for my real options.

If I had an orgasm without permission, she said she would lock me down for a month with absolutely no releases, no out time for even teasing. Just straight cage for a month.
If, on the other hand, I used my orgasm safe word before the ten minutes was up, like a good boy, I would have two weeks in the cage, but I would be let out for play times, and when I would finally get to have a real orgasm would still be up in the air.

It sounded like fun, and I knew that I wouldn’t last ten minutes, so I just counted on this ending with two weeks in the cage, some teasing, and a continuation of our denial period.

We convened to the bedroom, and she started with the wand. It probably wasn’t even a minute before I uttered ‘eight,’ my safe word, and she pulled the wand away.

“Two weeks,” she said. A few seconds later, she put the wand back to the cage, and merely seconds later, I was uttering ‘eight’ again. “Four weeks,” she said.

A long moan left my mouth as I realized … and then the wand was back on the cage.

By the end of the ten minutes, I had earned four months in the cage (she took it easier on me after the first four times, and spread out the last four).

She was giggling. “Probably should’ve just taken the orgasm through the cage and the four weeks, huh?”

At least she says she’ll let me out for teasing …

Well, it wasn’t really a break. I still haven’t had a real orgasm since December. I leaked a bit (okay, a lot) in March, but there were no contractions, and definitely no post orgasm slump.

And if I had to guess, this was just a mind play. I’m betting that I’m not going to be in chastity for four more months. I suppose it could happen, but…

This isn’t really a “game” in the sense of what happened in the first three months of this year. When we play with orgasm denial and chastity, it’s really just our sex life without my orgasms, and she tells me when to put the cage on and take it off. The cage is never used as enforcement of my denial. It’s just to increase my arousal. And there are no real rules, other than her will.

And often times, when we are in one of my denial periods, she’ll pull out mind play evenings like this, more to keep me on my toes. Now I’ve got four more months in the cage on my mind, so when she lets me out in two weeks or even a month, it’ll be a surprise relief. Of course, I could also be wrong about that. Ask me in four months …

She also likes to tell me that my orgasm is months away, and then give me an orgasm one month, or two weeks later. Or, and this is probably harder on my psyche, when we’re laying down for some play time, she’ll tell me that she’s going to let me have an orgasm tonight, but I have to wait until she says … and then she’ll “change her mind” at the end of our play time.

So while I got a break from the cage for a few days, I did not immediately go and jerk off. I did not have permission for that. It was probably, in her mind, just some time for my cock to breathe, and now she wanted to put the cage back on.

And actually, now that I’m typing this, I bet it’s the lock. She made a game that had me in the cage for so long, and the lock kind of bothers her when we’re spooning. It’s not a deal breaker, but I bet she wanted a few days of spooning without the lock, and then when she got that, she was content with putting me back in the cage. I need to look into getting one of those devices that use the integrated locks. Although, I probably don’t want (yes, I do) to motivate her to leave me in the cage more.

Presuming anyone is interested in an update …

I’m still in the cage. <<whimper>>

She has let me out of the cage twice for fifteen minute, lubed hand jobs, with no permission to orgasm. And then right back into the cage. And neither of those encounters included an orgasm for her.

All of her orgasms have been on other nights, and she hasn’t let me out of the cage for any of them. I’ve used my fingers, my tongue, toys and vibrators, all while straining in my cage as I listen to her. She knows that I’m particularly aurally driven. The sound of a woman having an orgasm gets me more excited than anything I can see. I think she’s using that against me, both denying me a free erection while I’m hearing it, and denying me hearing it while I’m free.

Everyday is a roller coaster at this point. There are moments where I hope that I don’t actually have three more months of this to contend with. And then there are other moments where I’m really glad I’m experiencing this, and I hope she stays strict.

It’s been about a month and half now, with absolutely no out time. We’ve done longer denial periods and I’ve spent long times in the cage, but never to this degree. I’ve actually started begging sometimes, and her responses have been things like…

“Do you need out, or do you want out?”

