I’m So Sick and Tired of Wearing Panties…

One subject which came up on Saturday night when we were talking with our friends, was how much we all enjoyed the film ‘The Wolf of Wall Street’. ‘S’ mentioned the scene that everybody remembers, where Leo realises his journey home in the Lamborghini Countach wasn’t quite as smooth as he’d thought it was.

But another scene which I remembered was the one below, and one which I’m sure every ‘chastity’ enthusiast, or perhaps more accurately ‘tease and denial’ enthusiast, would have picked up on. Hehehe…

Well worth a watch if you haven’t seen it, it took me a long time to convince Mistress R to watch it, but she really enjoyed it. It certainly could have done with being maybe a half an hour shorter, and maybe with 30% less ‘fucks’… but still a damn good film and one I would watch again.


Lingerie, Awesome Chocolates and Ballbusting…

How’s that for a title! Epic Awesomeness summed up in five words!

Mistress R and I were in London for the day yesterday, it was pretty warm of course, but we had a fantastic day window shopping on Bond Street and generally mooching about. We were going to go to ‘Harmony’ on Oxford Street but there was a Gay Pride march on yesterday which meant huge numbers of people in that area and as it happened we passed an Ann Summers and popped in for a look. Last time we went to an Ann Summers it was pretty shit to be honest, a far cry from the old days when the Ann Summers on Tottenham Court Road used to have a ‘hardcore’ room out the back where they used to sell leg spreaders, DVDs/VHS tapes and other general filth!

Mistress found some underwear she liked although only one of them was available in a ‘small’ (also sold out on the website as well – bugger) so that’s a shame, but still the ones she bought were crotchless and I’m hoping she might decide to wear them for our next Femdom session… or anytime really 🙂

Sadly that’s probably about the sexiest thing that’s happened this week, since Mistress’s heat affected so-so orgasm the other day there’s been nothing to write about and this morning Mistress has started her period too, which on the positive side does mean (weather permitting) we should be able to have our next Femdom session next weekend – fingers crossed for cooler weather.

—— —– —– —– —–

Now by now I’m sure you all know how much I love it when Mistress slaps my balls, and if not then I’ll say it again – I love it when Mistress slaps my balls! Although I definitely need to be turned on first, and the more turned on I get then generally the harder I want her to slap me. When I’m really in the zone what should probably be painful seems to instantly turn to pleasure, probably a bit like it is for people who like being spanked I suppose.

I try to encourage Mistress to slap harder, and she’s definitely more into it now than perhaps she used to be, which is great! And by the end of a good teasing/ball slapping session I’m craving it really hard (or perhaps what I perceive as really hard!) and I would really love to feel Mistress’s gorgeous, silky instep and toes against my balls as well… however, I do feel like I’m treading on dangerously thin ice writing about Mistress slapping and kicking my balls as a lead in to talking about the two videos below… (but that’s okay because she won’t watch them anyway).


There are a lot of ballbusting videos on the internet, and in my opinion about 1% of them are any good. But these two are spectacular, and are both instant ‘Hall of Fame’ videos. Generally ballbusting vids are rarely erotic in the conventional sense, but these two definitely are, I love her attitude and the way he struggles and she holds his legs apart so she can pound his nuts, at least in the second one she lets him cum – haha!

The ballkicking bits are awesome as well, though I could do without the shoes.

Truthfully, I really don’t think I could take anywhere near this level of ball abuse, especially the single nut squeezes. Eeeek! But, honestly, I kind of wish I could… anyway, enjoy these outstanding videos (if you haven’t already).

What’s that you say, where’s the awesome chocolates? Ah well, I thought I’d leave it until the end otherwise you’d only forget about them once you got into Sarah Park’s videos. 🙂

So anyway, when we were in London Mistress and I stumbled upon the Charbonel et Walker shop on Bond Street. I have bought Mistress the ‘Strawberry Truffle’ version of these before occasionally, but we’d never seen a shop of theirs before. They have a goodly selection of pick’n’mix on offer and we bought a few (like six!) to try. Having tried the Sea Salt Billionaires Shortcake Truffles we immediately headed back to the shop and purchased a box of eight pieces.

If you like really good quality chocolates (but you don’t like all that 90% cocoa crap), these are the dog’s bollocks, but I must warn you they are not cheap. One box of eight pieces costs a rather hefty £14.50 / $19. Still for a rare treat, these are absolutely top drawer!

This is Such a Great Video!

As you know, I’m not a great fan of Tumblr, it seems to embody everything wrong with modern life, the disposable nature of it… you could curate the best collection of whatever you enjoy on your Tumblr but no-one will actually ever look at it because they are constantly bombarded with endless posts day in day out…

And yet, just occasionally, something comes along which actually has some genuine merit! Something that I so wanted to share with you that I actually managed to find a youtube video to tell me how to extract the damned code from Tumblr so that I could repost it (if you wanna know then click HERE, for me the hardest part was getting the post on it’s own page – try ‘Permalink’).

