Some Lovely Ass Worship…

Mistress has just enjoyed her fourth orgasm of the month, and a very hard one it was too. She’s still really getting off on me teasing her ass while I lick her gorgeous pussy, which is great, I love touching her ass – it’s very hot!

Unfortunately for me my cock is really pissing me off at the moment, it’s often hard in the mornings but not so much in the evenings, and even the cock ring is letting me down a bit at the moment. I seem to get to the edge unusually quickly as well, not like super-quick, but very quick for me… I can usually take quite a lot of teasing before edging, sometimes Mistress doesn’t even edge me at all.

To be honest, I thought I was hard earlier until Mistress started slapping my cock and then I realised it really wasn’t… (like I said the other day at the moment I really have limited ‘sensation’, I think this is largely due to tiredness which affects my damaged nerves) but Mistress did get me hard in the end, she straddled my chest and gave me a perfect view of her gorgeous asshole and that pretty much did the trick! I was almost edging before she even straddled me and that pushed me a lot closer. I had to warn Mistress and she stopped, I was so bummed that I wouldn’t get to lick her ass… so I waited a few seconds and begged Mistress to let me lick her ass.

She said yes, as long as I promised not to cum. I was pleased that Mistress went easy on my cock because I’m sure I could have edged again quite quickly if she’d wanted me to… Mistress made me beg a little more before she allowed me to tongue her asshole and I so loved doing that.

After that Mistress called a halt which was a shame, but I was still quite ‘edgey’ so it was probably for the best.

Mistress and I have the next week off and hopefully I will get lots of sleep and hopefully my nerve problems will get back to normal (ie – just no feeling in my foot, that I can cope with!).

Literotica still haven’t posted my latest story, I don’t know what’s going on there… I submitted it last Sunday I think, it’s usually no more than four days. Oh well, hopefully it won’t be too much longer.

Drama, Sleep Deprivation and Bobbi Starr!

I hope you all enjoyed my story that I posted earlier, as I said before, this will be the last Femdom/Chastity/Cuckold story for a while, but I will still be writing… just different topics. I’ve smashed my goal of four stories this year, so I feel quite content really, but no doubt I will be returning to these familiar subjects before too long.

Last night Mistress and I had a very late night. On Friday night next door’s dog was barking from 11:30pm until about 12:20am, and then last night the same neighbours were having an argument outside at 12:30am! It’s very unusual as we live in a very quiet cul-de-sac in a village… but after the drama of the police coming and everything we were too awake to go to sleep so we stayed up and watched a DVD of The Ricky Gervais Show

Mistress was just wearing her dressing gown and she lay down on the sofa with her legs over my lap. It was lovely but very distracting, I kept looking at her gorgeous feet and stroking her legs. Mistress’s legs and feet are so gorgeous, they really do drive me completely nuts! 🙂

This morning we woke up reasonably late, and Mistress turned over to talk to me with her body half out of the covers. I couldn’t resist touching her hips, which I think are sexy as fuck! After a while Mistress reached under the sheets and discovered my morning wood. She stroked me a little and then held my cock firmly and let me fuck her hand.

I must admit I do kinda like that, it’s kind of humiliating to have to tease myself in effect. But I like that. I remember the first time I read about that kind of thing it was in an old Black Lace book called ‘Cassandra’s Conflict’ by Fredrica Alleyn. Black Lace stories generally revolved around some faintly ridiculous plot that usually involved people who owned their own islands and required governesses who were then trained in the joys of submission… but some of the sex scenes were hot. At least they were at the time, how well they will have aged is debatable I guess, especially since my own tastes and experiences have moved on somewhat…

But that was something I remembered from that book, there was some kind of Domme and she had a slave lying down on his back, who was desperate for relief and she just held his cock lightly and he had to fuck her hand basically, to try and get enough stimulation to cum. Of course, the closer he got the looser her grip became and if I remember correctly each time he got close to the edge she let go and let him calm down before starting again. HOT! 🙂

This evening Mistress had another orgasm, which was a little muted somehow… it didn’t seem to be quite as good as it could have been. I think we were both a little overtired to tell you the truth, although Mistress was clearly VERY eager for me to tease her ass with my finger. That was very cool. 🙂 Though I’m not sure if I didn’t remove it a little too fast when she started to cum… maybe that was the problem?