“You say you want me to take it off, but you really want me to take it off and then do things to your cock, or take it off and let you slide your cock into my warm, wet pussy … I don’t think you could handle that at this point.”

“I’ll take it off after you make me cum.” I make her cum, and she says, “Well now I don’t really have a reason to take it off, do I?”

“I’m having so much fun. Can’t you handle it a little bit longer … for me? I promise … this’ll be so worth the pain when it’s over.”

“You’re enduring something very special for me, and I promise, I’m going to do something very special for you when I decide it’s over (with a tonal emphasis on the ‘I decide’ part).”

Two, sometimes three times a week, we lay down for some ‘playtime.’ That is mostly me pleasuring her while she lightly strokes the cage or my balls. It starts out as a fairly direct stimulation for me, but as she succumbs to her pleasure, her touches get more and more absent minded.

It is very hot for me, as she gets more and more excited, to just have her hand gripping the cage, or firmly gripping my balls, and the feedback from the changes in her grip.

It’s mostly that, but maybe once every five or six of our ‘playtimes’ are all about me. Those might be an intense ass and ball flogging, or using the wand vibrator to edge me in the cage, and one night, she spent almost twenty minutes sitting between my legs as I laid there, using very light finger tip touches all around and through the cage to just keep me hard.

And almost every night, when we go to bed, she’ll curl up in my arms, and one hand will almost always be holding the cage. As she falls asleep, her fingers twitch, keeping me wide awake and throbbing.

Last night, as I was pleasuring my wife, I was begging again. For just a small break from the cage, and just a little attention.

She hadn’t had an orgasm yet, but she was somewhere around half way there, when she rolled toward me in a way that stopped my hands from what they were doing to her. She started talking to me about her previous threats to leave me in the cage for a long time if I came without permission. She told me about how she never really knew if she could actually do that, but she thought that now we had pretty much determined that those weren’t empty threats.

I had to agree. So, she said, if I let you out, and you cum without permission, you know it’s not an empty threat when I tell you that I’ll leave you in that cage until next year. Again, I had to agree.

“Okay,” she said, “I’ll give you a break from the cage, and a little treat, but you have to pay for it.”

“Anything,” I quickly agreed.

And then she laid out her plan, a very big “treat” for me, something that she’s let me do before, and something that she knows that I absolutely love. And she also laid out the cost that I would pay.

She’d been thinking that August 1st was four months. She knew it wasn’t exactly, but close enough. She told me that she’d start a timer on her phone when she took the cage off, and every minute that it was off, would be an extra day.

I whimpered and complained silently.

She told me that while it was off, she would bend over the side of the bed, and I could rub my cock between her ass cheeks, until my cum dribbled out and down into her crack. She knows that will lead to multiple edges as I try to get just close enough, and back away, and repeat until it dribbles out of me. And she knows that adds to the clock as I try to make sure I don’t have any spasms.

She warned me that if she felt one drop spurt on to her back, I’d be in the cage until next year. She made sure to emphasize the importance of this. She’d put over six months into this denial; she was going to be really mad if I took that away from her because she decided to be nice.

She told me that after I dribbled, I’d be permitted to clean it all out of her crack before sliding down to lick her to an orgasm. She rarely lets me lick her asshole, and it’s something that pushes all of my submissive buttons.

“Then, once I’ve had my orgasm, you can put the cage back on, and when I click the lock shut, I’ll stop the timer.” Long pause. “Are you willing to pay for a little time out of the cage?”

This was torture. I knew that it was going to take twenty or thirty minutes to do all of that. She knew that she was offering me one of my absolutely favorite activities. It involved all of my favorite things. I’m an ass man, and she’s got an amazing one. I love grinding my cock in between her cheeks. I love licking her bud. Cleaning my cum out of there is a combination equal to more than the sum of its parts.

I knew that the edging to a dribble would be a difficult process that would require multiple edges to get it just right. I knew that after she had an orgasm, and all of that occurred, my cock would be raging hard still, and would take quite a few minutes to calm down enough to get the cage back on. And I suspected that she would spend that particular time tormenting me to keep it hard and make it impossible to get the cage back on.

