BOOK REVIEW: 22’s Diary by Maitresse P

I believe this is the first review I’ve written since moving the blog from ‘Blogger’ to Fetblogger’, which explains why until now there has been no ‘reviews’ label. It seems a crazy long time ago when I was getting sent sex toys to review… which was kinda difficult a lot of the time, what with being in chastity! I’m not even sure if those reviews got pulled across to this site, I’ll check…

Nope, it looks like they got lost along the way, I found some book reviews which I’ve gone into and tagged with the review label, but sadly my review of the bright green masturbation sleeve is lost forever… I seem to remember it was supposed to be modelled on some porn star’s asshole, which is rather hard to believe.

It looked not unlike this one, and I remember having to ask Mistress’s permission to test it out… I really don’t remember much about it, other than it felt very odd and I can’t say I was ever desperate to try it again.

On the other hand we did get sent the very beautiful blue glass G-Spot massager which we used all of once, despite the fact that it was very successful. I really have no reason why it has never been used again, it gets taken out of it’s bag every time we have a Femdom session and placed on the bedside table and then put back in the bag and back in the drawer at the end of the session…

Anyway, enough dithering, let’s talk about this book. Well, as you may know I did make some posts about this when I first got it, because it was more than a little infuriating.

Supposedly, this was written in French by the author, even though that isn’t her first language, as a means of preventing someone reading it if found… don’t know if that’s true or not, and it doesn’t really matter, because thankfully it’s been translated into English.

There’s nothing wrong with the translation (except perhaps for one tiny thing) but there’s everything wrong with the presentation as a whole. Firstly, clearly this is self-published, indeed it was sold by Wordery (via Amazon) but I fail to see why that means the spine and back cover are left blank. It just seems very half-arsed to me, and unfortunately that rather carries over into the material inside.

Don’t get me wrong a lot of it is good, but it’s so hap-hazard, and badly thought out. I am a pretty patient person and I have kind of worked with it because I found the good bits interesting and worth reading, but for a lot of people I suspect this book would infuriate and completely undermine the value of the material.

Firstly, this is supposedly written as a diary. So okay, if we take that at face value, it would be fair to expect the book to jump about quite a lot, because different entries on different days could be completely unconnected. Fair enough. The problem is there is no attempt to distinguish between separate entries, so each new paragraph is either a pause for breath or a new entry, and until you start the next paragraph you won’t know for sure, so you might have something like this.

After the sixth guy fucked me they all left me tied up and then it was my subby hubby’s turn to fuck me with his little cock, I couldn’t even feel his four inches but I was high on X and anything felt good rubbing against me.

I talked to my Dominatrix friend today, she asked me if I make hubby lick his own cum up when I allow him to cum, I said that I did and she said that was good, that it was very important that I do that, and continue to do that. She also asked how often I have him eat my pussy and I said at least twice a day. She said that was great for me but too often for him, and that I should restrict his access to my pussy so that it becomes more of a treat for him.

I discussed hubby’s first session with her a little, she says she doesn’t think it’s a good idea for me to be there the first few times, which I’m not happy about but I’m sure she knows best. After the first session she said she wants to see him once a week for six weeks to begin with. We decided that Thursdays would be the best day.

One day I decided that I would have hubby wear feminine underwear. I want him to know how it feels to be a woman, what it feels like to suck cock and swallow and to give up his ass for cock. Now that he’s sucked _’s cock the next stage will be to have him agree to let _ fuck his ass. _ is into it so this will be interesting.

I always have my hubby hand wash my panties on a Tuesday, and then I usually have him eat my pussy before he drives me to meet _. Right from the first time I sucked hubby’s cock I kissed him after and he accepted it, in my experience most black men would beat you across the room if you tried to do that with them.

Obviously it’s difficult to get across here, but the longer a section is the more jarring it is when the next paragraph goes off on a complete tangent. Incidentally, those are not direct quotes from the book, but they are pretty much the gist of it.

