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14 thoughts on “Gallery

  1. What a stunning lady, what a lucky guy you are.
    An amazing couple… love the stories, near died at the pictures.
    Sometimes the world just gets it right…. and you two are living proof.

    Thankyou for sharing

    • Hi Bob
      Thank you for your lovely comment, Mistress loves to receive comments like that 🙂
      Yes she is stunning and I know I am a very lucky guy.
      Especially this morning too.

    • Hi Carl
      Thanks for your comment, it is much appreciated. Hope you continue to enjoy the blog and hopefully there will be more to write soon.

  2. Simply beautiful wife/Mistress! Love her finger and toe nails color. Her breasts are gorgeous and inviting. Excellent legs! What a lovely woman that you are owned by. I noticed the “key” around her neck! The blog is a wonderful endeavor!

    • Hi Priscilla
      Sadly the key has only ever been for show… thanks for your lovely comments, Mistress appreciated them! 🙂

  3. Hi Robert
    I hadn’t realized that I never commented on your gallery. Your Mistress is lovely! Thank you both for sharing these images. I find images of the actual people involved with a blog make the blog so much better. It takes on a bigger air of reality somehow! All the best

    • Hi CM
      Thanks for your lovely comments, I will pass them on to Mistress who always love to receive compliments from our readers.

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