Back on track…

After the terrible shock and sadness of losing our cat, the new arrivals are really lifting our spirits. You wouldn’t know they are 6 and 8 since they charge around like kittens, chasing each other up and down the stairs, under the bed and generally diving on top of each other! I guess they’ve been cooped up for a year and they are making the most of having so much room to play with (even in our small house) which is lovely to see.

A couple of days ago Mistress and I shut them downstairs for a bit and took a break from munching crisps and watching the New Zealand Bachelor on Project Free TV and took ourselves off to bed. Mistress had another very strong orgasm and afterwards she got down to teasing me. Again I was nice and hard and after some stroking and slapping Mistress climbed on top and rode my cock for a while.

I begged Mistress to take her bra off and she did so with minimal delay, exposing her gorgeous double D* breasts, which I reached up and caressed while she carried on riding my cock. After a while I was getting close, and Mistress lifted off and then lay by my side stroking me gently. Suddenly she stood up and straddled me, giving me a gorgeous view of her pussy and ass. I reached up and parted her cheeks and Mistress had me beg to worship her asshole – which I did enthusiastically!

Mistress stroked my cock as I licked her asshole, until I was close again and she moved away. Then she asked me if she didn’t touch my cock would I be able to lick her ass without coming, to which I said yes and she allowed me to do that for a while longer. I think eventually she started stroking me gently until she decided that I’d had enough.

We’re back at work now, after our week off, and Mistress’s period started yesterday, so there’s unlikely to be much to post about before the end of the week. Besides I’ll likely be too busy playing with Ming and Poppy.

*As determined by ‘Victoria’s Secret’.

New Cats and a Ruined Orgasm…

Mistress and I haven’t had the best of times recently… after all my medical check-ups – all of which seemed to have found nothing, and now thankfully all the symptoms have disappeared as well – unfortunately our cat Saffy (that we adopted at the start of the year) was killed by two dogs in the fields behind our house.

Obviously this was pretty devastating, especially as it was all so sudden and unexpected, but we decided pretty quickly that we wanted to get another couple of cats and so we headed over to an animal sanctuary that we’ve been donating to for a very long time (but never actually visited). We’d looked at the website and there was a pair of cats I really liked the look of but I wondered how often the website would be updated and if those cats would be there or not.

We decided we’d really like a couple of house cats this time, because the stress of having cats that wander off is just too much, so that did narrow the choice a bit, bit the cats on the website were still there and as soon as we saw them we fell in love with them. Mistress R actually saw them first because I had to go and move my car, and she knew that as soon as I saw them the other cats wouldn’t get a look in – after all who could resist this?


So we were expecting about a week delay until we could get them but in the end the owner of the sanctuary brought them two days later, whereupon they immediately hid under the coffee table for 24 hours. But now they’re out and causing mayhem, charging up and down the stairs and leaping onto windowsills, trailing cat litter behind them everywhere they go…

So as I said, we got a pair of cats this time, and this picture might lead you to assume that Ming (the black fluffball) is a tiny cat, but she’s really not… she’s a normal sized cat, it’s just that Poppy) is huge. In fact she’s so big that she was really struggling with the cat flap between the house and the conservatory so I’ve had to take the flap off altogether and at the moment we’ve just got a hole in the door – but at least she can get through now – which reminds me I need to order the bigger catflap.

A couple of days ago we got around to some much needed time in bed together (with the new cats shut downstairs, obviously) and after Mistress had a very nice orgasm she gave me some wonderful teasing, including some great stroking/ball slapping combo work… and I’m pleased to say my cock was nice and hard.

When I warned her I was getting close she told me she was going to let me cum, but I pretty much guessed she was going to ruin it, and I wasn’t wrong. It was ruined to perfection I have to say, just one spurt across my stomach and then nothing, at least until Mistress started slapping my balls and cock. Somehow I even ended up with cum on my face… but I didn’t feel a thing ‘pleasure’ wise, indeed it was very frustrating, albeit I loved the ball slapping (don’t I always).

And of course, Mistress made me thank her for ruining my orgasm.