After a few seconds of my indecision, she rolled me over and straddled me, her wet pussy sliding slowly back and forth along the cage, teasing her clit. “What if I say that you can stick it inside me for a couple of strokes, too?”

This morning, I woke up at five o’clock in the morning, with a throbbing erection trying to break the steel of my cage, and knowing that I was probably locked in until September 8th now. As I was rolling around waiting for the morning wood to die off a little, she stirred, rolled over to cuddle, throwing a leg over one of mine. Her hand slid down to run along the cage, and then grab my balls firmly.

“I’m having so much fun,” she said, and then she drifted off back to sleep.

I don’t really talk about this part much, but if anyone’s wondering, yes … this is still working for me. I’m wallowing in a level of submissiveness that I’ve never experienced before. The emotions, the feelings, the pleasures … they’re all intense and prolonged and constant. As much as I want it to end, I don’t want it to end. I’ve always said to her that I want to be pushed to the point of wanting to orgasm, and then denied. I’ve always said to her that I want to be pushed to the point of wanting out of the cage, and then refused. She’s doing that. She’s doing what I asked for, to a degree that I never thought she could.

As frustrating as it is, as urgent as the needs seem, they’re only momentary. There is far more amount of time in the day when I’m so satisfied at not being satisfied. I said in another post in another spot on this forum … her denial is like nipple clamps on the brain. Yes, the denial and refusals hurt, but it’s a good hurt. It’s a hurt that I like and want to feel.

She has checked in with me a couple of times in the last couple of months. It’s always been far removed from the playtime, and I’ve assured her that I’m okay. Yes, I really want her to release me from the cage, and then grant me a “release.” But I don’t need it. It’s up to her, and as long as she’s still having fun, I’m fine to keep going.

The scary / exciting part is when she says, “Cool, because I’m having a lot of fun. And I really like you like this.”

Another month plus in the cage.

I haven’t begged much, knowing there would be a price to pay, but one night, toward the end of July, we were fooling around, and she was straddling me, grinding her wet pussy against my cage as we kissed and necked. I was throbbing, swelling through the bars, of course, pieces of my cock just feeling her heat and wet. I could tell from her breathing that she was working herself toward her orgasm, and I did start begging.

She leaned up, stopped her grinding, and asked, “You really want out?” She already had an evil grin on her face.

I whimpered in response, knowing that I didn’t want to pay the price for a little freedom.
She leaned over to my nightstand, fished around for a second, and came back with my deck of dirty playing cards. She started shuffling them around. “Four days per minute,” she started, and I immediately protested with my eyes and a moan, “but …” she continued, “when you decide you’ve had enough time out, I’ll let you pick a card … an ace, and I’ll let you have a full, unrestrained, thrusting orgasm in my pussy.”

She sat on me smiling, shuffling the cards around. My brain wrestled with it, knowing the odds were so bad.

Finally, I shook my head no. She shrugged her shoulders, dropped the cards back into the drawer, and went back to grinding herself on my cage until she got off.

Over the few days that followed, I wavered back and forth over begging to be offered that deal again. About a week later, my wife still not offering anytime out of the cage, and the vision of freedom dwelling there, I did ask her for that chance again.

She declined, saying that I need to take the offers when they arrive, but she was clearly amused by my change of heart, and offered me a different deal.

I could get out of the cage, for any length of time I chose. But I had to be restrained, and I would not have permission to orgasm. During the time I was out, everytime I had to say my orgasm safe word, would cost me a week.

“So … how long do you want to be out? Five minutes? Fifteen minutes?”

“Not at all,” I replied quietly.

“Okay, I understand. Why don’t you lick me instead…”

We were kissing at the end of the bed, when she started undressing me, and letting me undress her. When we were naked, except for my cage, she pushed me down onto the bed. Instead of immediately joining me, she walked all around the bed, pulling out the under mattress restraints, and securing me.