Would it have killed the author to have separated the entries with dates, as you might expect with a ‘diary’. The months are actually indicated, but they are pretty meaningless really, dates would have been much more useful or even just a plain line showing where one entry ends and another begins…

There are also, certainly towards the start of the book, some entries that are duplicated within a page or two and also there is a whole section (about a page long) that is duplicated as well. And the biggest mistake of all seemingly is the use of the word ‘always’ when the author intends to use ‘just’. Which is bizarre and makes some of the text irritating and some of it nonsensical.

For example: ‘It’s just sometimes I wish things could be different‘ becomes ‘It’s always sometimes I wish things could be different‘.

And another thing you may have noticed in the text above, is that ‘to protect people’s identities’ all the names in the book are replaced by underscores, which makes it very confusing, especially later as more and more people seem to get involved. It ends up like:

So I talked to _ today about _ and _ and which one of them I should get hubby to suck off first. I also asked Ms _, what she thought and she said definitely _ but then get him to suck off _, _, and _ as well…

Seriously, couldn’t she have just made up some fucking names?

I actually contacted Wordery about this and they did reply saying that they would accept the book back, but I want to read the damned thing and the point of telling them was really that I hoped they might actually look at the proof and either tell me my book was faulty somehow or tell the author to sort it out. I guess that was probably too much to hope for…

However, as I’m reading on it’s getting more and more repetitive and irritating me in other ways as well, I think I’m going to skim read it and send it back to Wordery for a credit, since the opportunity is there.

But before I do, what do you make of this…

“I don’t have a lot of experience with Latin men, but any woman that has ever dated black men will tell you that when it comes to confidence, dominance and aggressiveness, they are very different than most white men. And it is not a subtle difference. There are, of course always going to be exceptions, but that has definitely been my experience.

I’ll give you a an example. I have written before that black men always want the ass. They always do, and they never ‘ask’ for it, they always take it. 

White men on the other hand, are not quite so obsessed with it, and have this weak, rather pathetic tendency to ask a woman if it’s okay. Like they want permission. Any white man that asks me the question not only doesn’t get it, they don’t get a second date either!”

Well, there’s no way to comment on that without coming over like a butt-hurt white boi is there. But if I ever become single again and I’m going on a date, I’ll try to remember that advice – since it’s obviously a mistake I made the first time around!


Ultimately I decided to read the rest of the book before I sent it back, I sat down and read the second half in one go and it was okay, despite some of the more outlandish parts, it does have something of a ring of truth about it… however unlikely that may seem. But towards the end of the book the just/always thing became unbearable, mainly because the author uses the word ‘just’ so many times that some of the passages were just hard work. That more than anything put me off keeping the book, because otherwise I think I would have read it again sometime.

I have to say though, I didn’t find the book in the slightest bit erotic. It was interesting and challenging, but at no time did it arouse me in any way at all, but I guess maybe it was a bit too much on the humiliation side for me… ah well, never mind.

The Oxballs Ball Stretcher…

Although I think it’s a bit late to start writing about last weekend’s Femdom session (for reasons already given), there was one aspect that is worth mentioning, one that I know Harry Haversackers was interested in hearing about. Don’t get excited Harry, this isn’t a blow by blow description of how I tongued Mistress R’s tight, pink asshole (though I did get to do that). No, it’s more of a product review with added filth…

I’ve been looking for a ballstretcher for a long time, I’ve got a leather one in my drawer that I’ve never been able to get on in fact, mainly because my balls ‘ride high’ (as my doctor put it). So I was interested when I saw the Oxballs range because my experience with Oxballs Cocksling have been very positive. The one thing with the Cocksling is that it grips you very well, but means it’s better for penetration, otherwise things can get a bit friction burned… If you know what I mean!

Since the ball stretcher doesn’t wrap over your cock, this is less of an issue, but it depends on how high you ride and which size of ball stretcher you choose. For me, even though I bought the narrowest one it still puilled pretty tight. That said, it wasn’t uncomfortable at all, and it didn’t feel like it was too small around my nutsack. It was only when I came to remove it that I realised how snug the fit was. I must say, I wore it for about 30mins during the session, and that was enough since by then my balls were pretty cold.