A Comment Left on ‘Out of My Hands Part 3’…

D Wrote: What a great series! I really enjoy your writing. I know nothing first-hand about that which you write of. Instead I sit having passed middle age in a cooling but loving vanilla relationship. Your story really maintains the exciting tension that your submissive feels, eager for erotic stimulation and fearful of being taken to far or abused and humiliated. Likewise Mistress R both threatens to take things “too far” fantasizing about cuckoldry and forced bisexuality and yet makes a silent promise not to do so out of love for her husband. Does she really abandon this promise before the story ends or are the videos and threats just the tease? The story has a somewhat autobiographical tone so perhaps you can shed some light here. I would so much like to know what happened in the unwritten parts 4 and 5. 

You write near the end, “I’m serious slave, this is it. After this there will be no normal life for you with me ever again. I’ve already given you one chance to go back to a vanilla life, and this is the final time… after this, no more. This is it slave, if we go back to normal now I think we’ll be able to adjust, but if we continue on this path and you can’t take it…I think the only solution will be separation, and I will have to find a new permanent slave…” This is a common theme I’ve seen in your writing and others. Do you think that this is just a literary play to juice things up or do people who live and love this way find this to be true, that there is no going back. I don’t even mean all the way back from Femdom to “Vanilla” but I do wonder as I read blogs and stories whether when a member of a couple that plays hard and engages in real humiliation, cuckoldry, forced bisexuality etc, feels real regret or hurt, can those couples continue to play the same game as before, just now respecting a boundary that they oughtn’t have stepped over in the first place? I don’t know why I think that you would “know”” this but I’d guess that you’ve given something like this some thought. Is this “problem” explored in any of your writing or could it be? Or perhaps you would think that for real couples or characters there is always the need for greater risk, greater domination and greater submission and without this, the tension, fear and excitement cannot be maintained. 

Apologies for my longwinded comment and questions. Keep writing please. Thanks, D.

What a fantastic and thoughtful comment D, thank you!

I would love to answer your questions about the story, but it’s been so long since I read it, I can’t even really remember what it’s about. I guess I need to read it through again!

One of the problems with my early stories (in my opinion) is that I wrote them in the first person and I basically wrote them as my fantasies and used Mistress R and me as the characters, of course I didn’t have a blog then… but in hindsight it was a bad idea, because people tend to read them as being ‘real life’ stories rather than fantasies, or at least partially real (which I guess they are, but to a much smaller degree than I think people tend to think…), also as you commented, the way they are written they do come off as ‘autobiographical’.

These older stories were posted on Literotica as ‘Malibuman666’ and at some point I stopped writing in the first person and changed my name to ‘Robert_Anthony’. Once I stopped writing in the first person I obviously had to give my characters names and this helped distinguish fantasy from reality.

As for the ‘no going back’ thing… well, I don’t know. I don’t know how easy it would be for us to go back to a completely vanilla relationship now. I’m sure we ‘could’ but I think there would always be this ‘shadow’ in the background, and it’s not like I would stop thinking about Mistress’s feet, or ass or wanting to lick my cum off her body… I think it would be difficult.

I’ve spoken about Sarah Jameson before, she was a very influential figure in the chastity scene when I first got interested and I do remember her saying that she wouldn’t want to go back, and her husband wouldn’t ever want to go back, but if he did then she would because she loved him – but that if anything ever happened to him and she was on her own she would be looking for someone who was prepared to submit to her control to the point where she would never let them orgasm with her. In other words, she wasn’t prepared to start off vanilla and move on to chastity, she would want someone who from the start knew that all they were ever going to get with her was ruins and milking…

I guess it depends on how deep it goes with the woman, whether it’s the act itself or is it something special they have with their partner. I don’t really think Mistress R would only want a submissive male, and I don’t think for a minute she’d only go out with someone who would submit to 100% chastity. She might stipulate that a future partner had to be willing to go down on her as much as I do though… 🙂

Hope this answers some of your questions.

Another Comment from John McN.