Then she laid down in the crook of my outstretched arm, and started gently fingering the cage and talking to me softly. She talked about how long we’d gone, how much fun we’d been having, all kinds of things that I could barely focus on. Then she produced the key, and let me out. My cock rose as the cage came off, and the unrestrained erection felt amazing.

“Don’t worry. You don’t have to pay for this one.”

She played with me gently, slowly bringing me up to my first edge. When I uttered my word, she stopped, and stroked other parts of my body for a few minutes, letting me calm down a little bit.

Then she moved to kneel between my legs, and took me in her mouth. Within minutes, she’d edged me four more times, and then leaned back to let me rest for a couple minutes. She made some comment about the importance of keeping me always guessing, but it didn’t really register in my brain at that moment.

She swung around, and backed up until she could lower her pussy onto my face, and I eagerly licked everything I could reach. She stayed there for a few minutes until she was dripping wet, and then she slowly trailed down my body, found my cock, and lowered herself onto it. When her ass met my hips, she ground back and forth a couple of times before she started slowly fucking up and down. It was no more than three full strokes before I exhaled my safe word, but she didn’t stop.

I was almost yelling my safe word and pulling violently against the restraints as my orgasm hit with full force, painful and exquisite at the same time. It was amazing, and seemed to go on for so long as she kept stroking up and down.

When the contractions stopped, she slid off of me, and backed up to lower herself onto my face again. As I eagerly licked her, with my cum dripping out of her, she was leaning forward to gather the drops that fell on my cock and stomach, and then leaning back to insert her finger between my mouth and her pussy, feeding me the stray drops as I kept kicking her.

My erection never really subsided, and a few minutes later, she slid down again, and started fucking me again.

It was so awesome. She rode me faster this time, and it was just a few minutes before I was bucking through another orgasm, and then she was sliding back to sit on my face again.

This time, my cock did waver a bit, but as I was licking her clean again, now she started sucking on my half hard cock. A few minutes later, when I was hard again, she slid down to ride me again. She was close enough from all of my licking that she was able to ride me to her own orgasm, and kept riding until I was able to convulse through a third orgasm.

She released the bonds, and curled up with me as we both recovered slowly from the intense and awesome session. She said something again about the importance of keeping me guessing, and this time I understood what she meant. We eventually fell asleep.

This morning, I awoke with my first unrestricted morning wood in a very long time, and it felt so good. I slid over to spoon with her, and couldn’t control myself, grinding slightly into her butt as she woke up.

She purred a little, and then told me to slide it inside her. She told me that she’d really been missing the feel of me inside her, and that last night had been exceptionally amazing. I was gently fucking her, and I could feel her fingers playing with her clit as I pawed at her breasts. Soon, I could tell she was getting close to an orgasm, and I was getting there myself, when she whispered between sighs, “Don’t cum.”

I stopped almost immediately, buried deep inside her, and she ground her ass back into me as her fingers started moving a lot faster, and then she came.

A couple of minutes of holding her, buried inside her, and then it was time for us to start getting ready for work.

“I want you back in the cage when you get out of the shower…”

And here I thought it was over…

It was pretty amazing. In the past, under shorter lengths of time, I would kind of experience disappointment that the whole thing was over. After eight months though, it was a totally different feeling. A combination of contented relief. And usually, when we begin a denial, it’s a while before I hit that ‘plateau’ of arousal that I carry with me.

In this circumstance, it’s been totally different. I expected the cage to be less exciting, but most of the good frustrating feelings have returned immediately. Even having three in one evening just wasn’t the full reset that I would’ve expected. She’s never done it like this. Normally, after being released from the denial, the next day would be filled with masturbation, and orgasms.

I’m having trouble expressing it all, even though I want to go yell it from the rooftops.
I’m so happy, frustrated, content, desperate …

And now, truly guessing as to what she has in mind next.

And we’re firmly settled back into the routine she seems to be enjoying, with me pleasuring her, while she just ignores the existence of the cage. By that, I mean that she touches me the same ways she would if the cage wasn’t there, all the normal foreplay kinds of strokes, touches, even licking and sometimes grinding.

