Milovana is a free webtease site. There are two kinds of tease, ‘regular’ and ‘flash’. Regular teases are based on a series of pictures with text added, much like a series of captions, usually telling a story and giving instructions. Flash teases are basically the same, but are much more advanced and allow the writer to create an interactive tease whereby you can choose doors to go through and such like. ‘Flash’ teases can also incorporate things like timers and metronomes for added effect. My webteases are published under the name ‘666’ and below you will find all the ones I have written to date. Further down the page you will find my favourite webteases by other authors. Of course, since I’m no longer allowed to touch my cock without permission, I shouldn’t even be looking at these… they’re just too tempting!

Robert Anthony’s Milovana Webteases

Alexis Wants Some Edging (Nominated for ‘Tease of the Month’)
A Visit to Suzie’s House
Cum for Aurora
Hotwife Annette
Hotwife Jessica Cuckolds You
Hotwife Jessica Reveals Your New Life
House of Edging – Level Two
House of Edging – Level One (Nominated for ‘Tease of the Month’)
House of Edging: Stella Cox
Lauren’s Countdown Challenge (Nominated for ‘Tease of the Month’)
Let’s Find Out Just How Much You Really Love Me
Mistress Claudia Instructs You
Now You Are Her Cuck
On Your Knees!
Ruin it for Mistress Black
Spanish Cum Roulette
Stroke and Ache for Carmella
Stroke for Pussy…Edge for Cock
Suzie Wants to Play With You!
The Beautiful Girl on the Train 
Ulya’s Game
Your Wife Takes Control (Nominated for ‘Tease of the Month)
Your Wife Takes Control 2 (Nominated for ‘Tease of the Month’)

Milovana Webteases by Other Authors

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