I started the session with it on, and after quite a substantial punishment (I had a lot of transgressions to atone for after three months, obviously) Mistress had me on the floor worshipping her beautiful feet while she described to me in detail how she was pleasuring her pussy with her favourite glass dildo.

At this point I must explain that before the session I had shown Mistress ‘Sub Hub in Phoenix’s’ excellent post about how his wife cuckolded him with a pair of dildos. I should also say that the paddling I had received at the start of the session had left me totally soft, at least until Mistress offered me her glass dildo and told me to suck it clean. I can’t remember her exact words here (which is the issue I have about writing this too long after the fact), but she definitely used the word ‘cock’ a lot more than she would normally, and by the time she dropped in a casual ‘You’d suck a real cock and get it ready for my beautiful pussy wouldn’t you?’ I was fully hard and feeling the full effect of the ball stretcher for the first time.

It felt nice, much like the Cocksling really. I was quite surprised how tightly it pulled my skin even without the cock ring part, but I’m looking forward to getting it back on soon. Unfortunately Mistress R has just started her period and I am feeling a bit under the weather too, back on the Lemsip again… It’s rather unfortunate that my new blog has come into life with a whimper rather than a bang, but that’s life isn’t it? Hopefully things will pick up and there will be more to post about soon!

BOOK REVIEW: The Apprentice Dominatrix by Stanley Jeffries (+ FREE CAPTIONS!)…

Those of you who have been visiting my blog for a while will I’m sure remember the name Stanley Jeffries from previous reviews. His ‘Journey Into Chastity’ trilogy nearly ruined my eyesight, not quite in the way you might imagine though… I was sent a PDF which I could only read in tiny writing on my Nexus 7 and as much as it hurt my eyes I couldn’t stop reading until I found out what happened.

To me, Stanley’s true talent lies in the characters he creates and his new book ‘The Apprentice Dominatrix’ is no different in this regard. Indeed, as Stanley told me himself he fell in love with the main character (Alina) and you can see why that wouldn’t be hard to do.

I guess I should confess to a slight vested interest before I go any further, since Stanley did send me parts of this novel for my feedback during the creative process. I wouldn’t wish to claim any great input or anything, I think he just wanted to know which bits I thought worked, which was pretty much all of it to be honest, I do remember giving him some thoughts which I hope were helpful, though I can’t honestly remember what they were…

The one thing that I do remember saying to Stanley right off the bat was that I didn’t like the whole ‘Eastern European/Russian’ thing, only because it’s a bit of a cliche to have a Russian Dominatrix (with that accent, you know what I mean)… however, now that I’ve read the whole story, it makes a lot more sense, and on the second time of reading it really didn’t bother me at all. Besides for the story to work it does need this element of the poor girl from a poor background and it works well. Maybe other people won’t think of this as an issue anyway, it just a personal pet hate, but when the story is of this quality then I think it’s perfectly fine.

Anyway, to get to the point…

Alina’s life in Romania isn’t exactly a bed of roses and when a local recruitment drive for models hits her town she goes along to see if she can improve her lot. While she’s waiting to be seen Alina is approached by a couple of slightly shady looking characters who take her aside and offer her a way out of poverty and an opportunity to not only help her family (including her alcoholic mother) but also to attend her dream business school in Oxford and finish her studies while living a life of luxury.

Of course there’s a catch, which comes in the form of one Charles Waddingtron, a sexually submissive inventor who is willing to fund Alina’s studies (and more) while she lives with him as man and wife, while privately being his full time Mistress. Needless to say Alina is less than over the moon when she gets to meet Charles as far as physical attraction goes but shows herself to have a good heart and applies herself to the task she has accepted (with a little help and persuasion from her mentor ‘Zelda’).

As ever Stanley’s book is a joy to read, I must admit I was surprised how excited I was to read it again and once I got started I ripped through it at a fair pace. It strikes a very good balance between being a well told and structured story and hitting the ‘horny’ button. Film critic Mark Kermode says that for a comedy to pass his test it needs to make you laugh out loud at least six times over it’s duration, I can tell you I was throbbing hard at least twice during the first 100 pages, and considering Charles and Alina don’t even meet until page 86, that’s pretty good going if you ask me!