We usually end with me licking or vibrating her to an orgasm, and then cuddling.
I have no idea when she might let me out again, but I presume the old September date is off the table now.
All of the emotions are back, fully plateaued, and cruising along.

My heart is throbbing with love for her as much as my cock throbs in its prison.
I am a happy and lucky man…

Back on track…

After the terrible shock and sadness of losing our cat, the new arrivals are really lifting our spirits. You wouldn’t know they are 6 and 8 since they charge around like kittens, chasing each other up and down the stairs, under the bed and generally diving on top of each other! I guess they’ve been cooped up for a year and they are making the most of having so much room to play with (even in our small house) which is lovely to see.

A couple of days ago Mistress and I shut them downstairs for a bit and took a break from munching crisps and watching the New Zealand Bachelor on Project Free TV and took ourselves off to bed. Mistress had another very strong orgasm and afterwards she got down to teasing me. Again I was nice and hard and after some stroking and slapping Mistress climbed on top and rode my cock for a while.

I begged Mistress to take her bra off and she did so with minimal delay, exposing her gorgeous double D* breasts, which I reached up and caressed while she carried on riding my cock. After a while I was getting close, and Mistress lifted off and then lay by my side stroking me gently. Suddenly she stood up and straddled me, giving me a gorgeous view of her pussy and ass. I reached up and parted her cheeks and Mistress had me beg to worship her asshole – which I did enthusiastically!

Mistress stroked my cock as I licked her asshole, until I was close again and she moved away. Then she asked me if she didn’t touch my cock would I be able to lick her ass without coming, to which I said yes and she allowed me to do that for a while longer. I think eventually she started stroking me gently until she decided that I’d had enough.

We’re back at work now, after our week off, and Mistress’s period started yesterday, so there’s unlikely to be much to post about before the end of the week. Besides I’ll likely be too busy playing with Ming and Poppy.

*As determined by ‘Victoria’s Secret’.

New Cats and a Ruined Orgasm…

Mistress and I haven’t had the best of times recently… after all my medical check-ups – all of which seemed to have found nothing, and now thankfully all the symptoms have disappeared as well – unfortunately our cat Saffy (that we adopted at the start of the year) was killed by two dogs in the fields behind our house.

Obviously this was pretty devastating, especially as it was all so sudden and unexpected, but we decided pretty quickly that we wanted to get another couple of cats and so we headed over to an animal sanctuary that we’ve been donating to for a very long time (but never actually visited). We’d looked at the website and there was a pair of cats I really liked the look of but I wondered how often the website would be updated and if those cats would be there or not.

We decided we’d really like a couple of house cats this time, because the stress of having cats that wander off is just too much, so that did narrow the choice a bit, bit the cats on the website were still there and as soon as we saw them we fell in love with them. Mistress R actually saw them first because I had to go and move my car, and she knew that as soon as I saw them the other cats wouldn’t get a look in – after all who could resist this?


So we were expecting about a week delay until we could get them but in the end the owner of the sanctuary brought them two days later, whereupon they immediately hid under the coffee table for 24 hours. But now they’re out and causing mayhem, charging up and down the stairs and leaping onto windowsills, trailing cat litter behind them everywhere they go…

So as I said, we got a pair of cats this time, and this picture might lead you to assume that Ming (the black fluffball) is a tiny cat, but she’s really not… she’s a normal sized cat, it’s just that Poppy) is huge. In fact she’s so big that she was really struggling with the cat flap between the house and the conservatory so I’ve had to take the flap off altogether and at the moment we’ve just got a hole in the door – but at least she can get through now – which reminds me I need to order the bigger catflap.

A couple of days ago we got around to some much needed time in bed together (with the new cats shut downstairs, obviously) and after Mistress had a very nice orgasm she gave me some wonderful teasing, including some great stroking/ball slapping combo work… and I’m pleased to say my cock was nice and hard.

