Whilst I do have a dedicated story blog HERE I will continue to post new stories here too.


2017  HERE The Fantasy Game

2017  HERE Cruel to be Kind

2017  HERE Ready to Play

2017  HERE Once a Month – Part 3

2017  HERE A Broken Marriage Redefined

2017  HERE A Parting Gift?

2017  HERE Slutty Penny

2017  HERE Jessica at the Finishing School

2017  HERE Katrina Enjoys Her Cuckold Slave

2016  HERE Do You Think I’m Evil?

2015  HERE Girls Talk

2015  HERE Frustration

2015  HERE  Punishing Scott’s Balls

2014  HERE  Once a Month – Part 2

2014  HERE  Strap-On Submission

2014  HERE  Daniel Strokes for His Mistress

2013  HERE  Jodie’s Second Appointment (Not Femdom)

2013  HERE  Katherine’s New Game

2013  HERE  Unfinished FemdomCave Book (Part 4)

2013  HERE  Unfinished FemdomCave Book (Part 3)

2013  HERE  Unfinished FemdomCave Book (Part 2)

2013  HERE  Unfinished FemdomCave Book (Part 1)

2011  HERE  Oliver Accepts His Place

2011  HERE  Once a Month

2011  HERE  Everything Has a Price (Part 15)

2011  HERE  Everything Has a Price (Part 14)

2011  HERE  Everything Has a Price (Part 13)

2011  HERE  Everything Has a Price (Part 12)

2011  HERE  Everything Has a Price (Part 11)

2011  HERE  Everything Has a Price (Part 10)

2011  HERE  Everything Has a Price (Part 9)

2011  HERE  Everything Has a Price (Part 8)

2011  HERE  Everything Has a Price (Part 7)

2011  HERE  Everything Has a Price (Part 6)

2011  HERE  Everything Has a Price (Part 5)

2011  HERE  Everything Has a Price (Part 4)

2011  HERE  Everything Has a Price (Part 3)

2011  HERE  Everything Has a Price (Part 2)

2011  HERE  Everything Has a Price (Part 1)

2011  HERE  The Conversation

2011  HERE  Thirty Seven Days

2011  HERE  A New Approach to an Old Problem

2011  HERE  The Next Step

2011  HERE  Feeling Cucky (Not my story, transcribed from Forum magazine)

2010  HERE  A Game With Dice

2010  HERE  A Game of Tease and Denial

2010  HERE  Out of Your Hands (Part 3)

2010  HERE  Out of Your Hands (Part 2)

2010  HERE  Out of Your Hands (Part 1)

2010  HERE  The Twelfth Day

2010  HERE  The Longest Week

2010  HERE  More Fun With Dice

2009  HERE  Option A or Option B

2009  HERE  By Invitation

2008  HERE  The Anniversary

2006  HERE  Owned! (Part 8)

2006  HERE  Owned! (Part 7)

2006  HERE  Owned! (Part 6)

2006  HERE  Owned! (Part 5)

2006  HERE  Owned! (Part 4)

2006  HERE  Owned! (Part 3)

2006  HERE  Owned! (Part 2)

2006  HERE  Owned! (Part 1)

2002  HERE  Your Choice

2001  HERE  You’ll Get Your Reward

1999  HERE  Domination at Home

1999  HERE  Mistress Claudia’s Cumslut

0000  HERE  Links to five of my non-Femdom Stories on Literotica

0000  HERE  Links to some of my favourite stories by other authors on Literotica

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  1. I’m looking for a story, it ended with two contracts. The first was a chastity the second included cuckolding. The first contract would eventually expire and she would eventually want to do the second deal.
    Can you help me out?

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