John McN wrote: Hello again Rob and thank you for your explanation. I respect your point of view and appreciate the reasoning behind it. Do you REALLY know what your wife thinks, or is it just what she wants you to believe that she thinks? Women can be very tactile and often hide their deepest and darkest fantasies from those closest to them, perhaps you might try every now and then to “Up the stakes” and see what her reaction is to your suggestions, when you make them, anyway it fantastic reading you and having a little fun with our conversation. Reply, my friend, but only if you feel like doing, and good luck for the future. Your admirer, John.

Hi John, I’m glad you are enjoying my blog – and sorry that you seem to have joined in when the blog is going through a slightly lean period. I feel like I have been trying to ‘up the stakes’ to be honest, for the last six years… in some ways it’s been slow going, but in others it’s exceeding our expectations. I certainly didn’t expect it to last this long and it shows no signs of stopping any time soon.

Do I know what my wife thinks… sometimes I think I do, sometimes I don’t. Sometimes, well actually, quite a lot of the time she keeps her cards close to her chest… I know a lot about her fantasies because I’ve written a lot of them and found a lot more for her. Some things have taken a long time to gel, like the ruining of orgasms for example, that took a hell of a long time, also Mistress seems a lot more comfortable slapping my balls and especially (last night) using her nails on my balls.

I think the thing is, no matter how far you progress you’re always going to want more… so in a way this can never be truly satisfying, but then ‘satisfaction’ isn’t really the point is it? 🙂

Female Domination Should be Permanent!

John McN wrote: How come you’re having “sessions”? Female domination should be permanent, and your Mistress seems to be getting soft, especially if she let’s you talk her into allowing you to come. I think she should put your little member into a chastity cage and give all the keys to her lover, so that only he will decide whether you are allowed erections or ejaculations.

Hello John, thanks for visiting my blog and for taking the time to leave a comment, it’s always appreciated.

Of course in a perfect world Female domination would be permanent, but life isn’t like that for everyone. Can you imagine how exhausting it would be to be dominant 24 hours a day and to keep it fresh and exciting? Besides, not every woman wants her ‘submissive’ to be submissive all the time. We find the sessions a very good way to enjoy Femdom without it becoming a burden. At times we have toyed with the idea of stopping them and just filtering the content into our everyday sex life, but we both can see that it would be a mistake.

Having a session makes an occasion of it, we still both get quite nervous before a session even though the things we do are largely the same as we have been doing for fifteen years. I’m sorry we don’t conform to the lofty standards set by the BDSM elite, but that’s the way it is and (more importantly) that’s the way Mistress wants it. You see if you truly want female domination, then you have to abide by what she wants – not what you want or what you believe is ‘the way it should be’, and I bet you won’t find that many women who want a fawning, submissive male 24hrs a day either.

As for my little member, it’s not that little, it’s pretty average actually and fortunately Mistress has quite small hands. Sadly she doesn’t like chastity cages, though my brief experiences with them has led me to think that I’m not so sure about them either, despite them being a hot fantasy. Speaking of which, cuckolding may be one… but neither of us wishes to go down that route for real, so if there were any keys, then Mistress would be the one carrying them around her neck I’m afraid. 🙂

Also, I’d hardly call Mistress ‘getting soft’, letting me talk her into letting me cum once in six years!

A Very Unexpected Release!

Mistress and I have been having a bit of a rough week one way and another, but finally we’re both feeling better! I had my heart monitor thing on Monday – of course, from the moment they stuck it on me I’ve had barely a murmur, and today too, absolutely nothing! I mean I’m glad it’s stopped, but it’s so annoying. Why couldn’t it have waited until after I’d had the heart monitor because now I feel like I’ve wasted their time…

So anyway, Mistress is on her period right now, but the last few days my cock seems to have finally sorted itself out and after we’d watched ‘The Apprentice’ Mistress decided that I was long overdue some teasing. It’s been quite a while since we’d done anything on the sofa, but Mistress started kissing me and then told me to get my trousers down. She knelt down on the floor between my legs and started sucking my cock and it felt great.

I would really love to have cum in Mistress’s mouth, but when I told her I was getting close she said that she wasn’t going to let me cum today. She stayed on her knees and let me compose myself, all the while using her nails to abuse my cock. Then she started sucking and stroking me again and I begged to be allowed to see her gorgeous breasts.