When I warned her I was getting close she told me she was going to let me cum, but I pretty much guessed she was going to ruin it, and I wasn’t wrong. It was ruined to perfection I have to say, just one spurt across my stomach and then nothing, at least until Mistress started slapping my balls and cock. Somehow I even ended up with cum on my face… but I didn’t feel a thing ‘pleasure’ wise, indeed it was very frustrating, albeit I loved the ball slapping (don’t I always).

And of course, Mistress made me thank her for ruining my orgasm.

A Comment Left on ‘Out of My Hands Part 3’…

D Wrote: What a great series! I really enjoy your writing. I know nothing first-hand about that which you write of. Instead I sit having passed middle age in a cooling but loving vanilla relationship. Your story really maintains the exciting tension that your submissive feels, eager for erotic stimulation and fearful of being taken to far or abused and humiliated. Likewise Mistress R both threatens to take things “too far” fantasizing about cuckoldry and forced bisexuality and yet makes a silent promise not to do so out of love for her husband. Does she really abandon this promise before the story ends or are the videos and threats just the tease? The story has a somewhat autobiographical tone so perhaps you can shed some light here. I would so much like to know what happened in the unwritten parts 4 and 5. 

You write near the end, “I’m serious slave, this is it. After this there will be no normal life for you with me ever again. I’ve already given you one chance to go back to a vanilla life, and this is the final time… after this, no more. This is it slave, if we go back to normal now I think we’ll be able to adjust, but if we continue on this path and you can’t take it…I think the only solution will be separation, and I will have to find a new permanent slave…” This is a common theme I’ve seen in your writing and others. Do you think that this is just a literary play to juice things up or do people who live and love this way find this to be true, that there is no going back. I don’t even mean all the way back from Femdom to “Vanilla” but I do wonder as I read blogs and stories whether when a member of a couple that plays hard and engages in real humiliation, cuckoldry, forced bisexuality etc, feels real regret or hurt, can those couples continue to play the same game as before, just now respecting a boundary that they oughtn’t have stepped over in the first place? I don’t know why I think that you would “know”” this but I’d guess that you’ve given something like this some thought. Is this “problem” explored in any of your writing or could it be? Or perhaps you would think that for real couples or characters there is always the need for greater risk, greater domination and greater submission and without this, the tension, fear and excitement cannot be maintained. 

Apologies for my longwinded comment and questions. Keep writing please. Thanks, D.

What a fantastic and thoughtful comment D, thank you!

I would love to answer your questions about the story, but it’s been so long since I read it, I can’t even really remember what it’s about. I guess I need to read it through again!

One of the problems with my early stories (in my opinion) is that I wrote them in the first person and I basically wrote them as my fantasies and used Mistress R and me as the characters, of course I didn’t have a blog then… but in hindsight it was a bad idea, because people tend to read them as being ‘real life’ stories rather than fantasies, or at least partially real (which I guess they are, but to a much smaller degree than I think people tend to think…), also as you commented, the way they are written they do come off as ‘autobiographical’.

These older stories were posted on Literotica as ‘Malibuman666’ and at some point I stopped writing in the first person and changed my name to ‘Robert_Anthony’. Once I stopped writing in the first person I obviously had to give my characters names and this helped distinguish fantasy from reality.

As for the ‘no going back’ thing… well, I don’t know. I don’t know how easy it would be for us to go back to a completely vanilla relationship now. I’m sure we ‘could’ but I think there would always be this ‘shadow’ in the background, and it’s not like I would stop thinking about Mistress’s feet, or ass or wanting to lick my cum off her body… I think it would be difficult.

I’ve spoken about Sarah Jameson before, she was a very influential figure in the chastity scene when I first got interested and I do remember her saying that she wouldn’t want to go back, and her husband wouldn’t ever want to go back, but if he did then she would because she loved him – but that if anything ever happened to him and she was on her own she would be looking for someone who was prepared to submit to her control to the point where she would never let them orgasm with her. In other words, she wasn’t prepared to start off vanilla and move on to chastity, she would want someone who from the start knew that all they were ever going to get with her was ruins and milking…

I guess it depends on how deep it goes with the woman, whether it’s the act itself or is it something special they have with their partner. I don’t really think Mistress R would only want a submissive male, and I don’t think for a minute she’d only go out with someone who would submit to 100% chastity. She might stipulate that a future partner had to be willing to go down on her as much as I do though… 🙂

Hope this answers some of your questions.