If I do have a complaint, it’s that Stanley sometimes comes up with a great idea but then skims over it without really exploiting it fully, in particular the scene where Charles is sodomized. Perhaps Stanley was concerned about some of his readers being put off by this particular element and decided to play safe by keeping the description to a minimum, but knowing the conversations I’ve had with Stanley about needing to put a bit more actual ‘sex’ into his sex books I’m not 100% convinced.

Stanley does seem to write lesbian scenes and female-female interaction in general very well, I wouldn’t mind betting that lesbians are his ‘thing’, and there’s plenty of girl on girl in this book. Stanley’s depiction of Charles’ ex-wife Linda and her descent into submission read very well, although it’s a shame a certain alluded-to scene never actually comes to fruition. Actually I found the book finished well, but lacked a certain ‘crescendo’ moment, as again there’s a lack of actual ‘sex’ in the last few chapters.

As ever with Stanley Jeffries, there is an undercurrent of nastiness which occasionally colours the mood, it’s not as prevalent here as in the Journey Into Chastity trilogy and I’m not sure if I’m imagining it or if there has been some mild winding back done since the original drafts I was shown, but it doesn’t seem quite as bad as I remember. That said, I’m sure a lot of people who read these kind of books would think I’m making a fuss about nothing, and it certainly isn’t as nasty as the Salome Verdad book I reviewed last year, I guess I’m really not used to reading sex stories that encompass violence (or even threats of violence) and the like, to be honest I don’t even read fiction and from what I’ve been told something like ‘The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo’ is probably much worse than this in that regard.

For me ‘Journey Into Chastity’ remains as Stanley’s masterpiece, but this book was still very, very enjoyable and as ever I was rather disappointed that it eventually had to come to an end. Incidentally, Stanley offers a epilogue and invites you to continue reading on his website, which I haven’t actually done yet myself, so that could be interesting…

I’m already looking forward to Stanley’s next novel, I’m sure it will maintain the very high standards and huge readability of his superb back catalogue, if I can just persuade him to ‘up’ the amount of sex in there then we could be onto a real winner!

Stanley Jeffries website is HERE

And finally as a present from Stanley, he has sent me 28 of his captions to pass on to you, which you can view by clicking HERE

BOOK SPOTLIGHT: Mistress Severity by Alex Jordaine…

I have reviewed Alex Jordaine’s books on my blog before, I very much enjoyed the first two but struggled with the third and never got too far into it. This is the fourth one (though I do have the fifth one on my shelf already) and I must say it has been a thoroughly enjoyable read.

I like the simplicity of the story, featuring just five characters and set entirely in a dungeon the book plays out almost like one long scene, even though it’s set over several days/weeks. As you might expect, this scenario is facilitated by the usual ‘inheritance’ back story which is brushed over very quickly and not over analyzed and allowed to fester into an irritating cliche. Which it could, but that’s probably just me…
On occasion the descriptions of the sex and beatings are a little… one dimensional, but you could probably say the same about my writing. There’s only so many ways you can describe someone being flogged after all, and I’d rather that than the author getting terribly flowery about it, nothing turns me off quicker than an author eulogising like the very Bard himself. After all, nobody jerks off to poetry – do they?
Rather than give you the lowdown on the plot, it would probably be easier to post a photo of the back cover…

That tells you pretty much what you need to know to be honest, suffice it to say that I’ve enjoyed reading it and it makes me wonder whether I should now progress to book five or revisit book three and see if I get on with it better this time?
It seems I have got it wrong, having looked at my shelf, it seems Alex has in fact written six novels, not five. which are
Mistress of Torment 2009
Naked for the Mistress 2010
Mistress Extreme 2011
Mistress Divine 2012
Surrender to the Mistress 2012
Mistress Severity 2013
I think there’s one on Amazon from 2014 called Bound to the Mistress too, but I don’t have that one.