After Mistress had cum she asked if I minded waiting until tomorrow for my teasing. I said of course not, though really she shouldn’t need to ask… teasing should be a privilege bestowed on me, not an expectation, but despite my assurances Mistress seems to struggle with that a little. I did ask her how I was going to ‘atone’ for my accident yesterday, and she said she was still thinking about it. I guess we’ll see what comes of that?

You may remember my post the other day where I mentioned that I struggle to think of ‘celebrities’ that I find attractive. But being as this is an ‘adult‘ blog, it’s fair to say there is one person who most of my readers would know of who I think is very attractive and who just happens to be a porn star…

According to Wikipedia, Bobbi Starr didn’t start making porn until she was 23 and did nearly 600 scenes in the following seven years before she moved into directing – which obviously means internet videos of her being violated in every hole by men with huge penises are easier to find than those featuring Biggest Loser hard-body trainer Jen Widderstrom. Well.., I imagine so, to be fair I haven’t actually checked!

(Okay, in the interests of thoroughness, I Googled Jen Widderstrom Sex Tape, Jen Widderstrom Pounded Hard and Jen Widderstrom Huge Cocks and came up with absolutely nothing… so it seems I was correct. 🙂 )

Also, of course, Bobbi has made quite a lot of Femdom porn, so she’s fully up to speed there, which means no awkward conversations about strap-ons, cream pies and ruined orgasms… which is good to know (and probably gives her a significant edge over Jen if I’m honest).

There is one little fly in the ointment however, Wiki claims she identifies as more ‘gay’ than ‘straight’… but saying that, she married a bloke called Ted in 2013, so that shows you how reliable Wikipedia is!

Gotta be weird marrying a porn star, I’ve read before where ex-porn stars say their sex lives with their husbands isn’t like the sex they had on camera, but, I don’t know. Surely she’s going to be like ‘Can’t we just cuddle’ and he’s going to be like ‘Cuddle… hell no, I want to shove this marrow up your ass and skullfuck you!’, and she’s going to be like ‘Dude… behave!’ and he’s going to be like ‘Damn woman, you let Rick Ramrod skullfuck you and shove a marrow up your butt in ‘Xtreem Marrow Whores 17′! – What’s up with that, don’t you love me anymore?’.

Well, maybe not… but still, she definitely has something about her that I like, and her ‘street smarts’ are definitely an asset versus Jen, who is pretty, but… I just don’t see her responding well to my requests for tease and denial and ball slapping somehow… but then again, maybe I’m doing her a disservice? You never know… 🙂

The Fantasy Game (Written in August 2017)

Ever since I can remember, Charlie – my husband, has been pestering me to tell him my fantasies. I don’t know why, but even though I’m open-minded and willing to help him realise his fantasies I’ve always been very reserved about revealing my own. I don’t really know why that is, I just have a block when it comes to revealing my inner thoughts I guess. Maybe I think it will be embarrassing or I think Charlie will judge me, which is ridiculous really, considering the fantasies he’s shared with me…

So one day I thought, maybe I should tell him. But to make it a little more fun, I decided that if he really wanted to know he’d have to ‘pay’ for it somehow, and so I devised a little game for him.

Charlie had been locked up for nearly six weeks, with only a few brief teasing sessions in between. Of course he’d licked my pussy and made me cum countless times, but I thought it was probably time I let him out and maybe allowed him to cum.

He was lying back on the bed, naked save for his cage when I settled down between his legs and leaned down to kiss his stomach and let the key on my necklace drag along his inner thigh.

“Do you want out?” I asked, knowing full well the answer.

“Oh yes Mistress, please…” he gasped.

“Mmmm, let me think,” I teased, allowing my fingers to gently stroke and squeeze his aching balls.

“Okay, well, I think I’m going to let you out, and I might even let you cum, but….”

I paused for dramatic effect.

“…that’s up to you.”

Charlie lifted his head and looked at me curiously, while I slid the key into the lock and turned it, then pulled the hasp of the padlock out of the cage fixture. He moaned as he felt the cage pull away and his cock slowly start to harden. I decided to leave the back ring on as it was too much trouble to get off and anyway, if anything it would keep his cock rock solid and make the game harder for him.

“So, I want to know how badly you want to cum…” I said, teasing his cock with just the tips of my fingers.

Charlie babbled about how bad he needed it, but I wasn’t really listening. I picked up the bottle of lube that sat next to me on the bed and tipped it up, squeezing out a thick river of glistening goo which drizzled down his cock.