Another Comment from John McN.

John McN wrote: Hello again Rob and thank you for your explanation. I respect your point of view and appreciate the reasoning behind it. Do you REALLY know what your wife thinks, or is it just what she wants you to believe that she thinks? Women can be very tactile and often hide their deepest and darkest fantasies from those closest to them, perhaps you might try every now and then to “Up the stakes” and see what her reaction is to your suggestions, when you make them, anyway it fantastic reading you and having a little fun with our conversation. Reply, my friend, but only if you feel like doing, and good luck for the future. Your admirer, John.

Hi John, I’m glad you are enjoying my blog – and sorry that you seem to have joined in when the blog is going through a slightly lean period. I feel like I have been trying to ‘up the stakes’ to be honest, for the last six years… in some ways it’s been slow going, but in others it’s exceeding our expectations. I certainly didn’t expect it to last this long and it shows no signs of stopping any time soon.

Do I know what my wife thinks… sometimes I think I do, sometimes I don’t. Sometimes, well actually, quite a lot of the time she keeps her cards close to her chest… I know a lot about her fantasies because I’ve written a lot of them and found a lot more for her. Some things have taken a long time to gel, like the ruining of orgasms for example, that took a hell of a long time, also Mistress seems a lot more comfortable slapping my balls and especially (last night) using her nails on my balls.

I think the thing is, no matter how far you progress you’re always going to want more… so in a way this can never be truly satisfying, but then ‘satisfaction’ isn’t really the point is it? 🙂

Female Domination Should be Permanent!

John McN wrote: How come you’re having “sessions”? Female domination should be permanent, and your Mistress seems to be getting soft, especially if she let’s you talk her into allowing you to come. I think she should put your little member into a chastity cage and give all the keys to her lover, so that only he will decide whether you are allowed erections or ejaculations.

Hello John, thanks for visiting my blog and for taking the time to leave a comment, it’s always appreciated.

Of course in a perfect world Female domination would be permanent, but life isn’t like that for everyone. Can you imagine how exhausting it would be to be dominant 24 hours a day and to keep it fresh and exciting? Besides, not every woman wants her ‘submissive’ to be submissive all the time. We find the sessions a very good way to enjoy Femdom without it becoming a burden. At times we have toyed with the idea of stopping them and just filtering the content into our everyday sex life, but we both can see that it would be a mistake.

Having a session makes an occasion of it, we still both get quite nervous before a session even though the things we do are largely the same as we have been doing for fifteen years. I’m sorry we don’t conform to the lofty standards set by the BDSM elite, but that’s the way it is and (more importantly) that’s the way Mistress wants it. You see if you truly want female domination, then you have to abide by what she wants – not what you want or what you believe is ‘the way it should be’, and I bet you won’t find that many women who want a fawning, submissive male 24hrs a day either.

As for my little member, it’s not that little, it’s pretty average actually and fortunately Mistress has quite small hands. Sadly she doesn’t like chastity cages, though my brief experiences with them has led me to think that I’m not so sure about them either, despite them being a hot fantasy. Speaking of which, cuckolding may be one… but neither of us wishes to go down that route for real, so if there were any keys, then Mistress would be the one carrying them around her neck I’m afraid. 🙂

Also, I’d hardly call Mistress ‘getting soft’, letting me talk her into letting me cum once in six years!

A Very Unexpected Release!

Mistress and I have been having a bit of a rough week one way and another, but finally we’re both feeling better! I had my heart monitor thing on Monday – of course, from the moment they stuck it on me I’ve had barely a murmur, and today too, absolutely nothing! I mean I’m glad it’s stopped, but it’s so annoying. Why couldn’t it have waited until after I’d had the heart monitor because now I feel like I’ve wasted their time…

So anyway, Mistress is on her period right now, but the last few days my cock seems to have finally sorted itself out and after we’d watched ‘The Apprentice’ Mistress decided that I was long overdue some teasing. It’s been quite a while since we’d done anything on the sofa, but Mistress started kissing me and then told me to get my trousers down. She knelt down on the floor between my legs and started sucking my cock and it felt great.