BOOK REVIEW: Karl’s Year in Chastity…

Unlike some people, for example my beloved Mistress R, reading to me is not a compulsion. I basically read while I eat and before I go to sleep (if Mistress isn’t in bed with me). So it impresses me yet again that another of Stanley Jeffries’ books has had me flicking my Nexus on to read a page or two during a slow period at work. I don’t know what it is about this guy’s writing, but it’s incredibly readable. Not only that but I’d have to say that I enjoyed it even more than the book I reviewed a few weeks back (The Chastity Game) which I believe Stanley claimed to be his best work!
Karl’s Year in Chastity centres largely around three characters, Karl (obviously), his ex-wife Freya and of course the jewel in the crown, the beautiful Asha. I like how Stanley creates characters from different backgrounds, in this case Asha has Indian heritage while Karl and Freya are Danish. It adds a subtle exotic flavour without being over the top. It also means that Karl and Freya can converse in Danish without Asha being able to understand them of course.
I don’t really want to say too much about the plot, because half the fun is finding out where the story goes. There’s plenty of twists but the story is presented in a traditional linear format which makes it very easy to follow, especially if you read it piecemeal. It’s never really occurred to me before but books which jump around the timeline are probably fine if you read them in great chunks, but for people like me, I much prefer the linear format.
One of my usual (but few) negative comments about Stanley’s work is the lack of actual sex scenes in the book, there’s usually plenty of friction and build up, but little in the way of action (so to speak). Well that’s one thing I can’t level at this book as it is brimming with ‘action’, and Stanley does a very good job of instigating action especially considering his lead man’s cock is pretty much locked up for the duration.
There’s plenty of electro play, whipping and lesbian sex though (hopefully that’s not too big a spoiler) and Stanley keeps the book on the right side of nasty (unlike some of his books), here everything is above board and with emphasis on the consensual nature of all concerned.
If you haven’t read any of Stanley’s books I would definitely recommend starting with this one.
You can buy Karl’s Year in Chastity from AMAZON.COM, AMAZON.UK, PINK FLAMINGO


BOOK REVIEW: Journey into Chastity trilogy…

So I finally finished all three books in the Journey Into Chastity trilogy and on the whole I was very impressed. The third book contains a very unpleasant scene (to my thinking) which I could have done without, but leaving that aside all three of the books were superbly written, with a rare quality of writing for this genre.
Since I wrote about his book, Stanley has contacted me and I am now the proud owner of a proper paperback copy of the trilogy, which I will definitely read again in the future and also another book written under a different name which is actually a Male Dom / Fem Sub novel. Needless to say I will be posting about that in the future, in the meantime you can view Stanley’s Pink Flamingo web page HERE

BOOK REVIEW: Nothing Ventured: A Twisted Tale of High Tech and High Heels by Salome Verdad…

I’m really not sure how to review this one, it’s a bit strange… to say the least. When I first started reading it I found it quite enjoyable, funny even in places… the problem is how can I explain my problem with the book without discussing the ending? Well, I’ll try…

I did enjoy the first 3/4 of the book, but I never once found it arousing, which would seem like a failing in a book of this nature. And yet, I wanted to finish the book and I didn’t find it a chore at all. I could pick holes in it, the chastity belt that is just snapped on out of the blue, the drug laced shoes (er, yeah…) and so on, but it was ‘entertaining’.
My problem started when it suddenly turned unexpectedly violent, which totally threw me. Indeed the first mention of a woman being ‘punched hard in the side of the head by a dyke with a gloved fist’ kind of made me think it was a misunderstanding on my part or possibly a badly phrased line.
It wasn’t and from there on it got more and more violent.
Which I have to say, really ruined my enjoyment of the book. I just don’t get why it took that direction at all. After all the trouble Salome went to to furnish me with a Kindle copy of the book I kind of feel a little bad that my review isn’t a little more positive, and indeed up until the last quarter of the book I was all ready to give it a thumbs up, albeit with the caveat that it never once gave me the slightest glimmer of wood. I see there is a four star review on Amazon though so maybe it’s just me?
You can purchase ‘Nothing Ventured’ by visiting (here) or (here).

