This is a list of ‘ideas’ which will be a good source inspiration for Mistress for our Femdom sessions and also a useful resource for my story writing …

— — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — —


001 – CUMMING: Jerk slave (or have slave jerk himself) onto the PVC sheet and lick it up (subtext – he doesn’t ‘deserve’ to cum on you)

002 – CUMMING: Edge slave and let go, then ruin his orgasm by fucking his ass with a dildo or strap-on to push him over the edge (may need repeated edges)

003 – Plug slaves ass before he goes down on you.

004 – Use the crop to swat the pegs off slaves nipples

005 – Use the crop or cock whip on other parts of the body, such as nipples or inner thighs.

006 – CUMMING: Have slave cum inside you, then push your glass dildo inside you and make him lick and suck it clean, repeat until it comes out clean (lots of potential for verbal teasing here!)

007 – Have slave on his knees on the bed, stand on the bed and have him suck your strap-on, even better if you’ve just fucked his ass.

008 – Flick your fingers against slave’s balls

009 – Drag your nails across slave’s cock / balls.

010 – Use your palm on the head of slave’s cock

011 – When slave has been allowed to cum normally, continue stroking him for as long as pleases you (as long as he’s tied down!)

012 – CUMMING: Hold slave’s cock and make him fuck your hand to cum (hold your hand still, how tight you grip is up to you…)

013 – Put slave’s balls in a ball crusher and tighten the screws every time he gets to lick your ass.

014 – CUMMING: Have slave cum inside you with his balls in the ball stretcher and his ass plugged. (could be combined with 006)

015 – CUMMING: Stroke slave to orgasm with one hand while slapping his balls with the other