I put the bottle down and wrapped my fingers around his cock, slowly teasing it and allowing my hand to come right up to the very top, until his cock slipped out of my fist altogether. I waited a moment and then grabbed his cock again and used my other hand to cradle his full and heavy balls.

“So, what if I wanted you to wait another two weeks, would you do that for me?”

Charlie groaned.

“Please Mistress, no… I can’t take any more, I need to cum so bad.”

There was a note of suffering in Charlie’s voice that almost made me feel bad, but as I felt myself getting wet I quickly put that aside.

“Hmm, you have been a very good husband lately… I almost feel bad, but on the other hand, what if you were willing to trade something for another two weeks of chastity, something you’ve wanted for a long time?”

Charlie looked at me expectantly…

“Haha, no… you’re not getting your cock inside my ass Charlie. Not this time… my ass is worth way more than two weeks.”

Charlie’s face turned to disappointment then confusion.

“But, what else…?” he asked.

“Well, you’re always asking me to tell you my fantasies aren’t you?”

Charlie perked up at this and I felt his cock swell slightly.

“Oh… you like that idea?”

“Yes Mistress, please…”

“Mmmm…. Well, how about I tell you the rules first and then you can decide?”

Charlie nodded his agreement and waited expectantly.

“If I tell you my fantasy, then I will tease you throughout and if you don’t cum then I will lock your cock up for another two weeks, after which I will let you cum, though I’m not saying how or where, but it will be a full orgasm. If on the other hand you cum while I’m telling you my fantasy, then I will let go and it will be ruined. Afterwards I will lock you up for two weeks and then I will give you a chance to cum, but that’s all – a chance. I’m thinking I might have another game in mind for you by then… so, how bad do you want it Charlie?”

I continued stroking him slowly, watching as he thought it over. If he’d decided not to go for it I would have let him cum, but he’d pestered me so many times I was pretty sure he would take me up on my offer… and truthfully I would have been a little disappointed if he hadn’t.

“I HAVE to know…” whispered Charlie.

“Are you sure?” I said. “You’re really willing to give up a certain orgasm now, just to hear my dirty little fantasy?”

“Yes,” he croaked.

I smiled and gave his cock a little squeeze.

“Oh… and just one more thing, if you cum, then the fantasy stops right there, understand?”

Charlie sighed loudly, I’m sure he knew he was making a terrible decision, but he was so desperate to know what went on in my head, I think I could’ve added all kinds of rules and he would have agreed to everything and anything. But I didn’t want to take advantage too much… maybe next time though.

I gently pulled on his balls as I stroked his cock, not too fast, just fast enough to keep his attention.

“Well, I’d want you there to start with… naked, but locked. Definitely locked. And frustrated, very, very frustrated… I think I’d have to edge you three or four times a day for a couple of weeks, so that you were nice and desperate for me, nice and pliable…”

I smiled at him then and he let out a small whimper.

“Yes, pliable and willing to do whatever I wanted…”

I let go of his cock for a moment and pulled my T-shirt off over my head and unfastened my bra, then slid the straps down my arms and dropped it on the floor, then I bent down and rubbed my soft tits against his cock bringing more moans of pleasure from his trembling mouth.

“You’d be between my legs, where you belong, licking my beautiful pussy. You love to do that I know, and I know you’d get me nice and wet for what was coming next. I’d want to cum at least twice, so that I was really soaked and then while you licked and worshipped my pussy I’d have three well hung guys standing by the bed, stroking their cocks, showing them off for me.”

Charlie’s cock bucked in my hand at that and I slowed my stroking down a touch, I think I could have made him cum then if I’d really wanted to, but I wanted to play fair, at least for now.

“As you licked me I’d motion for them to come nearer and I’d suck them each in turn, until eventually I’d lift my leg and press my foot into your shoulder and shove you back. You’d move off the bed and come and kneel up by my head where I could see you, and where you could watch me and see every expression on my face as I got the fucking of my life.”

“What sort of guys would they be?” asked Charlie, trying to visualize my fantasy men.

I thought about it for a moment, trying to focus on the men in my fantasy.

“A little rough, big guys… guys who work outside, builders maybe, or something like that…”

“Are they all white or are any of them black?”

I stopped to think for a moment.

“No I don’t think so, I’ve never really thought about it… I don’t focus on them too much, just their cocks, so no, now I come to think about it, they’re all white. Big white cocks for my tight white pussy.”

I thought I heard a slight grunt of disappointment but decided to ignore it and speeded up my strokes a little, using my thumb to tease the head of his slippery cock.

