Shifty Nick the Bachelor Returns!

Rejoice, for the US version of the Bachelor is back on TV (and thanks to a slightly naughty downloading site we got to see it too here in the UK). We’ve dabbled with the Australian version, but truthfully it was pretty lame, except for Bachelor number two, Blake, who despite coming over as Mr Sensitive Nice Guy (and passable Barrack Obama impersonator) turned out to be a colossal bastard!

Of course there was a UK version too, but it was utter shite. I believe there was a couple of series that were supposed to be serious, but then came Rugby player and professional blouse Gavin Henson, who spectacularly picked the wrong woman in the final, and then after that we had professional knobhead Spencer Matthews (who had a girlfriend all along)… what a waste of everyone’s time. I mean really.

Still, thankfully Chris Harrison and the gang are back, only this time they have a rather controversial Bachelor in (shifty) Nick, a man who’s already appeared on two seasons of the Bachelorette (once where he got rejected in the final and went on to slut-shame the Bachelorette on live TV) and once where he got passed over (again) in the final and disappeared into the night, heartbroken and devastated.

Shifty as Nick was/is, it was hard not to feel sorry for him, after all being dumped once on national TV was bad enough, but this guy got shafted twice (actually he did the shafting, technically, once in the Fantasy Suite and once in a bathroom). But then he went and did a season of Bachelor in Paradise, a show which is immensely silly and immensely entertaining at the same time. And it was all going so well…

While Chad made an absolute arse of himself and ended up getting thrown off the show for calling Sarah a one-armed bitch (no really), the twins whined pathetically, Vinny got taken for a sucker (and then got his own back when Izzy dumped him and then called him to get him back), and Grant played with fire with the questionably stable Lace, Nick acted like a grown up throughout, even in the face of huge provocation from arch rival and massive douche-bag pizza monster Josh.

So grown up and boring was Nick, that he actually barely warranted any screen time, and so he played out his seemingly emotionless liason with Jen, only to dump her in the final episode (apparently having already signed up for his own season of the Bachelor).

So now we come to Shifty Nick’s season, a curious choice, because Nick is so shifty he can barely look a girl in the eye for more than three seconds, and when he’s not gazing distractedly into the distance he’s cocking his head on one side like some sort of bearded Lady Diana Spencer.

Honestly I couldn’t give a flying fig if Nick finds his soulmate, but regardless I will be glued to the Bachelor because some of these thirty women will undoubtedly be crazy (I’m betting on Josephine, who appeared in the first episode dressed as some kind of porn fantasy Nurse), and I can’t wait for the moment when it inevitably comes out that Liz has not only met Shifty Nick before, but shagged him and then blew him off when he asked for her number. Classic. Then there’s Hailey the token fruit-bat Canadian, Christen, who confusingly looks like the last Bachelorette Jojo (but not as good looking) and Corrine, who defied first episode etiquette and snogged Nick during the first cocktail party.

Yes indeedy, this has all the makings of a classic series of The Bachelor, though truthfully it has some way to go to live up to Kaitlyn’s epic season of trials and tribulations (including that moment in the bathroom with Shifty Nick).

Video of the year…

Things are slowly getting back to ‘normal’, or rather a new normal I suppose with one less parent. I haven’t really felt like posting much lately, in fact to be honest I’m kind of feeling like I would quite like to get this year over with and make a fresh start on Jan 1st 2017.

I’ve never been a great fan of Christmas or new year, but at least this new year should be okay as we will be spending it with friends at their house so it will be a nice chilled evening.

Things have been getting back to normal in the bedroom as well, and Mistress last three orgasms have been nice and hard, this afternoon’s in particular seemed very intense and afterwards Mistress allowed me to worship her ass with my tongue, which got me very close to coming indeed! Fortunately she stopped just as I was about to warn her off, and when I told her how close I had got she told me that I would just have to wait as she didn’t want to let me cum yet. Mmmm. 🙂

As it’s getting near the end of the year I thought I would have a look and see what I thought was the best video I’ve posted this year. Well I haven’t posted that many videos this year but it’s quite easy to pick a winner and that is………..

BBC Trainer for Wife and Cuckold

Time flies when you’re … writing!