Mistress let go of my cock and slowly took her top and bra off, even though she let it go for a while my cock stayed nice and hard – such a relief I cannot tell you how good that feels –  and then resumed her teasing. I told her how bad I wanted to cum on her tits, but Mistress just laughed and said no.

She did offer that maybe she could promise to let me cum on her tits next time she allowed me to cum, but that I wouldn’t be able to change my mind. I didn’t want to take her up on this because part of the reason I wanted to cum on her tits right now was because she was kneeling down and I just knew that it would probably end up where when I got to cum she would be lying down and it’s just not the same (as I posted previously).

Still, somehow I managed to talk Mistress into letting me cum on her beautiful breasts! Yep I pretty much broke my rule about not asking to be allowed to cum that’s been in place for six years or more… and Mistress decided to let me. So when we get to our delayed Femdom Session that’s going to give her something to punish me for I guess. 🙂

Needless to say I was a good slave and licked my cum off her gorgeous breasts so that’s a point in my favour, but really… I can’t believe she let me talk her into letting me cum on her tits when she wasn’t even going to let me cum! I wonder what else I can talk her into doing????? 🙂

41 Days and Out…

And so, after 41 days, this period of chastity has come to an end. Not only that, for the first time since March I was allowed to cum in Mistress’s hot, wet pussy.

You may remember, when I last posted, things were… less than perfect. And indeed I’m still not right, and I still have a 24 heart monitor to look forward to next Monday – which is my birthday as it happens. Great!

So midweek I made Mistress cum, but I just wanted it to be about her so I put off any teasing. We were planning to have our Femdom session today, but that didn’t happen and we decided to just go to bed this afternoon and put the session back until next week.

So after I made Mistress cum, I didn’t really know how well my cock was going to react, but I wanted to try and get away from the cock ring so I thought it best to just try and see. When I woke up this morning I was good and hard but quite numb (which is from the nerve damage from my operation in 2007), thankfully… after a slow start my cock got hard and Mistress and I kissed as she stroked me while I teased her ass with my fingers.

Then Mistress got up and straddled me, slipping my cock between her lips and allowing me to slide inside her. It felt fantastic, and without even asking Mistress immediately undid her bra and removed it. I reached up and cupped her gorgeous tits as she rode me, and quite soon I felt my orgasm building. I wish I could have held back a while longer, but after 41 days and given recent problems I was just so happy to be hard, and inside my beautiful Mistress.

I warned Mistress I was close and she smiled and said ‘Good, I want you to cum inside me’. She started riding me harder and after a few seconds I came in her really hard. It was pretty awesome I must say, and as soon as I finished Mistress lifted off me and straddled my face, allowing me to lick her pussy while a huge load of cum dripped into my mouth. Mistress stayed there longer than she has in the past – which I really loved and I made sure to lick her clean while I reached up and gently caressed her left breast.

Afterwards we lay down and I kissed and sucked on Mistress’s sexy as hell nipples a little bit. This was the perfect way to end a less than perfect week, hopefully this will put us back on track now.

The dieting is going pretty well, I’ve lost a smidgeon off half a stone (7lbs) in three weeks, which is pretty much on target for me to get under 15 stone by Christmas. I’m regularly doing four lots of weights/treadmill/bike per week along with swimming and walking as and when I can. Can’t say I’m feeling too much different as yet, although my clothes are already feeling a bit lose which is great!

Hard, Not Hard Enough, Rock Hard…

You may have gathered from my recent posts that I have not been feeling well recently. Well, for probably the last month or so. I really have no clue what the hell is wrong with me but it’s getting really old now, I had an ECG and a blood test but so far nothing has shown up and I’m having a 24 hour heart monitor in a couple of weeks.

Some days I feel slightly better than others and Thursday I felt a little better, but yesterday I felt worse again. We planned to go out with our friends and I didn’t feel bad enough to call it off and it was a good night all round. We went to bed at a reasonably early 1:30am and when we got into bed Mistress and I cuddled up. You may remember my post about last time we stayed over at our friends house, which was the start of a couple of weeks when I was rock hard all the time – well, not ALL the time, but every time I was hard I was really, really hard. That was a great teasing session!