“The first one gets on the bed and rubs the tip of his cock up and down my pussy until I plead with him to slide it in. Even though I’m soaking wet he goes really slow, teasing me with his thick stalk, stretching my tight little pussy out. I look over at you and watch your expression as another man fucks me for the first time… knowing you can never fill me up like he can.”

Charlie’s cock bucked in my hand again.

“It feels so good having his thick cock filling me up and knowing there are two more guys who want to take me. The first guy gets into his stride and pushes my legs back up against my chest, squashing my tits as he pounds his meat into me. I pull you close and kiss you while he slams his cock into me, and I can see in your eyes you can taste their cocks on my lips.”

I let go of Charlie’s cock for a moment, playing with his head…

“You’re not getting close are you baby, I’d hate for you to miss out on the story?”

“No, please don’t stop…”

I took hold of his cock again and squeezed it three or four times before I started stroking again.

“Okay… well, the first guy really drills me and finishes up dumping his load in my pussy. He pulls out and lets my legs down and then squeezes the rest of his cum out of his cock and wipes his hand on my tits. I look over at you and without even saying anything you know what you have to do. You lean forward and suck and lick at my soft tits until they are clean and then you kiss me again, so I can taste his cum on your lips.”

Charlie’s hips bucked forward at this and I loosened my grip, but still kept slowly stroking.

“It’s getting hard to hold back isn’t it baby, I know… but you said you wanted to hear this..”

I let go of Charlie’s cock for a moment and used both hands to play with and squeeze his aching balls, I love doing that.

“Do you want to hear the rest?”

“Yes Mistress… please, tell me everything,” Charlie’s voice was husky and cracking as he spoke.

“Are you sure, maybe I could stop now and still offer you the two week deal?”

“No, please Mistress, please tell me…”

I slid my right hand up his shaft and started stroking again, but my left hand continued to work on his balls.

“Okay, so the first guy moves out of the way and then the second guy gets on the bed. He has the middle sized cock, and he grabs my legs and pulls me down the bed towards him – which I really love, and then he pushes the head of his cock in and slams it all the way in. He’s not that much bigger than the first guy, and I’m so wet and sloppy that it goes in easy, but I can still really feel it. He tells me to play with my tits for him and I reach up squeeze and knead my tits like a real slut, I even try and suck my own nipples but I can’t quite reach, so I tell you to do it instead.”

I let go of his balls now and started squeezing my tits instead, which only made me wetter still.

“The guy tells you to bite my tits and you don’t want to at first, but then the he shouts at you to bite me and you sink your teeth into me…”

I stopped talking for a moment as I remembered how many times that part of the fantasy signalled the start of my orgasm.

“He keeps on fucking me for a while, then pulls out and spins me over onto my front. He orders me up onto my knees and then slams it back into me, deeper now as I push back against him, wanting every last inch of his cock as deep as it will go.”

I looked down at Charlie, this must be killing him, I couldn’t even remember the last time I’d allowed him to fuck me from behind like that.

“Soon it gets the better of him and he drives into me hard, until I’m begging him to stop. But he doesn’t, he just keeps pounding me until he drops his load into my slutty cunt as well. He pulls out and I can feel the cum just oozing out of me, dripping onto the bed and down my thighs, but I’ve still got one more big, hard cock to go.”

I leaned forward and took the tip of his cock into my mouth, swirling my tongue around the head for a few moments.

“The last guy takes his place and turns me back over, his cock is quite a bit bigger than the other two and I really feel it as he slides it in, even with some of the other two guys’ cum still inside me. I grab your hand and look over at you as he forces every last inch of his throbbing meat inside me and…”

Charlie’s cock bucked once and I let go, watching intently as he moaned for me to continue my story. I was just about to slide my fingers back around his glistening shaft and finish telling him my fantasy when I saw the first bead of white appear at the very tip of his cock. It stopped there, frozen in time until I leaned forward and gently slapped his swollen, desperate balls.

That was all it took, and Charlie moaned in frustration as the cum started to really flow, dripping down his aching length and pooling at the base of his cock. I sighed loudly and pulled away, trying not to laugh and actually feeling just a little bit sorry for him. I’m sure he knew where the rest of my fantasy was going, but it doesn’t hurt to keep him guessing…

“Please Mistress…” he whined, “please finish the story!”