REVIEW: Mistress Extreme by Alex Jordaine…

So this is the new book by Alex Jordaine, which follows the very enjoyable ‘Naked for the Mistress’, ‘Mistress of Torment’ and (the one I haven’t read) ‘Mistress Divine’. In it, the ‘hero’ David falls under the spell of Mistress Isabella, who abuses him as she sees fit, when she sees fit, and inbetween times he is not even allowed to try to contact her, at least to begin with…
I must admit, after the first two books I was expecting a lot from this and the truth is that it was a little disappointing. The first few chapters are a little tedious, with the endless waiting for her to contact him. I know the idea is to set the scene and all that, but I just thought it didn’t really flow that well.
Later things improve but then I found it a little over the top, if I’m honest. There were brutal beatings in the other book but this one starts at such a high pitch and leaves itself no room for upping the tempo that by the end it’s more like torture porn than BDSM, or maybe that’s just my fairly vanilla view of it? I’m not into pain myself, but I think even GoodHubby would find this a little harsh. Personally it doesn’t turn me on to read about people being beaten or caned until the are ‘lacerated’. But I digress…
What I do applaud Alex for is his willingness to explore themes which most other authors will shy away from, you may remember my recent review of another book where all the women where brought into a circle of men and ordered to pleasure each other for ‘educational purposes’, but yet when it came to the men this was dismissed with a throwaway line that the women where shown ‘videos’ to educate them… talk about a massive fucking cop-out.
Okay I know that most of these books are probably read by men and bi/homosexual sex isn’t going to be everyone’s cup of tea, but when it comes to Femdom I’m sure it’s a pretty common fantasy for the guy to be ‘forced’ to prove his devotion to his Mistress by doing something that he would find difficult /  unpleasant / possibly even abhorrent… and so it is with this book with David being forced to suck Isabella’s dominant  husband’s cock and later forced into many sexual situations with his own friend (and fellow submissive).
There’s also a pretty heavy gay scene (which I didn’t particularly like myself, partly because gay sex without the Femdom element doesn’t appeal to me, partly because some of it was quite brutal and partly because it was written in a thoroughly shit style, frankly…).
Ah yes, and we’re back to my main beef with this book, everyone is stunningly good looking, with piercing eyes, and blah blah blah blah blah blah… no literally everyone. I know it’s a fantasy, but, it doesn’t help to suspend belief (at least for me) when everyone is so fucking gorgeous all the time. I would much prefer a little realism, sure Isabella needs to be something above the ordinary for David to fall so hard for her, but the fact that everybody else is so fabulous, just makes it harder for her to stand out, surely?
Anyway, that rather common failing aside, this is not a bad book, maybe a three out of five, but I would say the other two were four out of fives. However if you like your novels a bit fantastical and you appreciate brutal whippings, needle play and all that heavy stuff, then this might float your boat more than it does mine. Personally, I prefer a Mistress who dominates in a more cerebral manner, rather than simply battering the shit out of someone with a flogger…