Mistress had had a fair amount of wine and was obviously feeling frisky, she grabbed my cock which was already quite hard and started stroking it, for my part I was just happy to be hard without a cock ring given recent days, but then Mistress started to pull me on top of her as if she wanted me inside her. This threw me a bit, because a) I didn’t really expect it and b) because I didn’t really think Mistress would want me to do that in someone else’s house – I mean, last time I can remember us having ‘actual’ sex in a hotel room Mistress spent half the time trying to stop the headboard banging against the wall…

But I felt reasonably hard, and I thought ‘Well, why not?’. Last time we were there our friends mentioned that the walls are so thick in their very old house that they couldn’t hear anything, so game on! Unfortunately Mistress was still wearing her panties and in the time it took to (rather clumsily) get them off… I kinda lost it a bit aaaaand that was the end of that.

Obviously, not being at home there wasn’t the option of slipping on a cock ring – not that that’s necessarily a quick and easy solution anyway. I guess because these situations arise so rarely (generally speaking) it never occurs to me until later to stroke my cock and keep it hard while I’m trying to get inside Mistress. Of course, now I remember that in his book Ron Jeremy talks about ‘the grip’, basically gripping your cock at the base while attempting entry (not unlike a cock ring in fact) and that’s without a doubt what I should have done. Seriously, if Ron Jeremy gives you advice about sex you should probably take it!

As you can imagine I didn’t go to sleep feeling very chipper. Mistress was totally lovely about it all things considered, but nothing she could say was really going to make me feel better… it’s not just that I was disappointed, but the fact that she wanted me inside her and I couldn’t do it again. Mistress apologised for putting pressure on me, but I hate that she has to feel like wanting me to penetrate her is ‘putting pressure on me…’ even if I am feeling less than 100%… it’s just miserable!

I really don’t know what it is about us, we just really don’t seem to have very much luck with spontaneity. Truth be told we aren’t terribly spontaneous people generally (that’s a massive understatement actually…) and every time we try and be ‘spontaneous’ it seems to backfire somehow. Which kinda sucks, but there you are…

Anyway, the next morning we woke up about 7:30 and after a bit of snoozing I turned over and cuddled against Mistress R and she felt my cock pressing against her leg. She reached down and started stroking me and I was rock hard. Mistress stroked me for quite a long time and I was solid throughout – which felt amazing. That’s got to be the hardest I’ve been without a cock ring in the last month, easily. And I stayed hard for ages, but unfortunately, for whatever reason Mistress wasn’t eager to try again.

Maybe it was because she didn’t want to risk being disappointed again – fair enough, I can’t blame her for that. Maybe she didn’t want to risk me being disappointed again, or maybe she didn’t feel the same about our surroundings now the alcohol had worn off. Especially since we didn’t know when our friends would be getting up and walking past our room – at least last night once they went to bed we knew they were staying in their room at the other end of the house because they have an en suite bathroom.

Of course I loved being so hard this morning, especially since being that hard without a cock ring has been a struggle of late, and if Mistress hadn’t teased me so wonderfully I’m sure today wouldn’t have been as enjoyable as it has been, but obviously I still feel bad for her and annoyed with myself. But maybe because we’re a bit older and a bit wiser and we’ve been through all this before and come out the other side, we’re both a bit more relaxed about it than we used to be. There’s really no use ruining your weekend over something you can’t really do anything about. It’s frustrating as hell but sometimes you just have to take this sort of thing on the chin (as much as you can anyway) and hope it gets better sooner rather than later.

And besides, being so hard this morning has given me a confidence boost and as it happens Mistress and I were planning our next Femdom session tomorrow anyway… which means if Mistress wants me inside her she should have plenty of opportunity to do so. I don’t know whether I’ll get to cum inside her or not, or whether I’ll get to cum at all… somehow I doubt it, I did have a perfectly ruined orgasm the other day after all – but Mistress is unpredictable sometimes, so you just never know.