Despite his ruined orgasm, Charlie’s cock was still rock hard and the temptation to stroke it again was enormous… but rules are rules, he came and that was the end of it.

“No. But I might tell you in two weeks time, if you keep me sweet.”

New Story Coming…

I will be posting a new story tomorrow. I know I said that I wouldn’t be writing any more ‘Femdom/Chastity/Cuckold’ stories for a while, but I had a short one almost finished on my desktop and so I thought it would be good to get that one out of the way.

I’m just going to get Mistress to read it through and double-check my grammar, spelling and also the narrative perspective as this story is written (quite unusually for me) from the point of view of the woman in the story…

An Accidental Ruin…

I guess it’s quite surprising it hasn’t happened more often, in fact I think this is only the second or third time it’s happened in over six years, but today I did indeed have an accident!

Mistress had another lovely orgasm with my tongue on her clit and my finger teasing her sexy asshole, and after some foot worship she started teasing my cock. I decided to try to for-go the cock ring today and it was a relative success, if not quite the baseball bat I’d been hoping for…

Mistress was stroking me nicely and I seemed to edge really quickly, in fact I thought I had blown it the first time since I could pretty much feel the cum rising up my shaft, but I warned Mistress and she backed off and all seemed well. A few minutes later and I edged again, even more suddenly and this time Mistress wasn’t quite quick enough and we both watched as the cum started to trickle from the head of my cock.

I apologised but Mistress didn’t seem unduly troubled by my unauthorised emission. It was a little unfortunate though as I was just about to ask permission to worship her gorgeous ass and obviously I couldn’t really ask after that, could I?

Hmm, well, maybe I’ll get another chance tomorrow…

More on Peter’s Question

Yesterday Mistress told me that she had caught up with my blog posts and mentioned my choice of Jen Widderstrom as being a good one… it’s so hard for me to think of any ‘celebrity’ that I have a thing about, I have zero interest in all the sort of ‘common’ ones, and even when I do think of someone it’s usually rather more specific than ‘X’, it will be ‘X when she was in this film’, or ‘X when she had this haircut’ or more likely ‘X but twenty five years ago’!

As she’d brought it up I asked her what she thought of Peter’s question, and as usual Mistress gave a one line answer.

“I don’t think it’s relevant to my life with you.”

750 Wonderful Orgasms

Tonight Mistress has reached her 750th orgasm since we started our full time chastity lifestyle (and this blog) in April 2011. In the process we also equalled the monthly record which has stood at fourteen orgasms in one calendar month since 2013. Of course it’s a shame we couldn’t have squeezed just one more in and unfortunately Mistress has a night out tomorrow, but still, over the last year or two we’ve struggled to get into double figures most months so this is a really fantastic result…

Also I did chicken out and use the cock ring again, but my cock seemed nice and hard. I’ve been doing lots of kegels the last few days so hopefully they are having a positive effect, Mistress dragging her fingers around my ass and slapping my balls certainly helped of course, and I would have loved to have slid my cock into Mistress’s beautiful pussy… but it wasn’t on the cards tonight. Mistress left me thoroughly teased and aching and as we cuddled afterwards my cock felt amazing as it rubbed up and down against her sexy thigh… 🙂

It seems so long ago that I was cumming on Mistress’s beautiful feet and licking them clean, I can’t quite believe it was only two days ago. I really loved doing that and I really hope I don’t have to wait as long to do it again…

Another Difficult Question from Peter (V2.0)

In the best recent traditions of this blog, this post has been posted, taken down, completely rewritten from scratch and reposted…

PETER SAID: Does it bother you that Mistess R’s fantasy man is the ultimate ALPHA MALE?

Peter loves to ask me difficult questions, don’t you Peter? 🙂

So, does it bother me that Mistress finds Arnold attractive. Not really, and no more than it should, and no more than it should bother her that I think Jen Widderstrom is attractive…

(As an aside, you wouldn’t believe how hard it was for me to come up with someone ‘famous’ to use as an example… I just really don’t go for celebrities. Jen was Jillian Michaels replacement on The Biggest Loser and at first I thought she was okay, but when she started dressing ‘HOT’ for the weigh-ins I started to like her. 🙂 )

But it is true that all of Mistress R’s ‘crushes’ do seem to follow a pattern: Arnie, Dwayne Johnson, Faderhead, Andy Laplegua (Combichrist) and Clint Eastwood. All of which are big, muscular guys, except perhaps Clint Eastwood, but then Clint Eastwood is cooler than all the others put together so I totally get that.