Still working on the story, it’s been two weeks now – wow I didn’t realise! I finished the first draft last night, it’s over 9000 words now, which is about 20 sheets of A4, so quite substantial. I wouldn’t be at all surprised if it comes in at over 10,000 words, but we’ll see. Now I have to start from the beginning and analyse every sentence and word to try and make it as good as possible.

= = =

A quick update on the diet, been on it seven weeks now and I’ve lost 16.5lbs, which is quite alright by me. I’m a few pounds behind where I was when I actually went to the Slimming Club, but on the other hand I’m a few £’s up! Haven’t really noticed a huge difference in my appearance yet, maybe I have one less chin… my waistband is a little looser though, and now I have to go to the next hole on my watch strap. So I’m obviously losing off of my wrists – yay, who could ever love a man with fat wrists?

= = =

This afternoon was pretty awesome. Mistress and I went to bed around 5pm for an hour, Mistress had a nice orgasm on my tongue and then gave me a good teasing (with some lovely slaps to my cock and balls, I tell you, when you’ve recently had some hardness issues, there’s nothing like hearing the sound of your Mistress’s hand slapping your rock hard cock 🙂 ).

After sucking, stroking and slapping my cock for quite a while, Mistress straddled me and slipped my cock inside her. It felt really great, especially when she first slid down on me and I pushed my cock up inside her. As Mistress rode me she asked how long it had been since I was allowed to cum on her beautiful feet. I’m not sure how long it is, I’m guessing it was just over two weeks but at the time I really couldn’t be sure.

Then Mistress reached back and stroked my balls while she said, “Who knows where you’ll be allowed to cum next time… maybe you’ll even be allowed to cum inside me.”

“Maybe we’ll play a game where you get a certain number of strokes to cum, is that the sort of game you’d like to play?”

And that was enough to put me on the edge! I hope Mistress will follow up on this, cos that’s exactly the sort of thing which I would love for her to do… 🙂

Mistress lifted off and then did something else I really, really love. She straddled my head and let me lick her gorgeous pussy, which I love in any position, but having her right over me like that is the best, I absolutely love it.

After that Mistress settled down and we cuddled a bit, but my cock refused to calm down and I had to beg Mistress to touch it some more. She told me she would give me ten strokes, but that I had to count them. For some reason after I counted the first one I said ‘Thank you Mistress.’ just like when I am being paddled or whipped, after that Mistress made me thank her for each stroke, which only left my cock even harder…

= = =

Even though I spent some time worshiping Mistress’s gorgeous feet after she came (as I usually do now), much later Mistress decided she wanted some more foot worship. I loved the way she simply said, (completely out of the blue) ‘My feet need kissing’, and held them out in front of her (she was sitting on the sofa). I loved that it was out of the blue, I really want Mistress to feel like she can demand that kind of attention at any moment, and that one day it might extend way beyond worshiping her beautiful feet. 🙂

Story update…

Another 1500 words done, probably another 2-2,500 to go I would think. And then I have to go back to the start and refine it all. Quite a different story to my others, but still a Femdom story with a cuckold element and a higher than usual dose of humiliation than I usually put in my stories.

Still wondering quite how to handle the epilogue part, the story is riddled with necessary ambiguities enabling me to spring a surprise at the end. It will be interesting to see if the Literotica flamers read all the way to the end before raging forth with their judgements! Looking forward to it! 🙂

Building towards a new record?

Not much to report at the moment, I have had a cold all this week which hasn’t helped matters. I did give Mistress R an orgasm on Tuesday, which was lovely and hopefully will do so again tonight.

Currently standing on 49 days (including 2 ruined orgasms) without a proper orgasm. My record is 56 (which included 1 ruined orgasm). I think Mistress has got used to the idea of ruining me now and I wouldn’t be surprised if I get ruined again in the next week or two and beat my record by some margin.

We’ll see…

My diet has been going well, I lost 9lbs the first two weeks. This week is looking like going nowhere – which I don’t understand at all – and as predicted I got a cold. I always get a cold when I start a diet. There’s probably a good scientific reason for it, but it doesn’t really help. When I get a cold I just want to stuff my face!

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