As you would expect, having blood tests and heart monitoring does rather inspire you to make an effort in the weight loss department, and this last couple of weeks have been pretty productive in that area. I’ve lost 5lbs in the last twelve days and done a LOT of exercise/weights too. My clothes are already feeling looser and I’m really hoping to shift between 21 and 28lbs before Christmas. Mistress recently bought me a very cool Ted Baker shirt and I need to lose a bit of belly to be able to wear it and I definitely want to wear it soon!

And obviously losing weight can’t do any harm when it comes to keeping my cock hard either, so all the more reason to keep pushing onwards!

We Broke a Record (and Didn’t Notice!)

Last year a record of 134 days was set between April and September where I wasn’t allowed to cum inside Mistress’s gorgeous pussy. Well, that record has been well and truly obliterated, and we didn’t even notice! As of today it has been 195 days… and who knows how much longer it could be before I’m finally allowed to cum inside my beautiful Mistress. The last time was the 17th March 2017, which also means that I haven’t been allowed to cum inside Mistress this chastity year either (runs Apr 1 – Mar 31).

I mentioned the other day that the last five months I have had one ruined and one proper orgasm per month, well that sequence was broken last night when Mistress allowed me a second ruined orgasm. Mistress was stroking me and I warned her that I was getting close, I really didn’t expect her to say that I could cum and she kept stroking. I actually thought she was going to let me cum properly, but as I started to tense up she let go and Mistress’s grip loosened…

She let go completely and we both watched as my cock strained against the cock ring, desperately trying to force the cum out, but to no avail. Mistress gave my balls a slap, but it was no good and she asked if needed just a little more and wrapped her fingers around my cock.

‘Fuck my hand’ she ordered.

And that’s exactly what I did, Mistress did stroke me a little but mostly I was thrusting my cock into her hand until finally a small spurt of cum escaped and Mistress let go and just teased me with her finger nails. Very slowly my cock leaked a load of cum onto my stomach, it was so intense, it felt like half a minute or so of just being one stroke away from release while the cum dripped out.

Mistress didn’t feed it to me, I don’t know why, and when it had finished I thanked Mistress, but even as I was saying it I knew what was coming next. As before when she has ruined me she insisted I thank her properly.

“Thank you for ruining my orgasm Mistress,” I sighed.

Mistress just lay back on the bed and smiled.

A Couple of Blogs That Are Well Worth Your Attention.

Albeit both sadly inactive, these two blogs are well worth spending your time to read…

Firstly we have the fantastic Q & K’s blog. Q & K were readers and commentors on my blog way back when it was on ‘Blogspot’, and they are sadly missed. I left several messages on their blog after they stopped posting but to no avail, but the blog is still there and well worth a read if you are into cuckolding, chastity and Femdom discipline.

The second blog was another one I always looked forward to reading, and again the author ‘GoodHubby’ was someone who regular commented on my blog back in the day. Again, the blog suddenly stopped and I never heard any more from Good Hubby, but the blog is a very good read, especially if you are into CBT (but also Chastity as well).

Mistress had another orgasm this evening, albeit we are both suffering the effects of insomnia, neither of us could get to sleep last night and so we’re both a little weary… though Mistress seems to be suffering from this much worse than me at the moment.

Afterwards I fitted the cock ring and Mistress managed to get me hard, I’m not sure how hard I was throughout my teasing because as I said before I can’t really tell, but when Mistress edged me and moved so that I could see my cock it was nice and hard. I came pretty bloody close to another accident too… not good!

It’s been four weeks since my last proper orgasm (give or take a day), and time is running out for what seems to be my one statutory orgasm per calendar month. That’s not a thing, but since April I’ve had one proper and one ruined orgasm each month and I had my ruined orgasm earlier this month (albeit without permission)… I wonder if I’ll get a proper orgasm this month – given my accident I suppose I don’t really ‘deserve’ one, not that that has any bearing on anything.

I must admit I wouldn’t mind if Mistress decided to give me a second ruined one, which would mean the balance swinging towards the ruined total. I had eleven proper orgasms last year and if that is to be reduced then at least two month’s I’ve got to go without, but I think the main target this year is for the ruined ones to outnumber the proper ones – that would be a marked change in the dynamic.

I shall leave you know and try and get some sleep!