REVIEW: The Vanilla Dominatrix by Giles English…

Firstly I must apologise to Giles for the delay in writing this review, I received this several weeks ago and promptly forgot all about it, so my sincere apologies for that lapse Giles. Well of course now that I have read the book, I am in a position to give you some feedback.
It’s actually quite hard for me to relate to this book in my position, in fact I would very much like Giles to write a follow up book about how someone who is in my position can move things further forward without risking ruining what he has already got. Now that would be a book I would want to read. I would love for Mistress R to be more demanding and to let her ‘cruel’ side out, but I really don’t know how to achieve this and am fearful of losing the wonderful life I have got for myself trying, so Giles, there’s a project for you.
But let’s get back to Giles’ current project for now…
This book is written from an almost academic standpoint, with references to ancient Greece in the early parts of the book and a scientific approach to the task at hand. Rest assured this book has a purpose and anyone purchasing in the hope of being titillated will be disappointed. This is written like a text book, which does make it a little dry for the casual reader, but if you are considering purchasing this book then you are probably not a casual reader.
Giles gets you to analyse your own circumstances and uses examples to show how you can ‘manipulate’ situations to get the things you want without crossing your wife/lover’s boundaries. The word manipulate always carries negative connotations, but in this instance I don’t see that it should. Manipulation is exactly what is being suggested, but if that has the positive outcome that is the aim of the book, and everyone is happy in the end, then I don’t see the harm.
The truth is most women would probably baulk at the idea of male submission and chastity, until they try it, but how do you convince them if they flatly refuse to try it? What this book sets out to do is to suggest ways you can steer your relationship gradually the way you would like it to go. I still think there are a few jumps in assumption here and there, and the fact is all you can do is try and show your wife/lover the benefits to her of accepting your proposal, and seeing how it goes.
If she likes the way it goes then all well and good, and if not then you haven’t really lost anything, you just know where you stand and based on that you have to make a decision on whether the relationship still works for you or not.
Personally I still prefer the direct approach, but then I would because it worked pretty well for me, and that approach is more suited to a relationship like mine and Mistress R’s. However I can see that if you are in a relationship where your wife/lover is staunchly vanilla then this book could offer some pointers on how to go about bringing change through a slightly less orthodox approach. If nothing else I can see that perhaps it might make you think more about the relationship as it stands and how you might bring about the changes you want.
I’m still not sure that you’re ever going to convince a truly vanilla partner that handcuffing you to a radiator overnight is ‘normal’, but then that doesn’t really appeal to me anyway.
Actually my favourite parts of the book were the historical background pieces at the beginning. It was very interesting to read about the ‘real’ slaves in ancient Greece being used for their female owners sexual kicks, although the part about methods of sterilising slaves brought tears to my eyes (ouch!).

The Vanilla Dominatrix is available through Lulu for £9.99 here

BOOK REVIEW: Haven of Obedience by Marina Anderson…

Despite this book focussing on Female submission, rather than Male submission I decided to give it a go anyway, and I’m glad I did. Marina Anderson’s writing style is very readable and I really raced through this book. Sure it has no real depth, but it’s a sex novel at the end of the day and there’s plenty of that. Despite my own thoughts on the matter I’m not entirely sure that people who read books like this want an enormous amount of plot and character development, which makes me a little concerned about the ultimate fate of my own book (which is still firmly on the back-burner), since I think it has an inordinate amount of plot respective to the amount of actual ‘action’. But I digress…
Don’t get me wrong, Marina does imbue the characters with adequate texture and she does a fair job of keeping the uneasy relationship between the two main characters on the boil. But I do have one or two niggles…
‘The Haven’ of the title is a ‘secret club’ where people are invited to go to learn to be submissive. This includes men and women who are too aggressive in bed, like the heroine ‘Natalie’. Of course she’s somewhat reluctant to go, reluctant to learn and of course is ultimately broken by the hero ‘Simon’…
There are a couple of scenes where guys are taught to endure denial and teasing, and I applaud the author for including those, but my one big beef is with the cop out that she uses when distinguishing between male and female learning techniques.
About half way through the book all the women at ‘The Haven’ are marched into a room and into a circle of chairs occupied by the male residents and ‘forced’ to engage in lesbian sex (which they are reluctant to do) under the pretence of educating the watching men about how to ‘pleasure’ a woman. All well and good I suppose, and I’m sure none of us chaps would be complaining about that.
So how do we think the women might learn about ‘pleasuring’ men? Might all the men be marched into the circle of women and forced to commit acts of felatio and Sodomy on each other? No. It’s quietly brushed under the carpet and the women are said to have ‘been shown video’s educating them in the ways of male sexuality’.
I’m sorry but that’s a cop out. I know the publisher probably would have baulked if she’d written a scene where all the guys wanked each other off, but you know…. what’s sauce for the goose, etc, etc…
But aside from that I can’t really think of too much to criticise. Of course it’s all rather far fetched, and everyone has piercing eyes and toned physiques (yawn) but that aside it’s an extremely enjoyable read. I will probably keep it too, it’s a lot better than that other one I reviewed a while back (Lust Call) and certainly could be read again I think…