But I think Peter’s point is more that Mistress seems to go for guys who look a certain way and who you would expect to ‘act’ a certain way… and leaving aside the fact that making judgements about people based on their appearance is something of a sticky wicket, I think that’s fair comment (although having said that, what does a sexually submissive guy look like exactly?)

I’m sure every submissive guy has times where he worries that he’s not comforming to the ‘ideal’ man stereotype, and I’m no different. And I’m very aware that the way we live now is very much ‘my’ fantasy and not Mistress’s and while Mistress seems happy enough it does bother me sometimes that we’ve never tried playing out her fantasies, but then whenever I’ve tried to prompt Mistress about that I haven’t really got anywhere (even before the whole Chastity/Femdom thing).

I mean I know what Mistress’s fantasies are like, I’ve written enough of them for her after all, and they do tend to feature submissive women of various types. But I don’t really see anything that suggests to me that Mistress would enjoy actually being submissive to any great degree, beyond some very light spanking during sex. I could be wrong of course, but I think Mistress’s fantasies are one thing and reality is another…

Mistress personality is quite ‘controlled’, she is very precise about everything and likes to plan everything, she doesn’t like to do things on the spur of the moment, and she doesn’t like surprises, she definitely likes to be in control or at least feel that she knows exactly what’s going on at all times, which doesn’t strike me as the type of personality to want to be dominated… and lets not forget it was 100% her idea that if I wanted to be in chastity then she would be the only one allowed to initiate penetration. Doesn’t really gel well with the idea of the Alpha Male who ‘takes what he wants when he wants’ does it?* Or maybe that’s exactly the kind of woman who wants to dominated? Fucked if I know… damn sexuality is complicated!

(*Speaking of which do we all remember that book I reviewed a few weeks ago where the female author said that any man who asked ‘permission’ to fuck her in the ass not only wouldn’t get that permission but also wouldn’t get a second date? Which all leads back to this ‘if you have to ask you’ve already failed’ bullshit…).

I must admit sometimes I think I would love to take a break from chastity and to try dominating Mistress, but I can’t see it working very well at all. Not least because Mistress has a very low pain threshold and honestly she wouldn’t last two minutes without trying to top from the bottom. So, while I would like to try, I think I would give up pretty quickly because the ‘boundaries‘ that would inevitably be set would make it incredibly difficult.

Of course, tumblr knows better… 🙂

I think, as well, you have to remember that I am only submissive ‘sexually’, I’m not submissive in general life. I think that makes a big difference. I’m sure Mistress would love it if I had Arnold’s muscles, but even if I did it wouldn’t change my obsession with her gorgeous feet, would it?

I remember Sarah Jameson (legendary Chastity blogger) writing once that if she became single again she wouldn’t date anyone that wouldn’t submit to her control, and indeed she said ideally her new man would never have anything but ruined orgasms with her. I don’t particularly think if we were single again that Mistress R would seek out another submissive type, but then I’m not 100% sure I would seek out another Mistress type either… I think I’d actually go for a really slutty, submissive girl who’d suck my cock after I’d fucked her in the ass while pulling her hair and spanking her black and blue.

Only joking… as long as she liked receiving lots of oral and looked like Jen I’d be fine. 🙂

This post is a complete car crash isn’t it, thanks Peter, you really are a pain in the backside! Hahahahahaha.

FEMDOM SESSION: 28th August 2017

I must admit I was rather nervous going into this session, especially after my little ED episode last week, and even though we’d had two teasing sessions since (albeit with the cock ring on) which had been successful I was still a little apprehensive. Unfortunately I am very bad about ‘not stressing’ about it, which as you can imagine can perpetuate a vicious cycle…

Then we were supposed to do it yesterday, but we delayed it and then it was too hot and then we both didn’t really feel up to it, even though we both know that usually once you start adrenaline takes over, but at the same time we both felt pretty tired from our trip away and the subsequent late nights, indeed we slept later this morning than we intended so we obviously needed the rest.

Besides, what better way to spend your Bank Holiday Monday than having super hot sex? It certainly beats going to the beach. 🙂

Things got off to a slightly wobbly start, I managed to bang my hand on a door handle earlier today and then when I was waiting for Mistress in the bedroom with a couple of minutes to spare before the start of our session, I heard her turning the door handle (I can only assume her bedside clock is a bit slow!) and in the rush to pull my blindfold down and get down on my knees before she opened the door I managed to twist my knee which was momentarily quite painful.