I would really love to have cum in Mistress’s mouth, but when I told her I was getting close she said that she wasn’t going to let me cum today. She stayed on her knees and let me compose myself, all the while using her nails to abuse my cock. Then she started sucking and stroking me again and I begged to be allowed to see her gorgeous breasts.

Mistress let go of my cock and slowly took her top and bra off, even though she let it go for a while my cock stayed nice and hard – such a relief I cannot tell you how good that feels –  and then resumed her teasing. I told her how bad I wanted to cum on her tits, but Mistress just laughed and said no.

She did offer that maybe she could promise to let me cum on her tits next time she allowed me to cum, but that I wouldn’t be able to change my mind. I didn’t want to take her up on this because part of the reason I wanted to cum on her tits right now was because she was kneeling down and I just knew that it would probably end up where when I got to cum she would be lying down and it’s just not the same (as I posted previously).

Still, somehow I managed to talk Mistress into letting me cum on her beautiful breasts! Yep I pretty much broke my rule about not asking to be allowed to cum that’s been in place for six years or more… and Mistress decided to let me. So when we get to our delayed Femdom Session that’s going to give her something to punish me for I guess. 🙂

Needless to say I was a good slave and licked my cum off her gorgeous breasts so that’s a point in my favour, but really… I can’t believe she let me talk her into letting me cum on her tits when she wasn’t even going to let me cum! I wonder what else I can talk her into doing????? 🙂

41 Days and Out…

And so, after 41 days, this period of chastity has come to an end. Not only that, for the first time since March I was allowed to cum in Mistress’s hot, wet pussy.

You may remember, when I last posted, things were… less than perfect. And indeed I’m still not right, and I still have a 24 heart monitor to look forward to next Monday – which is my birthday as it happens. Great!

So midweek I made Mistress cum, but I just wanted it to be about her so I put off any teasing. We were planning to have our Femdom session today, but that didn’t happen and we decided to just go to bed this afternoon and put the session back until next week.

So after I made Mistress cum, I didn’t really know how well my cock was going to react, but I wanted to try and get away from the cock ring so I thought it best to just try and see. When I woke up this morning I was good and hard but quite numb (which is from the nerve damage from my operation in 2007), thankfully… after a slow start my cock got hard and Mistress and I kissed as she stroked me while I teased her ass with my fingers.

Then Mistress got up and straddled me, slipping my cock between her lips and allowing me to slide inside her. It felt fantastic, and without even asking Mistress immediately undid her bra and removed it. I reached up and cupped her gorgeous tits as she rode me, and quite soon I felt my orgasm building. I wish I could have held back a while longer, but after 41 days and given recent problems I was just so happy to be hard, and inside my beautiful Mistress.

I warned Mistress I was close and she smiled and said ‘Good, I want you to cum inside me’. She started riding me harder and after a few seconds I came in her really hard. It was pretty awesome I must say, and as soon as I finished Mistress lifted off me and straddled my face, allowing me to lick her pussy while a huge load of cum dripped into my mouth. Mistress stayed there longer than she has in the past – which I really loved and I made sure to lick her clean while I reached up and gently caressed her left breast.

Afterwards we lay down and I kissed and sucked on Mistress’s sexy as hell nipples a little bit. This was the perfect way to end a less than perfect week, hopefully this will put us back on track now.

The dieting is going pretty well, I’ve lost a smidgeon off half a stone (7lbs) in three weeks, which is pretty much on target for me to get under 15 stone by Christmas. I’m regularly doing four lots of weights/treadmill/bike per week along with swimming and walking as and when I can. Can’t say I’m feeling too much different as yet, although my clothes are already feeling a bit lose which is great!