So what do we have here then? Well clearly not a ‘professional’ type video, but something that genuinely looks like what it seems to be, a couple in their home having fun. It’s not the best quality video but in a strange way that kind of adds to it, rather than detracts. I really like that she’s just wearing a casual T-shirt rather than being ‘dressed up’ for the occasion, if you know what I mean. Overall you just feel like this is a just a ‘normal’ night in their house… fantastic!

It’s like a sub-male’s dream, kneeling on the floor and worshiping his wife’s feet and pussy while she (seemingly) watches porn on the TV, and drinks from a bottle (wine or beer I’m not sure). It just strikes as very genuine and her expressions are very hot, and I love the way she pulls his head into her as she gets close to cumming… all in all a very cool video I think, and I hope you agree…

Not that I’m advocating joining the cult of Tumblr of course, but if you should feel the need to view mine, the link is on the right side of the screen.

A Very Simple Question

So as I mentioned in my last post, one of my new readers sent me an email telling me how much he liked my blog (thanks T-Hound) and also posed a question which is slightly off the beaten track, if not entirely unconnected to the nature of this blog.

So, here goes nothing.

Question: Who is your favourite porn star?

Well, there’s a simple question, which demands a slightly complicated and a no doubt unnecessarily long answer…

The thing is, there’s isn’t really one porn star that I ‘follow‘ (to use that disturbingly modern term), indeed I really don’t watch porn that much (well only for inspiration and education purposes you understand – hahaha) and I certainly don’t watch the usual ‘Jules Jordan’ type of stuff. For a start I really don’t find fake tits attractive, and team that with day-glo pink fishnet, baby oil and platform shoes – well, it’s nothing short of an accident waiting to happen isn’t it?

Obviously, given my predilections, I’d much rather watch something where the woman was ‘in charge’ shall we say, and that narrows the market substantially. Although having said that, to be fair, I’m an equal opportunities fetishist, and I can still find worth in watching BOBBI STARR BEING FACE FUCKED IN A BATHROOM by Nacho Vidal (man that dude is ugly)… but it’s the exception rather than the rule.

And of course there is a fair amount of ‘Cuckold’ porn out there (of varying quality), this VIDEO starring Samantha Sin is one of the best I’ve seen, although it’s best watched with the sound off (like a lot of porn really) because her voice is fucking annoying!

But I wouldn’t say I particularly like Samantha Sin, the main attraction for me is the cream pie eating element and the ending when the ‘husband’ cums on her feet and licks them clean, and also her demeanour towards the ‘husband’ – which goes a long way to making or breaking a cuckold video for me.

As an aside, why can’t porn makers find some guys to make these films who aren’t either twenty years older than their supposed ‘wives’, or weedy looking and depressingly unattractive? I get that it feeds the narrative, but I have to say they are maybe over egging the pudding slightly.

Anyway, videos likely to make it into my ‘Hall of Fame’ (actually I am going to re-arrange the videos soon, because listing them by year hasn’t worked out as well as I hoped – and I am strongly considering a ‘Hall of Fame’ so that visitors can find the best videos without having to wade through several hundred links) are most likely to be ones of a Femdom nature, be that BDSM, CBT, ruined orgasms or whatever.

One of the first ‘porn stars’ I came across who made those kinds of videos was the ‘Barefoot Princess’, (I forget her actual name, I think it’s Melanie…) a lady with an unusual ‘Gothic’ look who has made a fair number of videos with her tattooed ‘boyfriend’ which usually involve some kind of CBT (VIDEO). Part of me really wants one of those perspex things…

I guess I should give a mention to Ashley Fires, if only for this VIDEO. She’s definitely one of the better looking porn stars out there, and of course there’s Mistress T who is unusual in that she looks relatively mature, but is undoubtedly hot as hell. Who doesn’t love a woman who knees her guy in the balls as he’s cumming. WOW!

Go on then – it’s HERE.

So, I think it’s safe to say that we’ve established that for me really it’s not so much the porn-star that makes a video great, but rather the scenario and the execution. True the ‘star’ makes a difference, but maybe not as much as you might imagine.
Having said that, ‘MEGAN‘ from Russian Mistresses is awesome because she’s such a convincing ‘bitch’ (I don’t even mind her foot tattoo and I usually hate them), but if you really put a gun to my head I’d have to give it to Bobbi Starr. If only because she’s the perfect all rounder, CUCKOLDRESS, DOMINATRIX, ANAL QUEEN or SOLO. She’s kind of like the Jamie Lee Curtis of porn, only dirtier.
So there you go. Enjoy the videos… if you haven’t already. 🙂

So wrong, but…

This is like ‘Woah!’… but you can’t help but love how much she’s enjoying herself! I can kind of see the appeal of being so incredibly hard though, it’s like a cock ring on steroids! Even so… this definitely falls into the category of ‘Super Hot, even though it totally shouldn’t be!’.

I love the bit where she says ‘Were you cut right here?’ and he says ‘Nails’… to which she responds ‘Ooooooh I like!’.