Thankfully after that it was all good. I didn’t have any illegal touching to confess to and Mistress gave me just a few reasonably soft hits with the paddle as a reminder. I should say at this point that on Mistress’s instruction I was wearing a rubber cock ring and the usual wrist and ankle cuffs, and as she had allowed me to improvise a little I decided to add the blindfold and my old ring ended dildo. On the last hit with the paddle Mistress aimed right in the middle of my ass and hit the end of the dildo, which was unexpected.

After this Mistress had me turn towards the bed and start worshiping her beautiful feet. Even though I spent a long time kissing her feet yesterday I never get tired and always want more, so I was more than happy to suck her pretty toes and kiss her soles and insteps while she played with her glass dildo up above me on the bed.

While I was kissing her feet Mistress brought up how I had mentioned on the blog that I wanted to cum on her feet and lick them clean. She said that if she decided to allow me to cum or ruin today, she might let me cum on her feet… but then she said she might actually give me some sort of choice, to see just how badly I really wanted to cum on her feet. That set me thinking about what the alternative might possibly be, I came to the conclusion that she would probably allow me to ruin on her feet and cum properly somewhere else, but where I don’t know… inside her? On her ass? On the PVC sheet?

Mistress had me up on the bed on all fours and played with the ring end of the dildo a little, while dragging her long nails up and down my cock and balls. Then she tied me down on my back and removed the blindfold so that I could see her standing over me in her black bra and PVC skirt. She looked gorgeous and she started teasing me about maybe letting me stroke my cock while watching her… at this point she was alternating between rubbing the head of her dildo against her clit and fucking herself with it. I really love seeing Mistress playing with her dildo, it’s so hot!

She put the dildo aside and then sank down onto my face, her pussy was lovely and wet and she tasted absolutely gorgeous. Mistress was obviously VERY turned on already and was definitely appreciating my tongue, but after a few moments more she stood up and turned around to concentrate on my cock.

I love it when Mistress stands over me like this, bent over at the waist and displaying her gorgeous pussy and ass. Mistress started playing with my cock now (which was being a bit slow) as she used her other hand to tease her pussy and ass. Thankfully my cock soon got warmed up, Mistress ass tends to be a good fail safe like that :), but it’s clear to me that the nerve damage from my operation is kicking in again because when Mistress wasn’t touching me I couldn’t tell you if I was hard or soft. It’s very odd to look down to see your cock hard but honestly not be able to tell otherwise. I started doing me post operation exercises again yesterday because my foot has been getting worse lately so I really need to make sure I keep doing them. 🙁

Once Mistress had got me really hard, she briefly sank down onto my cock which felt amazing. I would have loved her to ride me for a little while but Mistress had other ideas. While she was impaled on my cock and just previously she started teasing me about how everything should be about her pleasure, about how maybe she should start limiting my teasing and having me make her cum several times before she touched my cock.

I must say hearing her talk this way also had a profound effect on my cock as well, I love it when she talks like this. Even writing this now is making me hard again, which is pretty incredible considering how the session ended! Of course I love being teased, but I’ve always wanted Mistress to put her own pleasure absolutely first and not to feel that she is obliged to tease me after she has cum if she doesn’t want to or is too tired or if she wanted to do something else. I would not be put out by that at all.

I would also love it if, for example, Mistress decided to substitute something else for normal teasing when she felt like it. Like maybe if she decided to use her strap-on on me instead, that would be really cool… or even if she just decided she wanted to whip my cock, balls and thighs or something. I’d really just love for her to feel that she can ‘use me’ in whatever way she wants, and if that doesn’t include touching my cock then so be it. I love making her cum so much that anything after that is a bonus for me.

Mistress teased and slapped my cock and balls quite a bit more before sitting on my face again and riding my tongue. Then she was standing over me again, Mistress knows how much I adore looking up at her stretched pussy and ass while she strokes me, and she knows how desperate I always am to lick her asshole and the effect it has on me.

Finally Mistress decided it was time to try out my new glass dildo, so she pulled out the ring ended one, lubed up the new one and pushed it into my ass. The head is obviously bigger and overall it’s a little longer, and when it was pushed all the way in I could definitely feel that, but overall it was fine. It didn’t feel like it wanted to push out like the other one usually does (it’s tapered which helps on the way in…) and even if it did I don’t think it would fall out because the head is larger and will keep it in.

