A Very Satisfied Customer…


I got a private message from someone on the Milovana website this morning, sounds like he enjoyed my webtease quite a bit!

Hi, thanks for a wonderful tease. 
As such i am not a fan of maze-themed tease, but I loved this one very much. You may have guessed I am an edge addict, so I love edging. But the problem with me is if I edge too fast I ruin it, if too slow I lose interest. 
This one was very well paced. I didn’t ruin it even once during my play and it kept me sufficiently horny to complete the tease by hook or by crook. 
I did the tease over 2 days – 2 hours each to reach the end. I practically went through every path till it led to the end. 
i choose the cumming part but alas i could not complete it in time, not even a ruined orgasm!!!!
So I am still left horny and waiting, however its time to go back to my chastity cage. 
Thanks again for the wonderful tease

New Comment and a Brief Update on my Webtease…

I looked at my Literotica homepage for the first time in a month last night and found that someone had left a comment on one of my most popular stories (Punishing Scott’s Balls):

ANONYMOUS SAID: I had my girl friend read this and she took me to the edge with my balls being smashed flat and making me beg her to hurt them. Oh the sweet pain. And for the next several days she would take them in her had and tighten her hands till I moaned and begged to hurt me more. This last time it took 3 weeks for them to stop hurting with me begging for more. GREAT STORY

My webtease ‘House of Edging: Stella Cox’ has been viewed 11,500 times as of this morning, and currently has a rating of 4.1 out of 5. Annoyingly, that’s not good enough to get me into the ‘Tease of the Month’ run off, so let’s hope I pick up some scores before time runs out.

You can view my webtease HERE and once again, here is the map to help you navigate through the house.

New Tease Posted on MILOVANA (House of Edging: Stella Cox)…

I’ve just posted my latest webtease on Milovana, this is the most elaborate one I’ve done yet and has taken some considerable time to complete. For those who want it I’ve done a map which should assist in playing the tease. This provides a basic layout, complete with the numbers of the rooms (which are displayed as you travel through the house), if people want it I could do a more detailed map showing all the secret passages and the rooms you need to visit to complete the tease – but I don’t want to put that up right away…

Here’s the link to the tease, let me know what you think!



OMG I Actually Won Something!

I’ve just noticed I won the best tease of the month for June on the Milovana site! I can’t help thinking it was luck to be honest since, the other entries weren’t up to the usual standard and the tease that won is far from the best one I’ve done, but still. a victory is a victory and I’ll take it!

It was a pretty comprehensive victory at that! 🙂

You can view my winning tease HERE

A Little Bit of Self-Promotion and BOOM!

It has been a long, long time, but I’ve finally written and posted a new Webtease on the Milovana website. My last one was done about eighteen months ago, and I thought I was done with it, but the right idea and photo-set came along and so I put it together and stuck it on there, and it’s currently doing pretty well with a user score of 4.3 / 5.0 (from 3,500 views). I’m pretty happy with that given that it’s a fairly straightforward tease that didn’t take hours and hours to construct (I do have an idea for an epic tease – but it would require a lot of work so don’t hold your breath!).

It occurred to me that a new tease might be an opportunity to promote this blog, and since Milovana allows that kind of thing, or at least doesn’t actively prevent it, I put a message on the final page inviting people to visit here. Well, to say that worked would be an understatement.

With a renewed audience I am feeling obliged to endure there is plenty of interesting content to read, which gives me something of a dilemma. Since it wasn’t that long ago that I was seriously wondering if this blog had much of a future, other than as a promotional platform for my writing.

After all, this blog has been going a long time now (over six years, starting as a ‘blogspot’ before moving to ‘fetblogger’ a few years ago) and truthfully there’s only so many ways I can describe being teased and denied. Similarly, as exciting as the Femdom sessions are for me and Mistress R, I must have written up about fifty of them and they really aren’t that different each and every time.

Perhaps it’s no wonder then that most blogs fizzle out or quickly expose themselves as the work of fantasists… though thankfully, there doesn’t seem to be nearly as much of that sort of thing as there used to be. Perhaps because it’s utterly pointless?

I’ve always enjoyed some good interaction with my readers, although it must be said – not so much of late (Collaredmichael is the wonderfully reliable exception), and I always endeavour to respond to comments and emails either here or privately. So perhaps it’s fitting that one of my new readers should provide me with a question which I can write a post about (thanks T-Hound), and please if you have a question or a comment or a topic you’d like to raise, please leave a comment in the box below or email me at pe.rob.666@gmail.com

Click HERE to view my new webtease.


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