I wouldn’t say I forgot about it like I usually do with the smaller one when Mistress leaves me alone, I was still aware of it, but it wasn’t uncomfortable at all. I hope Mistress will make use of it between sessions as well as during them. 🙂

Mistress pegged my nipples and left me alone for a little while, giving me a chance to ponder again what possible alternatives I might have to negotiate in order to cum on her feet. Honestly, I think whatever the alternative was, unless it was something really special (bearing in mind that I haven’t cum inside Mistress’s pussy since March – coincidentally that was last time I was allowed on top as well, but beyond that I honestly can’t even think of anything that’s plausible to suggest!) I was really determined to cum on her gorgeous feet, because I know if I chose something else I would regret it.

When she came back, Mistress had removed her skirt and put on the ‘Mylie’ crotchless panties we bought for her in Ann Summers the last time we went to London. I’d only very briefly seen them on her before and I thought they looked good, but now that I got a better look at her, I really started to appreciate them.

The picture doesn’t really show them off very well (well I guess they have to be a bit coy, Ann Summers is a high street shop after all), and in particular it doesn’t show how these panties sort of push the pussy lips forward and ‘out’. They look fucking sexy as hell on, and when Mistress sat on my face again she was absolutely soaking wet. 🙂

(In fact after the session I asked her what’s going on out there everytime she leaves me alone cos lately she always seems to come back wetter than when she left. I reckon she’s got a stash of Schwarzenegger pictures out there she’s fapping to or something!)

Mistress pulled the pegs off my nipples, one of which hurt 100 times more than the other one (which didn’t hurt at all), and then untied me and told me to remove the cock ring, which came off unusually easy actually… and then told me to turn over and get on my hands and knees. She gave the dildo a little ‘in and out’ and then pulled it all the way out, and as I suspected I could feel the head giving a little resistance as it came out.

She told me to kneel up and got on the bed in front of me, then pulled my head towards her and allowed me to start licking her gorgeous pussy again. Mistress was clearly enjoying this a LOT and she kept me there a little while before lying down and telling me to eat her properly.

Mistress quickly removed the crotchless panties before I started licking her for some reason, maybe they weren’t so comfortable – they certainly looked amazing! But I wasn’t complaining, and after using my tongue and fingers on her pussy and ass for a while Mistress had a very hard orgasm.

Mistress had me lick her and the PVC sheet clean and then told me to lie on my back again. I was trying not to think about if my cock was going to behave itself now that the cock ring was off, but in the end I needn’t have worried. Mistress stood over me again and started teasing me with her gorgeous ass again while she stroked and slapped my cock and balls.

After a little begging Mistress allowed me to tongue her asshole several times while she stroked me really hard and I stared to wonder if she was going to abandon the idea of letting me cum on her feet. After all, she can change her mind whenever she wants without question… but on the fourth time, with my tongue licking her asshole I realized I was gettting close and had to warn Mistress.

She immediately lifted off my face and slowed her stroking right down, just enough to keep me hard but enough to allow me to back away from the edge a little. She told me to get up and told me to stroke for her. I must admit as I knelt on the bed with Mistress’s pretty feet right in front of me, and with her fingers teasing her pussy, I did have a moment of thinking ‘why couldn’t my cock have been hard like this the other day…’, because it really was impressively hard today (not that I could tell unless it was being stroked of course…) but I pushed it aside when Mistress said: “You can cum on my feet as long as you cum by the time I count to ten.”

I pumped my cock hard and started cumming on three, watching as I shot my load all over both of her stunning feet, and I was still cumming when she got to ten and told me ‘that was enough, now you need to lick them clean’.

I took a moment to get my breath back and kissed her legs as I moved down and then started to lick up every bit of cum from her feet. Mistress reminded me not to miss a drop and when I’d got most of it she pointed out a large splatter on the black PVC sheet. I licked that up and then finished up cleaning her sexy feet.

Needless to say, it was awesome. I really couldn’t have wished for a better session, and I am so happy that I got to cum on Mistress’s feet again. I really, really have a major thing about her feet… even just after the session when Mistress was sitting on the sofa reading I was looking at her feet and dreaming about kissing them again.

And after lunch Mistress and I watched another film (‘Safari’ – a very funny French comedy) during which I spent the whole time massaging her naked feet, which I loved doing. 🙂

Well, all being well we’re planning to have our next session in two or three weeks time and in the meantime we should certainly be able to equal or even surpass Mistress’s monthly orgasm record. 🤞